A Clear Space, A Clear Mind – Tips For Office Organization

By David

February 19, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We’ve all heard the saying, “a clear space, a clear mind”.

But what does it actually mean?

Well, it’s quite simple – the more cluttered the space around you is, the more you have to think (or worry) about.

This can apply to your personal or your working life.

For the purposes of this blog however, I’m going to focus on working life. So here are some tips for office organization – so you can finally cut the clutter once and for all.

Have a big clear out
When I first started my job, I was amazed at how much space there was on my desk. A quick look around told me that this probably wouldn’t be the case for very long. Everyone else’s desk was covered in paper, cuddly toys, photos of loved ones, tissues, and all other manner of paraphernalia. Sure enough, a few weeks in, mine was equally as untidy. But did I make the effort to do anything about it? Of course I didn’t – I was too busy getting on with my job. So many people make this mistake, and allow things to pile up – it’s no wonder we’re all so stressed all the time. I didn’t know what to focus on first. So my advice to you is to set aside some time (maybe on a Friday afternoon) and properly go through everything on your desk. If you don’t need it, throw it away – but maybe check first that it’s not confidential data (if it is, you should shred this, rather than put it straight into the bin).

Invest in a desk tidy
Having a desk tidy is great – I have a couple of trays, allowing me to separate paper or notepads in whichever way I please. I tend to put the important stuff in the bottom tray, away from view, and leave the items I’m currently working on in the top tray. And then once I’m finished working on those items, I make the decision to either shred or throw away. Plus, and I probably shouldn’t be letting you in on this, the bottom tray is also great for stashing a few sweets – I like a pick me up every now and again.

Desk drawers give you more space
Many office workers see their desk as a second home – mainly because they spend so much of their day sat at it. If this sounds familiar, you’re likely to need a bit more space to store your lunch, other snacks, gym bag, whatever. A set of desk drawers ca give you this space, without taking up much room. Simply store the drawers underneath one corner of your desk and you’ll have easy access to whatever you’ve got stored in there – just don’t forget about that banana – moldy fruit tends to leave an unpleasant odor.

Storage units are a godsend
Maybe you have more than just a desk – if you’re a senior member of staff, you may have an office. I’m willing to bet that you have more than enough paperwork to fill that room though. This is where larger storage units become more prevalent and necessary than a simple desk tidy. You can sort your files out further by arranging them using bankers boxes or box files. Fill your storage units with a few of each type and label them clearly. That way, whenever you require something, you’ll be able to locate it straightaway.
Do you have any tips for easy office organization?

Written on 2/19/2014 by Louise Clarke on behalf of Fellowes.

Photo Credit: Cornelia Kopp


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