Aaptiv Review 2024: Does This Fitness Program Really Work?

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aaptiv reviews

Aaptiv fitness app provides absolutely life-changing health and wellness programs to advance your health.

Notably, CDC enclosed in 2021 report that physical activities keep your energy level high and prevent you from chronic diseases. Correspondingly, it increases your living age and advances your brain health as well as memory.

Surprisingly, the Aaptiv app and website are both designed to assist you with nutritional and fitness plans. With this in mind, the Aaptiv app contains thousands of workouts and programs that help you to reach your goals.

Important to realize that in this Aaptiv fitness app review you will know how Aaptiv provides you strength training? Why is it effective for stretching your muscles and elevating your wellness?

To this extent, let’s have a look at the Aaptiv review in detail.

Aaptiv Reviews: Fitness Program Overview

aaptiv reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website


Personal Fitness Training Program

This high energetic popular fitness app offers you video/audio workouts to reach fitness goals.

$14.99 per month subscription

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Aaptiv review reveals that Aaptiv is a highly interactive fitness program in all workout apps to achieve your fitness goals.

However, it is suggested that you don’t rely only on our words. You can check testimonials that customers reveal about Aaptiv wellness workouts around the globe. You can get all health and wellness information from the official website or Facebook group to stay updated.

I just celebrated my third year using this app, and it’s kept me in shape and sane during this crazy time. 

I love the inspiring trainers, and the workouts are varied enough that it never gets repetitive. 

I’ll be a lifetime member! I turn 60 this year and feel like I’ve got another 60 in me!! Dee Lofstrom

Convenient personal training at your fingertips. 5 Stars!

I’ve been using Aaptiv for strength training exercises the past few weeks, and it has been fantastic! 

My favorite instructors are Ackeem and Kenta, and I love their enthusiasm and overall ability to push me beyond what I think is possible. 

Besides strength training, I’ve to use Aaptiv for guided treadmill intervals outdoor runs. I forgot to mention the music, amazing beats in the background of each audio-based exercise to keep me going. 

You will not be disappointed working out with Aaptiv – I love the convenience of exercising with just the Aaptiv app on my phone! Raghav

Aaptiv has tons of great content across a range of activities. My favorite is meditation. The app is easy to use and has all the features you need. Travis Retzlaff

Henceforth, the Aaptiv review exhibits that this program is worth buying to supercharge your health and wellness. Specifically, Aaptiv workout advances your fitness level under the supervision of certified personal trainers.

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What is Aaptiv Fitness App?

Photo: Aaptiv Official Website

Aaptiv workouts let you the way you want to fit yourself by living anywhere around the globe. Where you can undergo exclusive programs to achieve fitness goals ushered by certified personal trainers.

 Ethan Agarwal launched the Aaptiv app back in 2016. And today it is the fastest-growing digital wellness program to achieve your fitness goals.

Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited access to 6000 plus video and audio-based fitness classes. Majorly, include your own music features that crush your workout program significantly upward.

Furthermore, the Aaptiv fitness app gives you a variety of training workouts including strength training, running, elliptical,  yoga, and more.

All you need to do is just Hit Play and Go with Aaptiv Coach!

How does Aaptiv Strength Training work?

Photo: Unsplash

Aaptiv platform offers you with best strength workout programs to advance your fitness routine. Furthermore, you can find your fitness goals with the help of an Aaptiv coach.

Moreover, the Aaptiv trainers are very intense about your strength workout. Therefore Aaptiv coach designed 20 minutes strength workout twice a week for you, in which you can

  • effectively burn calories
  • build muscle
  • lessen body fat

For this reason, Aaptiv fitness classes more focus on weight loss by challenging and toning your body. In the event that strength workout programs

  • boost your metabolism
  • ameliorate you from chronic diseases
  • strong your bones
  • lessen osteoporosis risk

Must be remembered, by using the Aptiv app you can advance your fitness levels by living anywhere in the world.

What are the Benefits of Aaptiv?

Photo: Unsplash

The Aaptiv app gives you several benefits that are exceptional for your fitness solution.

Personalized Workout Programs

The Aaptiv app gives you the liberty that you can transform your life with the help of a personal trainer.

Specifically, it personalized your profile by asking about your current fitness level, preference, and fitness goals.

Another key point is when you meet your health and wellness goals; it enables you to incorporate novel habits in your daily routine.

Additionally, the Aaptiv fitness app offers you a 7-day trial period to familiarize yourself with programs and workouts.

Fitness Classes Added Regularly

Every week Aaptiv popular fitness app introduces you to 40 new workout classes to reach your fitness goals.

Not only this, but the Aaptiv training also gives you unlimited access to a huge library. As Aaptiv apps have 2,500 video and audio-based workout types with motivating music.

Highly Community Supportive

Aaptiv workout programs are super amazing and highly community-supportive around the globe.

You can easily contact your personal trainer or Aaptiv community to be accountable for each other.

Hence, the workout apps review discloses that Aaptiv lets you highly personal trainer for your ideal fitness goals. Therefore, these personal trainers ideal for your fitness solution, workout type, and goals.

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Why is Aaptiv Effective?

Photo: Unsplash

Aaptiv fitness apps features are compelling as it has good workouts that are very quick and easy.  As online or download classes can take at home, gym, or anywhere in between.

Further, the Aaptiv fitness app includes audio-based features that stimulate you to set you to exercise plan anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, the Aaptiv workout plan is effective as it gives to access you to advance life such as

Effectively Burn Calories

Aaptiv fitness plan gives you the advantage to effectively calories burned and lose weight consistently such as

  • Aaptiv Interval Training
  • Walking Backward and Sideways
  • Push Upwards and then Downwards
  • Sweat on Treadmill
  • Track HIIT on the Machine

These all training plans can best beat you to weight loss and calories burned efficiently.

Support High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT

High-intensity interval training is a full-body workout. Therefore, HIIT efficiently burns your body fat, increases your endurance, and builds your strength.

Similarly, HIIT builds your muscle power and supports you effectively to lose weight.

Expert suggests that the average person do 2 to 4 HIIT classes in a week. Important to realize that it is a good workout but depends on how often you visit the gym.

Provide Cardio Workouts

Aaptiv Cardio exercises to build your strength and tone your body muscles. Aaptiv wellness trainers suggest multiple cardio exercises classes added to elevate body wellness like

  • Treadmill
  • Strength Workout
  • Stretching
  • 7-Minute Quick Hits
  • Meditation
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Elliptical
  • Outdoor Runs + Walk
  • Yoga Class
  • Stair Climbing

Experts advise that all cardio exercises best helps to

  • enrich your sense of well-being
  • reduce your psychological distress
  • lowering your perceived stress
  • lessen your emotional fatigue

Consequently, by using the Aaptiv app you will get all unlimited access to personalized training programs. However, Aptiv wellness apps offer you a 45% discount on a yearly subscription to get new workouts every week.

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What are the programs in Aaptiv Workouts?

Photo: Aaptiv Official Website

Aaptiv offers huge library workouts that provide you with health and wellness programs to elevate your energy.

Aaptiv workout plan led by trainers such as Galantis, Dua Lipa, David Guetta, and more. All are certified experts in their fields like outdoor runs, elliptical workouts, treadmills, strength workouts, and more.

Mainly, Aaptiv training offers a 7-day free trial before getting unlimited entrance to all personalized training programs. These programs include video workouts, team challenges, gym membership, hip hop music, and apple health features.

Similarly, Aaptiv’s exclusive workout program offers you to achieve wellness plans guided by a personal trainer and field expert. Furthermore, Aaptiv wellness courses best help you efficiently burn calories, build muscles and lessen body fat to weight.

The Aaptiv program and exercise type are enclosed as under.

Visual Workout Guides

Start your training plan with Video examples of workouts’ favorite features such as

  • One Minute Please with Ackeem E.
  • Fit & Lit with Amanda B.
  • Inner Thigh Incinerator with Kenta S.

Team Challenges

Aaptiv introduce a team challenge feature that includes

  • Summer Bootcamp
  • First 5K Half Marathon
  • Fastest 5K Half Marathon
  • 20 minutes interval 20 workouts

Every season, the Aaptiv team challenges introduce new themes for their subscribers to achieve their goals. Purposely, team challenges help you to elevate your motivation in an eco-friendly environment.

In the Aaptiv challenge, teams are participating to do assigned workouts. Afterward, the team that wins gets points at the end of the challenge.

However, new workout goals added in the challenges Coach on a daily plan.

Online Classes

Warm up yourself every week with new classes under certified trainers.

Strength Training

  • Rock Your Core with Kenta S. (15- 30 second intervals ab exercise)
  • Buns & Guns with Kenta S. (30-second intervals full body + dumbbells exercise)
  • Four Circuits, Big Change with Ackeem E. (Start with cardio circuit full body + dumbbells)
  • Weight, Body and Hold with Ackeem E. (60 seconds full body + kettlebells with 30 seconds movement variation)

Outdoor Running

  • Steady Wins the Race with Wes P. (60-minute conversational long-distance peaceful running
  • Tempo Times Three with Wes P. (three-time 10-minute blocks of tempo pace)
  • Stay Cool with Wes P. (50-minute conversational pace run)
  • Tempo Test with Wes P. (25-minute dynamic movements tempo test)
  • Pushing Through Tempos with Rochelle B. (speed endurance two 15-minute workouts)


  • 1 to 1: Hard Work with Rochelle B. (eight 1 minute intervals-based workout
  • Making It Happen with Rochelle B. conversational pace workout
  • The World Is Yours with Amanda B. 8 minute intervals cross-training full body + dumbbells workout
  • Find Your 10 with Ackeem E. (2-minute incline walk)


  • Mind Unwind with Ceasar B. (Guided Meditation)


  • I Flow with Ceasar B. (breathe and flow moment)
  • 30 Minutes To Freedom with Nicole S. (standing and balancing shapes classes)


  • Circulate The Upper Body with Nicole S. (upper body workout to circulate blood flow and reduce inflammation)
  • Tired Knees, Stiff Ankles with Nicole S. (lower body + equipment workout)


  • Something To Believe In with Katie H. (beat-based interval class)
  • Festival Sweat with John T. (festival levels elliptical workout)

Indoor Cycling

  • Digging Deep, The Slow Build with Katie H. (45-minute version of digging deep workout)
  • Digging Deep, The Quick Fix with Katie H. (25-minute version of digging deep extraordinary work)

Hence, the Aaptiv review indicates that workout options equip you with more advanced training programs to advance your health. Additionally, Aaptiv workouts provide android and apple watch compatible features to increase your wellness by living anywhere in the globe.

Who is Aaptiv best for?

Photo: Unsplash

13 years old and above! YES, the Aaptiv workout is best for the 13 and above age group. Aaptiv workout plan is also best for all types of athletes, stair climber, half marathon, and average workout person.

The first thing to remember is that exercise should be a daily part of your life. As it is crucial as nutrition for your body.

Aaptiv offers super effective programs and workouts for pregnant women to deal with their pregnancy challenges with ease. Aaptiv also offers old-age people workout plans to supercharge their energy.

As these workout plans are led by certified that’s why more personalized for every age group. You can get your 

  • personalized fitness plan by certified personal trainers
  • identify current fitness level (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • achieve fitness goals by taking wellness classes regularly

Aaptiv Pros and Cons

Support Personalized TrainingLess Nutritional Focused
Effectively Burned CaloriesMonthly Membership
Reinforce Cardio WorkoutTime Taking Results
Robust Motivating Music 
Improve Fitness Level

Aaptiv Cost and Discounts

Aaptiv costs and discounts are very user-friendly. You can get three kinds of discounts or subscriptions to elevate your health and wellness.

  • Monthly Membership: $14.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $99.99 with 45% Saving $79.89
  • Lifetime Membership: $399.99 exclusive offer

After an Aaptiv app subscription, you will get unlimited access to download classes and enjoy personal training.

However, Aaptiv workout provides you with a 7-day free trial period that helps you to make your subscription decision wise. 

With attention to that, we highly suggest you should get your free trial period first before subscribing to Aaptiv Premium.

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Aaptiv Refund Policy

Aaptiv refund policy is significantly convenient for its users. You can get a 7-day free trial to know whether it’s worth buying for you.

However, due to any reason you want to cancel your membership at no additional cost. For this refund, you must register through the Aaptiv website, with a discount, or through the Google Play Store.

Specifically, you can request a refund through email or live chat support service on the official website.

Surely, the Aaptiv customer support team contact back and refund you within 5 to 10 business days.

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By concluding all the above information, the Aaptiv fitness app review reveals that it is the fastest-growing digital wellness app. Through which you can make your training plan with the help of certified personal trainers.

More importantly, the Aaptiv exercise program offers you video and audio-based wellness classes to heighten your fitness goals. Additionally, Aaptiv training provides you with a 7-day free trial that helps you to make your subscription decision wisely. 

As Aaptiv app HIIT efficiently burns your body fat, increases your endurance, and builds your strength to achieve fitness goals. Also, Aaptiv fitness classes help you efficiently burn calories, build muscle and lessen body fat to lose weight.

Henceforth, Aaptiv lets you supercharge your strength and significantly advance your cardio health. Moreover, Aaptiv trainers suggest multiple cardio exercises to elevate body wellness and enrich your sense of well-being.

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Aaptiv​​ Reviews FAQ

Is the Aaptiv app worth the money?

Surprisingly YES! 

The Aaptiv app helps you with your goals as it incorporates personalized training programs led by certified trainers. With this in mind, you can use Aaptiv popular fitness app to reach your goals.

Does Aaptiv have live classes?

Notably, the report is YES! 

Aaptiv workout offers you live workout programs to ample opportunities and enjoy dynamic stretching. As you can also get strength training, running, cycling, treadmill, yoga, meditation, and more in live classes.

Does Aaptiv have walking workouts?


Aaptiv fitness app is fresh-air friendly as it offers you outdoor running by using the motivating music features. You can enjoy steady wins the race, tempo times three, stay cool, and more programs with Wes trainer.

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