3 Ways to Prevent Kidney Pain: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

kidney pain

No one likes pain in the lower part of the abdomen. There is one type of pain that feels safe – you normally get it when you make too much effort, such as taking a long walk.

Other than that, any other pain can raise some question marks and may represent the cause of something quite severe – the same rule applies to kidney pain.

Also referred to as renal pain, sharp kidney pain may represent an injury, some sort of disease, or just a sign that something is wrong.

Most people have no clue what organs are located where and they are often surprised to find out where their kidneys go. All in all, if you suspect something, here is everything you have to know.

What is Kidney Pain?

Kidney pain normally underlines kidney stones, a kidney infection, or maybe polycystic kidney disease. Any type of kidney disease requires medical attention, of course. While rare, the cause may also be related to kidney cancer.

Kidney pain is not always a pain. Sometimes, it can be defined as a slight discomfort. It normally goes in one side of the abdomen – usually by the side or the back. However, there are also situations when pains in such areas are not related to kidneys.

Kidneys go in the back of the abs. They are located by the lower ribs on each side of the body. People assume they are somewhere low, but they are high. No matter what causes this issue, it is more likely to affect only one kidney, rather than both.

In some cases, you may also end up with fever, pain, and even nausea. In others, you may have urinary issues. Finding the causes of kidney pain can help you get kidney pain treated. After all, you do not want to leave renal vein thrombosis or other similar affection aggravating, do you?

Sometimes, given the location of this pain, it could be mistaken for back pain.

What Causes Kidney Pain?

Kidney or urine diseases are not always the main causes of this unpleasant back pain. Sometimes, you may suffer from sharp pain. Other times, it could be something mild, but consistent. Whether you deal with mild urinary tract kidney infections or more severe pain, a doctor is a must for the diagnostic.

Kidney stones

You will most commonly feel kidney pain if you have kidney stones – usually made of minerals inside the body. They can be the size of a sand particle or large like peas. Small kidney stones will be easily passed, but the large ones will cause intense pain over time.

Urinary retention

When it comes to digestive and kidney diseases, urinary retention is among the most common ones. You fail to empty the bladder – less likely to happen suddenly, but usually over long periods.

Based on the American Kidney Fund, a kidney infection can bring renal pain. It occurs when different bacteria infect the kidneys. Apart from pain, you may also experience vomiting, nausea, and even fever episodes.

Polycystic kidney disease

While people often mistaken kidney pain for back pain, a bit of research is mandatory – you might as well see a doctor. Confuse kidney pain with something else, and the cause may aggravate it. For instance, polycystic kidney disease can enlarge kidneys, and cause pains and malfunctioning episodes.

Contact sports, accidents, or an intense job

A urinary tract infection is not the only reason to worry – traumas or injuries can also lead to persistent pain. Contact sports, accidents or an intense job may damage kidneys. All these issues can cause kidney problems and make kidneys hurt.

The ureteropelvic junction obstruction means there is a blockage where kidneys and ureters communicate. Other symptoms may accompany kidney pain, such as belly pain. There are no risks of a blood clot or harsh urinary tract infections, but the dull pain will become annoying.

Renal cell carcinoma

While quite rare, renal cancer can also be a reason. Experiencing kidney pain could be a symptom – similar to the pain caused by a kidney stone. Apart from feeling kidney pain, other symptoms include dull aches, blood in the urine, and even lumps.

The disease tends to affect people in their 60s and 70s.

Ureteral stricture

This is also one reason why you could experience kidney pain. You will need to pass urine frequently because the ureter is narrow. While most issues affecting the urinary system tend to target one side, this issue can cause pain on both sides.

While most of these causes sound a bit too dramatic, the truth is a basic kidney injury is the most common reason behind kidney pains. Sure, medical consultation will not hurt, but do it early rather than wait for a potential aggravation.

How to Treat / Prevent Kidney Pain?

Seek medical advice if you suspect a serious kidney problem or the pain is severe. These bean-shaped organs located by the rib cage can be treated naturally if the problem is light. But you may also require medication if you suffer from kidney cysts or other similar issues. Here are your best options.

1. Natural remedies

Drink plenty of water

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This is to work against most urine diseases. You want to flush toxins and bacteria from your body. This technique will help you battle the infection more effectively. Having lots of water may also prevent urine diseases and kidney infections, so it is a good practice.

Cut down on the consumption of alcohol and caffeine

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Kidneys are meant to filter toxins and different substances. Caffeine and alcohol will make them work harder and can put pressure on them. Kidney damage or various kidney diseases can be ameliorated if you cut down on such beverages.

Get plenty of vitamin C

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The antioxidant protects the body against damage and stress. This will help against numerous health conditions, such as intense pain or blood pressure problems, among others. Vitamin C will also increase the number of enzymes within your kidneys.


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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It does apply when it comes to the organs that produce urine. Apples are rich in nutrients and the acidic content can maintain the acid profile of kidneys. Given their anti-inflammatory capabilities, they can also help against various health conditions.

Cranberry juice

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This has always been associated with bladder infections and other similar issues. When a person feels pain, cranberry juice is one of the most common recommendations from elders. Stick to natural juice though.


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This gives a few benefits when it comes to constant pain caused by kidney infections. First, they will help you keep a healthy balance of bacteria in your body. Second, they can cancel some of the side effects of antibiotics – if your doctor prescribes them against extreme pain.

Give parsley juice a try 

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The diuretic will help you with urination, in case the issue is caused by an infection. It also helps flush some of the bacteria in the body. If you hate the taste, simply mix it into a smoothie. It will also alleviate stabbing pain associated with different infections.

Keep in mind that these natural remedies help against less problematic issues. They are good in the prevention of kidney pain and can help with painful urination. They may also be used along with more sophisticated treatments – simply listen to your doctor’s advice.

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2. Medications


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If you notice pain and whatever caused kidney pain recommends a home treatment, most doctors will prescribe antibiotics – usually capsules and tablets. Such a treatment lasts between one and two weeks, and just like other drugs, it may have side effects – usually affecting red blood cells and white blood cells.

However, you will flank pain within days only. The kidney area will recover completely in two weeks. Those with older conditions or underlying diseases will most likely require a bit more. The right treatment should improve the issue within 24 hours only.


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If you can feel pain in your two bean-shaped organs and it interferes with your daily activities, a painkiller may also be given. NSAIDs like ibuprofen are not recommended for kidney problems. Kidneys may no longer be able to filter waste due to the strength of these drugs.

3. Supplements

Supplements are not always medically reviewed. It makes no difference if the issue affects one of both sides. Also, wellness professionals recommend a supplement for general kidney pains, rather than affections like acute pyelonephritis. If unsure about the disease, contact a doctor and get a CT scan.

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Bottom line

Kidney pain requires a doctor for diagnostics unless it is mild and insignificant. Even so, medical control is still required, later on, just to ensure you are alright.

The natural approach helps in the treatment and prevention of kidney pain. As for supplementation, the list is definitely longer, and while there are plenty of supplements out there, Kidney Disease Solution has a more comprehensive approach.

Everything starts with a healthy lifestyle and some changes. Further supplementation and the required vitamins are included as well, not to mention daily plans.

Kidney Disease Solution is one of the most comprehensive options because, apart from explaining the natural approach, it also provides dietary plans and access to the required supplements.

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Kidney Pain FAQs

How do you know if the pain is from the kidney?

Kidney pain feels higher and deeper inside when compared to back pain. You may feel it towards the top, rather than the bottom.

When should I worry about kidney pain?

Call a doctor immediately if the pain is dull and targets one side. Fever and intense pain are good reasons to get in touch with a specialist immediately.

Why is kidney pain so painful?

Kidney stone pains are painful because the ureter is not flexible as the stone travels through it. Plus, the ureter will try to squeeze it out.

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