5 Best Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2023

Installing an air conditioner is a vital component of every house during the hot summer days. It does not only make the environment cool but also adds to the ambiance of the living space and bedrooms.

You will find plenty of aircon servicing companies in your region that provides an expert of teams to install the aircon in your home and office. It takes tremendous experience in this field to properly install an air conditioner and we have made things easy for you by doing some research. Now you can hire any of these aircon technicians and service providers that offer quick and efficient installation of the air conditioners.You might be aware that the air conditioner needs periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep on functioning properly.

Even these companies provide you with maintenance services as well and also do external unit repairing, debris cleaning, and dust removing. They also check the temperature and provide cleaning of filters.

Every air conditioning service provider has its own advantages and ways of providing you with efficient services. Some offer quick installation, while others offer minimalist rates.

Best Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore

You will find various aircon service providers, and aircon brands that deal in both commercial aircon and residential aircon, and we have done all the required research and hunting to save you from the painful hunting process.

Here are the best aircon installation and aircon maintenance companies in Singapore that offer quality services.

5 Best Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore 2023

  1. City Cooling
  2. CC Air-con Engineering
  3. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore
  4. GoodCool Aircon Service
  5. SG City Aircon

1. City Cooling PTE. LTD.

City Cooling

The first aircon servicing company to make into our list is City Cooling.

Have you heard about them before?

It is one of the best companies that are providing a wide range of aircon services in Singapore at a very competitive price. They deal in both commercial aircon and residential aircon units.

You might be aware that a proper installation is beneficial for availing all the air conditioner system benefits that it has to offer.

They offer a team of trained staff to do that for you. The well-trained staff ensures the air conditioning unit is properly installed to provide maximized cooling and quality. When an aircon unit is perfectly fitted, it cools down the whole space perfectly.

They aim to provide the best value to the customers for AC installation. The policy rates are based on a system that is called a standardized rate system. They make all the prices clear, without any ambiguity for the customers, and only charge what they advertise.

You can visit their website to get the proper knowledge of their pricing plan.

Why Choose City Cooling?

  • First Floor Installation
  • Ground Floor Installation
  • Commercial aircon
  • Residential Aircon
  • Proper installation without causing any damage
  • Rightly fixes all the issues related to the aircon.
  • Timely completion of air conditioning.
  • Professional and responsible staff that handles situations with a caring attitude.

By hiring their services, you can;

  • Increase the life of your air conditioning device.
  • Save energy, by getting periodic maintenance of your device.
  • Enjoy good hygiene and healthiness as regular maintenance says goodbye to fungus, bad odors, and smells and removes bacteria. You might not the awareness of the fact that bad air quality of air conditioning can cause serious problems like bronchitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis.
  • Reduce the cost of getting a new aircon unit by going with aircon maintenance. Though it seems as if the maintenance costs more, but it saves you money in the longer run. It protects your home and workspace from bad air quality and all other associated problems.

So, if you are looking for a reliable aircon repair company and pocket-friendly aircon services, City Cooling provides you with installation, aircon repair, aircon maintenances, and all air conditioning services.

You can sign up with them for general aircon servicing, or aircon chemical overhaul that is recommended every 1-1.5 years.

Contact Details

Website: https://citycoolingengr.com.sg/

Services: https://citycoolingengr.com.sg/aircon-installation

Enquires: https://citycoolingengr.com.sg/appointment-enquiry/

WhatsApp: 98909677/98997237

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours:

Mon-Friday: 9:00am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 1.00pm(office hour)

Monday-Sunday: 10:00am – 7:00pm.

Are you facing any aircon problems? Call them now, and their skilled and experienced technicians will the happy to help you in resolving your aircon issues. 

2. CC Aircon Engineering

CC Aircon Engineering

The next air conditioning servicing company on our list is CC Aircon Engineering which provides a one-stop solution to all your aircon problems.

They have experienced technicians, that are punctual and responsible. It was founded on 24 Oct 2016, and since then they have offered many systems repairing services, home cleaning, and solved installation problems.

Services Offered By CC Aircon Engineering

They offer normal servicing, chemical overhaul, repair, and parts replacement,

Normal Servicing

The normal servicing has 6 steps to complete the entire process. They do cleaning and proper checking of air filter covers, evaporator, and blower(without dismantling it).

They also check the bio-pre and deodorizing filters, and condenser coil. They check and lubricate motor bearings, and compressor suction, and discharge pressure. The vacuum water pipe, blower, cooling coil. they also dispose of rubbish material and clean up the entire AC.

The CC-Air-con Engineering offers 3 months warranty of replacements of spare parts. If you have availed of their chemical overhaul, they offer 3 months warranty for water leaking as well.

Chemical Overhaul

In deep aircon chemical overhaul, they offer a deep cleaning effect (thorough cleaning of all external and internal parts). They increase the cooling effect, save power, remove bacteria, dust and sterilize. They reduce failures and do deodorant. All these services enhance the cooling effect and make stronger wind speed.

However, they do not offer services for too old aircon, but only for modern air conditioners.

Repair and Parts Replacement

CC Air-con Engineering provides spare part replacement and troubleshooting. Repairing the troubled parts of the aircon can save you lots of expenses, and getting a new aircon to cost you a wholesome amount of money. Whereas, repairing only cost about $100 or some more.

When your aircon shows any trouble, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Contact Details:

Website: https://ccairconeng.com/

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: (+65)85339819

Appointment link: https://ccairconeng.com/contact-us/


Monday-Friday: 9:00-5:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm (office hour)

Monday- Sunday: 10:00- 7:00pm(Appointments)

3. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

We are all aware of the unbearable humid climate of Singapore, and how difficult it gets for people without properly functioning air conditioning that breaks down unexpectedly. In case that happens with you, you have to get the help of a good and reliable aircon repairing and maintenance company and DW Aircon is one of them.

It is the most recommended, and private limited aircon servicing company, and has experience in this field for over a decade. Thousands of satisfied customers and clients have left positive ratings and feedback on their social media channels, with quality, and well-trained technicians that provide good services with the best pricing.

Why Choose DW Aircon?

For many years, DW Aircon has created its mark in the field of aircon servicing providing companies and is reliable and trusted. It has been recommended by many customers in Singapore who has utilized its services. They have been continuously improving and continued to be the topmost aircon servicing contractors.

It takes a great deal to stay in a position, and be a reliable resource for many customers over the years, and DW Aircon has done that.

Fast Response

The customer service of DW Aircon makes them stand out among the crowd. The team professionally handles all the calls and inquiries of each and every client, and even sends an initial assessment right after the call. The team of customer service representatives is well-trained, and knowledgeable enough to handle all sorts of queries and answer all aircon-related questions. If you are not aware of many technical things related to the aircon unit, then their customer service representatives would do that for you, and fully educate you about them. You can call them for any air conditioner-related issue and problem and the team would be happy to help you out.

Authorized and Licensed

Not all air conditioning services companies are licensed and authorized, and it is difficult to find the ones who are fully authorized and licensed. DW Aircon company is one of the licensed companies to perform aircon installations, repairing, and maintenance of used air conditioners in Singapore. For any sort of residential or commercial aircon installation or repairing, they offer aircon technicians who promptly deal with all aircon servicing needs.

They have years of Experience

Most of the aircon servicing companies in Singapore are quite new to the field, but DW Aircon is in operation for the last 10 years. It has gained not just growth but the respect of the customers as well. The clients started from first flats to multi-storey offices and mansions – such a huge achievement. Over the years, the company has acquired the latest technologies in aircon installations and services to build more trust and reputation among the customers. Not just that, they have worked to preserve the reputation and improve it further. All the clients have stayed with them after enjoying their services and never considered hiring other new aircon services company.

Efficient Customer Service

At DW Aircon, customers always come first. A licensed and experienced technician will be at your doorstep once you have gone over the call with the customer support representatives. The company offers 30 days genuine workmanship warranty on all the services. In case you have experienced any challenges with the services, you can call the team anytime and they will be on your case in no time.


DW Aircon offers;

  • AC Repair – Commercial AC repair, aircon repair types.
  • AC Installation for Home.
  • Aircon Leaking Water
  • Aircon Chemical Cleaning
  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul
  • Aircon Not Cold
  • Aircon Servicing Contract
  • Commercial and Industrial Aircon Services

You can even check the installation guide on their website.

Sounds great, right!

Contact Details:

WhatsApp: +6582410032

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DWAircon/


Monday-Sunday: 9am-9pm.

4. GoodCool Aircon Service

GoodCool Aircon Service

Is your AC not working and cooling properly or giving a weird smell and making sounds? Well, GoodCool Aircon Service is always there to help you out. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, punctual, and easy to diagnose the problem and rectify. You can schedule appointments and book them whenever you want.

Your location does not matter to them, as they offer services island-wide in Singapore.


They offer a wide range of aircon services and here is the list of them;

  • General Aircon Servicing
  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul
  • Aircon Troubleshooting
  • Aircon Regular Maintenance
  • Aircon Top-up Gas

You can check their website to get in-depth knowledge of how they do these services and what is the proper steps followed by them.

You might have thought at some point that even you can do the cleaning of your air conditioning units, so why to go with a company. Well, it is without any doubt that one can do the cleaning of ac at home, but there are certain factors and protocols that need to be followed and that only a well-trained aircon servicing expert can do that. You can clean the ac, but replacing and inspecting any defective part is the job of an aircon technician which you surely cannot do.

Why Choose GoodCool?

There are many reasons to choose GoodCool for installation, and repairing of air conditioning units, and some of them are;

  • Island-wide Services
  • Provide trained and best aircon technicians
  • Guarantee and value of money
  • 90 days warranty
  • 5*Google reviews and satisfied customers in all regions of Singapore.

They offer deals every day such as aircon contract servicing, aircon chemical overhaul, aircon chemical wash, normal aircon servicing and you can avail yourself of the one that suits your requirements and budget.

They provide services for different brands of ac such as Samsung, Panasonic, Midea, Carrier, LG, Mitsubishi eclectic.

You can keep yourself updated with the GoodCool blogs as well.

Contact Details:

Website: https://goodcoolsg.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodcoolaircon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodcoolaircon/

Email: [email protected]



The air conditioner is probably the most utilised item in every household and office. If it breaks down unexpectedly, it can create loads of problems and uneasiness because of the humid environment of Singapore. The last air conditioning company on our list is SG CITY AIRCON, which offers maintenance and repair services. Not just that, they offer selling and installation of air conditioners and fix every problem that other companies are unable to do.

SG CITY AIRCON has this new Building Thermal Installations Regulation, that offers every individual the best and cool air conditioning services in Singapore.

Have ever wondered why you need to replace your air conditioner?

They have given you some reasons to do so, and here are the reasons;

It is important to ensure the air is of high quality and for that purpose, filter cleaning should be done if not more than at least once a year.

Bad odours can come out of your air conditioner, and to resolve that, it is necessary to get it cleaned.

Repairing of external units along with dusting and cleaning of debris from all the parts of machinery is vital.


SG CITY AIRCON provides professional, skilled, and knowledgeable staff for any air conditioning service. They ensure the proper maintenance and guarantee order functioning of air-conditioning spare parts.

Their services are just remarkable, and affordable as well. They do not offer any additional service charges and cost only for what they have advertised and provided you. Many air conditioning services in Singapore are not affordable and can be expensive for a normal person to afford. But, SG CITY AIRCON is a reasonable and inexpensive service that you can go with whenever you face any problem with your air conditioning properly working.

Their customer services team is well-trained and offers help to all sorts of problems, and are quick to respond to the queries. Most of the customer support specialists are rude and not knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle any difficult situation. You won’t have to face that communication barrier with the SG City Aircon customer service team.

Not just that, the servicemen are also responsible, polite, friendly, and punctual human beings who know what they are doing, and whom they are doing it for.

They aim to always do more than is required! That is indeed a very customer-friendly attitude of them.

Once you choose SG CITY AIRON, you will have the following advantages for your air conditioning units;

Extended life of air conditioner – thanks to the proper and good maintenance of the aircon that helps in increasing the overall health and life of the machine. You can easily enjoy the coolness of the air-con unit for the next 8-10 years if you keep it properly maintained.

Energy is saved. When electricity consumption is increased from the normal consumption, we panic. This can happen due to a poorly working air conditioner that is consuming more electricity. If that happens, you have to get it periodically maintained to avoid any kind of energy increase. By spending money and cash on proper maintenance and repairing of your air conditioning device, you are saving yourself from the burden of paying extra and wholesome electricity bills.

When the aircon is not regular and periodically maintained, bad odor, sound, and fungal creation can happen inside the aircon unit, and that could surely to disturbing for a normal human being. By not treating it and repairing and cleaning it, you are likely to face many health-related problems and issues. Due to the poor air quality of air conditioning devices, health problems can occur such as bronchitis, rhinitis, and pharyngitis, and they can be serious. You have to avoid fungal creation, bacterial plagues, and disturbing sounds at any cost to maintain better hygiene and health for you and your family.

If the aircon system stops working or unexpectedly breaks down while running, it can cost you some money to change and install a new aircon in your home or office. You can avoid that by properly doing maintenance, cleaning, and repairing of your air-con unit. Not just cost reduction is the main purpose of proper aircon maintenance, but maintaining your family and staff health is also essential.


The services offered by SG CITY AIRCON are many and here is a list of them;

Installation of Aircon Piping, Replacement, and Maintenance

Pipes are one of the most important components of the air conditioning system, it is important to ensure that all air conditioning piping must be in good working order constantly. When the air-conditioning tubing is properly installed and well-maintained, you will not have any problems. There are many variables that can shorten the life of your aircon piping if you are not attentive to the pipes.

If you do not maintain the aircon piping properly, the cost and expense of air conditioning piping could be a lot for you. The main and the most common problems that one encounters as water and gas leaks from the pipes, which can cause the degradation of the material.

So, we avoid extra cost and expense, you can go with properly maintained and installation of aircon piping.

Aircon Installation

There are many factors that determine the cost of aircon installation, and it depends on the system location, the cooling capacity of the system, and piping position. The complexity of pipes also enhances the aircon installation services. When piping is easily accessible, the cost is less, however, when it is hidden in the ceiling, that adds an extra amount to the installation. The cost also varies for the commercial and residential aircon installation.

Some other aircon services that SG CITY offers are;

  • Aircon Repair Replacement
  • Top Up Gas
  • Normal Servicing
  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.sgcityaircon.com/

Gmail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 88625533, 88215533

Office Number: 88625533, 88215533, 62351961

Operating Hours of SG CITY AIRCON:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm.

Saturday:9:00am – 1:00pm(Office Hour)

Mon-Sunday: 10:00am – 7:0pm(appointments)

The well-skilled and professional team of SG CITY AIRCON will be honoured to serve you and help you with everything you need to get your air conditioning units in the right functioning form.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why You Should Go With Regular Aircon Service?

Once you start regular aircon services, you will benefit a lot. Your air conditioner cooling will get better, and aircon leaking will be minimized. Proper maintenance reduces the consumption of energy, so your electrical cost charges will be reduced.

You will require less aircon repairing, and the quality of air will be improved, thus improving your lifestyle and the equipment life.

How Often Should You Have Air Conditioning Services?

It varies for both commercial and residential aircon. For residential air conditioners, it is recommended that you get them checked every 3 months for them to be to keep functioning properly. For commercial aircon, air conditioning maintenance should be availed every month. Environmental factors and usage patterns also affect it, and thus duration varies for both. You can consult a trained aircon technician in this regard, and he/she can better help you with that.

Can You Do the Maintenance of Your AC Yourself?

Yes, you can do the basic maintenance of your air conditioner. The basic maintenance includes air filter and outer panel cleaning every two weeks, and this will help you improve the air conditioning of your workspace or any room.

Why does Air Conditioner Become Noisy Sometimes?

There could be many factors involved in a noisy generation. Noisy vibration could be because of a dirty indoor fan coil, or outdoor condenser. The other reason could be the loose installing and mounting of the components in the air conditioning units. Even the faulty parts of the ac can generate noise sometimes.

Why Aircon Gives Bad Smells?

With the passage of time, bacteria can develop in the aircon units, and those bacteria formed by tiny microbes can create a foul smell, in the dark humid environment of the fan coil unit. To rectify and get rid of this bad smell created by bacteria, you have to go with intensive chemical treatment services offered by aircon servicing companies and rectify the problem as soon as possible. If you leave it without rectifying it, it can create serious health-related issues as well.

Why Aircon Requires Chemical Washing/ Chemical Cleaning?

Every piece of equipment needs a thorough cleaning and so does your air conditioner. Chemical washing or chemical cleaning is a sort of thorough way of washing and cleaning the aircon. Bacteria can clog up in the fan coils and can create a bad smell and health-related issues, therefore, it is recommended to get your aircon cleaned chemically. In this cleaning haul, every part of the air conditioner is dismantled and then chemically washed thoroughly. This way, the aircon unit is cleaned properly and gets rid of every chemical residue as well.

How Much Does it Cost for Air Conditioning Cleaning?

The cleaning price and cost entirely depend on your requirements. It will cost you anywhere from $100 to $400 to clean your ac thoroughly. You can sign up for yearly cleaning bundles, and get discounts as well.

Can You Spray Water on Your Aircon?

The good news is that you can spray water on your aircon unit for cleaning purposes at home. Nothing bad will happen to your aircon device. After spraying water, it will run smoothly and efficiently. Your aircon condenser needs a regular splashing of water to do a good job on a regular basis.

Do you want your aircon to run smoothly? Then, try cleaning it regularly with water.


We all are fully aware of the climate of Singapore. The humid climate is different to bear when the aircon stops functioning and breaks down. The breakdown can happen due to many reasons and not getting proper maintenance and repairing of the aircon can lead to this problem. There are many aircon services companies in Singapore that offer installation, repairing, and maintenance of any aircon unit. Their pros and cons vary, and the services they offer, are also slightly different from each other. Other services will be expensive, while others will be affordable for working-class people.

Not just commercial aircon need proper cleaning and maintenance every once in a while, residential aircon needs it as well. Though residence aircon works well if you properly maintain it and hire a cleaning service every six months. However, when it comes to commercial aircon, the cleaning has to be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Otherwise, the cost of repairing and getting a new aircon would be quite high and expensive for you.

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