Erection: How Does It Work? Getting Hard and Keeping It Hard – Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

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Erection marks sexual arousal. But, the process of having an erection is something more than a sexual function.

Maintaining proper sexual function in men involves health conditions, biological factors, emotions, and a lot more than you can imagine. Starting from porn addiction to relationship problems, many factors affect the duration or process of erections.

That is why you need to dig deeper to understand and cure problems associated with erection. Moreover, it is vital to understand the causes of erection trouble and the associated treatments.

Read on to know the A to Z of erectile dysfunction and how to overcome this health problem.

What is an Erection or Penile Erection?

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Penile erection accounts for one of the first responses during sexual arousal. The erection counts as a vascular event owing to the involvement of blood vessels.

Also, erection is considered an involuntary action. It occurs as a response to visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory, and imaginative stimuli. Erections can also occur due to external stimulation of genital regions or the penis.

Talking about erections reminds us of the normal sizes of the penis. Most men consider the average length of the erect penis to be higher than 6 inches. But, such lengths may imply overestimation from self-reported studies.

In reality, the average length of an erect penis ranges from 5.1 to 5.5 inches, as reported by research-based studies.

How Does it Happen?

Getting an erect and aroused penis is a normal part of having a penis. During a relaxed state, the penis exists in a flaccid state.

To understand how erections happen, you need to understand the physiology and anatomy of the penis.

Anatomy of the Penis

The penis has two chambers known as the corpora cavernosa. The two chambers or corpora cavernosa run the length of the penis. The penis also has a corpus spongiosum, dorsal vein, dorsal arteries, many nerves, several veins, and tunica albuginea.

Further, a penis has a urethra running along the lower side of the corpora cavernosa. In addition, the shaft will run the length with a tubular appearance.

The penis even has a head or glans at the shaft’s end. Finally, there is an opening at the tip of the penis for discharging urine and semen.

How Does Erection Happen?

Nerves, urethra, tunica albuginea, corpora cavernosa, muscles, and other parts of the penis play their roles in penis erection. The cavernous arteries need to get filled up with blood for an erection.

Under high pressure, the blood is trapped and causes an erection. However, the corpora cavernosa needs to relax and open up so that blood rushes to the cavernous arteries. The muscles of the corpora cavernosa get relaxed, receiving stimulating signals through the brain and local nerves, and several veins.

Tunica albuginea also plays a vital role in allowing blood to get trapped in the corpora cavernosa. This trapping of blood is important to sustain the erection of the penis.

How Does Ejaculation Happen?

The central nervous system of the CNS of our body controls the reflex action of ejaculation. Ejaculation happens when your sexual excitement reaches its climax. Also, the process of ejaculation takes place in two phases.

The vas deferens get contracted in the first phase of ejaculation. Thus, Vas deferens help sperm to reach the penis’ base and prostate gland from the testes. Further, the secretion of semen happens through seminal vesicles.

Once the secretion is released by seminal vesicles, the second phase of ejaculation occurs. At this stage of ejaculation, the penis releases semen. This release of semen usually happens in up to five spurts.

The semen comes from the penis as the muscles at the base of your penis contract. The usual contraction of the muscles takes place every 0.8 seconds.

Is Penis Erection Normal?

Getting erections equates to normal penis functions. Moreover, medical professionals consider having 3 to 5 erections per night quite normal.

Even babies get erected penis, surprisingly. But, this never occurs as sexual stimulation. Baby erections occur as a normal reaction to the penis being touched during bathing or nursing or rubbed against diapers.

How to Know if I Have Erectile Problems?

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If you have erectile dysfunction, you will be able to find out the symptoms easily. The most prominent symptom is erection trouble or your penis not getting erected. Other symptoms include an inability to keep the penis erected for longer and a reduced sexual desire.

Another sign of this health problem can be premature ejaculation. However, you must remember that ED and premature ejaculation are separate problems.

Beyond these visible symptoms, erectile dysfunction can also indicate cardiac problems. In addition, erectile dysfunction may give birth to or can be caused by psychological problems like depression.

Nevertheless, if you notice any of these symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you need proper diagnosis and treatment. A urologist may help you with the physical exam, diagnosis, and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Also, remember that having ED does not affect your sperm parameters. As your sperm parameters are not affected, ED is also not directly related to infertility.

What Causes Problems in Erection?

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The main reason for erectile dysfunction is the deficiency of the testosterone hormone. Also, many medical conditions may be responsible if you fail to get an erection. Some physical causes behind not getting your penis upright can be:

  • Digestive and kidney diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with hormones
  • Prostate cancer
  • Reduced blood rushes caused by Peyronie’s disease or fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa, an erectile tissue
  • Rupture or pain in the corpus spongiosum and the inadequate flow of blood in the corpus spongiosum surrounding the urethra
  • Poor functioning of trabecular smooth muscle
  • Surgical interventions like prostate surgery cause trauma to the cavernous nerves. Prostrate surgery can also damage the ending of surrounding nerves, responsible for carrying the signal for sexual excitement.
  • Damage to the deep dorsal vein, which is responsible for venous drainage
  • High cholesterol levels

Some Medicines can Cause Problems in Getting Your Penis Erection

You may fail to get your penis erected as the side effects of having a medicine. Well, it’s a kind of dilemma. Depression can cause erectile dysfunction, and even anti-depressant medicines are majorly responsible for this problem.

Medicines for treating high blood pressure or water pills may affect the erection of your penis. Medicines to treat cancer in the prostate can cause this health issue. In addition, drugs to treat ulcers and sedative medicines to calm the nervous system can cause ED.

You also need to know that appetite-suppressant pills can cause this problem. It is better to find alternatives like exercising to maintain a healthy weight.

Also, recreational and illegal drugs may cause this health problem, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases.

Psychological Health and ED

Your brain plays a vital role when it comes to erectile problems and a lack of sexual stimulation. Sometimes, these psychological problems add to your mental pressure and result in poor communication with your partner. As reasons for ED, these are as powerful as kidney disease or spinal cord problems.

The pressure of a “good” sexual performance is common in men. They feel the pressure to please their partner. Further, there can be pressure and stress, which is related to other areas of life.

Refer to any authoritarian site, and it will identify anxiety as a common cause of ED. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases also pinpoints depression as a reason behind ED.

Other problems in your brain, like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis, can be the major reasons for ED. Multiple sclerosis affects your brain and spinal cord. Parkinson’s disease, affecting your nerves, can be behind your suffering from ED.

How to Get a Strong Erection?

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Exercise to Improve the Health of Blood Vessels in the Penis

Exercises are great for allowing blood flow in the blood vessels of the penis. You can start with simple aerobic exercise. Later, you can get into pelvic and kegel exercises.

Along with these exercises, various forms of physical activities like running, cycling, stretching, and jogging are great to combat ED. Further, physical exercises help to lose weight and fight obesity, one of the major reasons behind erectile dysfunction.

Stress Management

Stress and anxiety management are important for getting rid of ED, as the American Urological Association (AUA) guideline suggests. You can practice meditation or yoga to say no to stress. Beyond the problem of ED, stress management is also important for an overall healthy life.

You can start taking psychotherapy and counseling services to manage your stress and mental issues better. These services can also be beneficial for fighting depression, which is also responsible for ED.


A healthy diet is a must for treating erectile dysfunction. Moreover, this health concern necessitates having foods that boost levels of nitric oxide in your body. Such foods include nuts, dark chocolate, and kale, and they help with erections.

Lifestyle Changes

Smoking encourages plaque buildup in arteries. So, removing the smoking habit promotes good vascular health conditions.

Improved vascular health improves the flow of blood in the penis. And reduces the chances of erectile problems.


There are supplements known to improve or boost penile erection. Also, these supplements are said to improve your sexual life and perhaps even your general wellness. We’ve picked out the most widely used and most popular ones. 

1. Promotes A Strong and Healthy Erection: Aizen Power


This is an all-natural dietary supplement that comes in capsule form. The product is available in three different packages. The product helps in getting healthier and stronger erections.

The effective formulations of Aizen power contain zinc, chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract. The use of natural ingredients promotes the safe and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The supplement aids in healthy blood flow in veins in the penis. Also, Aizen power has healthy impacts on male hormones and improves mental health. The combined effects thus help in having good sexual health.

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2. Gain Superstar Confidence In Bed: Rockhard Formula


The dietary supplement comes in powder form. The Rockhard formula is available in supply packs for one month and six and three months. The product helps in having a healthy sexual life.

The supplement’s well-balanced and natural formulations include nettle root, eucommia bark, he shou wu, horny goat weed, and salvia root. The natural ingredients provide safe and effective treatment of male sexual complications.

Moreover, the components help in increasing testosterone levels, which in turn improves blood flow in veins in genital tissue. The formula also supports in having increased sperm count.

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3. Resolve Impotence Issues & Increase Energy: Primal Power


This nutritional supplement is available in capsules. The product comes in three different supply packages.

The supplement includes an extract of saw palmetto, Chinese ginseng, oat straw, and ginkgo Biloba. The ingredients promote sustainable healing of sexual problems.

Furthermore, effective product formulation improves mental health, brain functions, and hormonal systems. These impacts contribute to treating erectile dysfunction.

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4. Boost Testosterone Production: Alpha Beast XL


It is a natural and organic dietary supplement created by professionals to solve erection-related issues. The manufacturer behind this revolutionary supplement claims it is made in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the United States.

The effectual formulations of Alpha Beast include glutamate, l-arginine, Pygeum bark extract, quercetin, saw palmetto, sulforaphane, and many other ingredients. These natural and potent ingredients support a healthy erection system for any individual suffering from issues related to libido.

No doubt, this supplement helps in boosting blood flow, reducing inflammation in the prostrate, promoting testosterone production, and many more ways. So, you can treat it as the ultimate solution to treat sexual health-related issues.

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5. For Stronger Erections & Improved Stamina: Monster FX7


This is a male enhancement supplement developed to experience stronger erections, improved stamina, and increased penis length among users. Ingredients present in Monster FX7 are obtained from natural and organic sources.

It consists of a perfect combination of herbal extracts, vitamins, and important nutrients. These include Chinese ginseng, red raspberry, Annona muricata, Gingko Biloba, saw palmetto, juniper berry, buchu leaf, and many other fruitful ingredients.

The manufacturer behind this supplement claims that it can help an individual in many ways. Apart from fixing related issues, it can help in enhancing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and boosting testosterone production. So, you can consider this supplement the ultimate solution for men who suffer from sexual health-related issues, especially erections.

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Editor’s Pick: Aizen Power 

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Aizen Power

Easy to Swallow PillsAizen Power is a male enhancement supplement with all-natural ingredients, and it promotes a strong and healthy erection.Depends on the package

Aizen power addresses the root causes of sexual complications, like poor levels of nitric oxide and testosterone. Taking a sustainable approach heals erectile dysfunction without damaging the male reproductive system with negative side effects.

The blend of herbs and natural components never focuses on superficial healing of erectile dysfunction. Most importantly, the supplement aids in relieving stress, excluding the chances of psychogenic ED.


Erectile dysfunction can seem like a major sexual problem. But, this health concern carries significant implications involving heart disease and mental health.

The key to preventing or managing erectile dysfunction lies in a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. You can also opt for supplements as remedies for sexual complications.

We recommend Aizen Power. This product contains natural components, promoting safe and sustainable treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Aizen power promotes the improved flow of blood in penile tissues. Moreover, the supplement aids in improving overall sexual life.

Several users swear by it, you can check out the reviews yourself. 

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Erection FAQs

What are the best ways of treating erectile dysfunction?

There are many ways of treatment for erectile dysfunction. You can have a combination of natural and medicine-based remedies.

But, exercise and optimizing diet effectively treat erectile dysfunction. You can also use supplements after checking whether their site complies with the rules of health organizations.

Does food play a role in sexual arousal?

Food plays a role. Most importantly, some food has effects similar to those caused by medicines on blood vessels and hormonal systems.

Thus the positive impacts of food help in maintaining the state of sexual excitement. It is important to note that foods lack the side effects of synthetic medicine.

How does the flow of blood influence erectile dysfunction?

Blood flow has close relation with erection functions. The more blood flows into the penis, the more it gets capable of having a good erection.

So, problems with blood vessels impact the flow of blood. And thus affects blood flow in any organs of the body, including the penis.

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