5 Effective Tips on Removing The Obstacles to Your Success

By Henri Junttila

March 28, 2010   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Overcome Obstacles

One of the fastest ways to success is to remove the obstacles in front of you. These obstacles can be anything from mental roadblocks to office politics and making them move in the direction you want is not always easy and it certainly isn’t fast.

I am not here to tell you exactly what to do because that won’t work; your world is much different than mine. I am, however, here to share my experiences with you so you can take what I have learned and apply portions of it where it makes sense in your life. Going in, understand that reading is never enough to achieve success. If you’re going to skim this article and then do nothing, your life won’t change. You have to take action and you have to fail an incredible amount of times until something happens. There are exceptions of course, but I think you catch my drift.

If you only learn one thing from this article, that alone is enough and it will have an impact on your life. With all that said, here are my five effective tips on removing obstacles to success:

  • Buy a Course

    The simpler you can make something, the easier it will be for you to succeed. If you buy a course that has been proven to work for thousands of people, you will succeed, if you follow the instructions.

    I know I’m supposed to say you should break the rules and be remarkable, but I’m not going to do that. Following instructions when you have no clue what you’re doing is the fastest way to success, at least for me. You might be different, so don’t take what I say as gospel.

    First learn the rules, play by the rules and only break them once you understand them. In the end what I’m trying to say is to find your own way of doing things.

  • Get A Coach

    Ever since I paid someone money to criticize my poker game, I’ve been in love with coaching. It’s just such an effective way to reduce your learning curve. If you’re not getting the results you want, you can ask your coach what he or she thinks is wrong and what you can do to improve. 

Not only did I use coaching to improve my poker game to such a stage that I was able to make a living at it for almost five years, but I’ve also used it to learn blogging. I knew what I wanted, so I went out and found someone who was already successful. I then joined their coaching program.

  • Outsource

    If you want to get something done online, you’ll naturally run into a lot of hurdles especially when it comes to design and the technical side of things. I realize you may not always have the money to throw on outsourcing, but if you do, it’s an effective way to save time and eliminate possible frustration. 

Want to get a blog up but don’t know how? Outsource it. Want to edit an audio file but don’t have the tools? Outsource it. Some things you want to outsource, others not so much. Think about where it makes sense.

  • Partner

    Don’t know how to do the technical stuff? Don’t have money to outsource? Still feel like you can provide? Partner with someone whose strengths are your weaknesses and split the profits. 

Another restricting belief you may have is sharing the profit with someone. I had that too. Still have it to some extent, but working with the right partner is a lot of fun. I’m not out to make millions of dollars.

I live a simple life, so I don’t need a lot of money. I’ve realized that I can do what I want to do with a relatively small income. It’s a common trap we fall into. We think we need all this money to do something, when instead we can just do it right away.

  • Examine Your Beliefs

    When you think about success, it’s easy to associate it with competition. We have been taught to believe that success means stomping on other people to get higher up on the ladder, but does it really have to be that way? 

What you believe determines your reality. But remember, you do not have to be perfect to be successful. It’s easy to put successful people on a pedestal and think that they are above you when they aren’t.

They are human beings just like everyone else. They have feelings, fears and worries. Think about what’s holding you back and why. You may begin to uncover some uncomfortable stuff, but if you want to become successful and do what you love, that’s one of the fastest way to get there.

Henri Junttila

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