5 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss You Need to Try

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yoga breathing techniques for weight loss

It can be a complicated process to lose fat from our bodies as it is very stubborn. Apart from making individuals look bad, this fat can also bring about several health hazards like hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, and more.

A fundamental way to reduce fat is by hitting the gym. However, some people do not have access to it while others do not want to pay costly membership fees. For such individuals, a great choice would be to perform yoga breathing techniques for weight loss.

How To Get Started With Yoga Breathing

Breathing exercises may help increase metabolism and digestion. They also bring an enormous supply of oxygen to the different body parts. This additional oxygen can assist in burning the extra fat in the body. It is also possible to get toned abdominal muscles.

Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

A study in the USA focused on studying the differences between yoga breathing and workout sessions over six weeks. The workout sessions lasted for just eight minutes.

After the conclusion of the study, users who were into yoga breathing lost around 5 kg. There was also a 6% drop in body fat levels.

It is possible to experience a similar drop by doing specific exercises. Below are some of the most effective yoga breathing techniques for weight loss you can try:


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It is one of the basic yoga belly breathing techniques. Its primary function is to regulate the quantity of oxygen that goes in and out of the body. This action reduces tiredness quite significantly.

Surya Namaskar

It is capable of working on the nervous and endocrine systems. If any metabolic issues are present within the body, it can also be corrected. These issues are quite strong reasons behind weight gain.

There are 12 steps within this technique and each is accompanied by sequential breathing. This needs to be practiced over several weeks to get it right.

Pawan Muktasana

pawan muktasana
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This pose can be achieved by lying down and taking a deep breath. The knees should be brought close to the chest and the hands can be used to hold it together.

Now, the knees should be pressed towards the body. At the same time, the head should be lifted so that it goes towards the knee. Now, regulate the breathing posture by going down the pace and holding your breath for a while.

Why is breathing important in yoga?

This activity is responsible for controlling oxygen levels which controls metabolic activity.

Setu Bandhasana

This technique is popularly called as the bridge pose. It focuses primarily on the chest, neck, and spine.

After starting by lying down on the back, the feet should be kept near the hips. Even then, the feet should be kept away from each other. The torso should be slowly lifted while keeping weight balance through feet, arms, and shoulders.

At the same time, one should inhale slowly. The pose should be held for around 60 seconds before returning back to the original position.


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One of the foremost yoga breathing benefits is obtained by making the body flexible, regulating oxygen levels, and increasing metabolism. All these functions are done by this yoga technique, which is also called as the cobra pose.

You can start by lying down on the stomach and placing your hands just behind the shoulders. Now, breathe in and lift the torso so that the back forms an arch. The extension should be done until the hands are straight. Now, the pose should be held for a few seconds before getting back to the lying down posture.


It’s up to you to find that yoga breathing technique for weight loss that will work best for you. Just make sure you try them all and that you execute it correctly and with focus.

What are your thoughts about yoga breathing techniques? Have you tried them before? Let us know in the comments!

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Author’s bio: Anthony Hibbs is a psychologist who dedicated his entire life to understanding the relationship between the mind, body, and universe. He been practicing yoga since 2004 and has even made retreats in Nepal. And he’s improving the new techniques with massagers for necks.

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