Vitalifi Vitacell Reviews: Does it Really Work?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Vitalifi’s Vitacell Plus is a supplement that consists of a flavonoid solution for joint pains.

It is made to provide lasting relief of joint and muscle pain in a more non-invasive approach from its all-natural ingredients.

People experiencing sharp shooting pain from their joints causing them discomfort and pain to simply walk or do simple tasks. This condition is a result of inflammation build-up within the joints that hinders your mobility as the build-up caused immeasurable pain.

These inflammation are the result of our decades of exposure to harmful toxic chemicals that are now incorporated into our daily life. The food you eat has chemical feeds and fertilizers, the fluid you intake might contain chlorine, and the air we breathe is filled with harmful molecules from the surroundings.

Vitacell Plus aims to help toxic contaminants flushed out of our body and provide a healthy inflammatory response to cure joint pains and other related ailments. Take a look at this review and be informed about why Vitacell Plus is a breakthrough in providing treatment for chronic  joint pains.

Vitalifi Vitacell  Reviews: Pros and Cons Overview


Flavonoid Boost

Limited Availability

Vitacell Plus Has No Side Effect

Restore Your Normal Mobility
Boost Your Immune System
Lasting Relief
Mental Clarity
Dietary Supplement


Flavonoid Boost

Flavonoids are potent compounds used to help regulate the cellular process. They compose of powerful antioxidants and other powerful properties to aid your body system. They play as a free radicals scrounger to protect the body from oxidative stress and toxins that the body acquires every day.

Toxins are everywhere in this modern life of ours. It’s pretty hard to avoid them, you can find it in the food we normally eat, the fluids we drink and the contaminated air we breathe. Without the help of flavonoids, it will be difficult for our body system to eliminate and cleanse itself from toxicity.

Below are the benefits of flavonoids in our system:

  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Anti Bacterial Property
  • Anti Cancer Properties
  • Cardio Protection Properties
  • Antioxidant Properties

Flavonoid’s anti-inflammatory properties can improve your joint health by nourishing the inflamed joints with natural nutrients from healthy plant extract that heals the main source of pain.

Vitacell Plus Has No Side Effect

Experiencing extreme pain can make us ask for the most powerful painkillers there are. These high dosage pain killers are composed of harmful chemicals that leave residue inside our system. These residues will eventually damage other internal organs of your body.

Flavonoids are from plant extract in form of healthy fruit and herbs. It is naturally extracted without any chemical additives. The pure concentration of Flavonoid will be beneficial without a trace of a single side effect.

Restore Your Normal Mobility

The “7 miracle flavonoids” claim to ease chronic pain in just a matter of few days. combining the 7 main sources of flavonoids can provide a synergy effect. Simultaneous delivery of health benefits inside your body. Patients are regaining mobility from the limited moves they can perform before taking Vitacell Plus Supplement.

Boost Your Immune System

Our body system has its natural way of fighting foreign elements inside our body that we called toxins and contaminants. Neutrophils fight the incubation of viruses and bacteria in our system. as the contaminant out-numbered the Neutrophil, the immune system starts to deplete. Flavonoids will then help the immune system flush toxins and other harmful chemicals. It assists the neutrophil to destroy body toxins and help boost your immune system.

Lasting Relief

Vitacell Plus Supplement does not just provide quick temporary relief for the pain. The pain relief is meant to last as the flavonoids supply inside your body will make sure to balance too many inflammatory proteins within the system.

As it boosts your immune system, it will continue flushing toxic contaminants from your body. Keeping an immune function to its optimum health.

By eradicating the dangerous inflammatory protein, the relief will last as long as you continue taking Vitacell Plus Supplement.

Mental Clarity

As the Neutrophils deteriorate, it activates the neural pain switch. By activating this pain switch, chemical balance inside your brain will begin to decrease.

As a result, patients will start to experience anxiety, stress, brain fog and portray less mental clarity and less energy to their actions. Vitacell Supplement will induce safe inflammation within the brain to reduce the risk of these symptoms.

You will gain mental clarity as your immune system is boosted and relieve your pain all at the same time.

Dietary Supplement

Using Vitacell Plus Supplement as part of your daily dietary supplement can bring numerous health benefits. It has miraculous healing compounds that can naturally lower blood pressure.

It promotes optimum blood flow within the system and reduces the risk of high blood pressure as well as other vascular function ailments. Vitacell Plus also maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

It replenishes neural energy to gain high energy clarity in patients. This supplement also supports weight loss as it destroys fat deposits without experiencing low energy levels for the consumer.


Limited Availability

The manufacturer only produces limited numbers of this supplement as of the moment. Because of the product’s efficacy rating and great feedbacks supplies are expected to deplete as days go by.

Amazing reviews from Customers 2024 – Find out what they said! 

Judy said, “After using VitaCell+ for several months, I stopped taking it. Then my knee started hurting more and my energy level was less. I started taking it again and I feel no need for my afternoon nap now. There’s no jitters – just a subtle, normal energy level without needing an afternoon ‘boost’.”

Connie said, “I was skeptical, but the Dr.’s articles were good. I’ve had chronic inflammation and pain, foggy brain for years. I am a retired RN. So I decided to give VitaCell+ a try. I’m at the end of my second bottle. I used to take painkillers in high doses around the clock. Now I’ve not had to take anything for pain! I’m ordering more today! I really believe it’s helping!”

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What is a Vitalifi Vitacell Plus Supplement?

Photo: Vitacell + | OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Vitacell Plus is an all-natural dietary supplement that aids the body’s inflammatory response. The main component of this supplement is flavonoids, formulated by Dr. Sisskind. Flavonoids treat inflammation inside our body system that has caused us so much pain. Flavonoids help the body’s natural response to heal and fight bacterial infections as well as viral infections.

This supplement consists of fruit and plant extracts and makes each and every one of them work together to provide overall health improvement. It does not contain any form of chemical additive which can bring harm to the human body.

Ingredients are carefully tested for their potency to achieve the highest efficacy result. You shall be able to notice significant results within 7-14 days of consistently taking the supplement.

How does the Vitalifi Vitacell Work?

You can identify toxicity levels in your body if you are experiencing the following, weak muscle, joint pains, low energy level, and mental stress. These are just some of the toxic manifestations from the food and fluid we intake every day. The main factors to these are the chemical additives this food and fluid we intake has such as chlorine and pesticide to name a few.

Complicated health issues will emerge every time our immune system does not recognize these harmful toxins as such to be foreign contaminants. It will make the body too inflamed resulting in the substance sit on your nerves causing unhealthy blood flow, brain causing brain fog symptoms on you, lungs bringing possible lung cancer cells, and joints causing severe joint pain.

Neutrophils are the body’s agents to destroy bacteria and other harmful contaminants that are mostly toxins. As the toxicity level inside your body keeps adding up, neutrophils weaken and are unable to perform their task to fight for our body. Flavonoids will act as additional Neutrophils that will flush and cleanse toxic elements in your and nourish them to maintain a healthy level of inflammatory proteins.

Why is the Vitalifi Vitacell  Effective?

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Vitacell Plus Supplement is effective because the combination of plant extracts used delivered a synergy effect that provides better inflammation regulation. The formula is made out of all-natural ingredients that focus on the flavonoid extracts it gives. It cleanses your body’s long-term exposure to harmful chemicals and toxic compounds.

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What are the ingredients in Vitalifi Vitacell?

Here are the 7 key ingredients of Vita Plus Supplement:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is known to have an immense amount of EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate. It helps achieve fewer inflammatory proteins, maintain healthy brain function, and protect the heart by having an optimal blood flow on its vessels. The green tea extract has anti-inflammatory properties and has a fast wound healing effect on the body. It increases the level of protein while reducing the inflammation level.

Cocoa Extract

Photo: Vitacell + | OFFICIAL WEBSITE

The cocoa extract contains different kinds of flavonoids it varies from epicatechin, catechin, and procyanidins. Its antioxidant properties can be compared to the level of antioxidant in caffeine that helps improve the function of the central nervous system.

Unlike the common notion of cocoa extract or chocolate being bad for health, its seed extract lowers the risk of diabetes. It has enhanced the immune system and improving mental and brain function as well as its cognitive ability.

Tart Cherry Extract

Tart cherry extract is used to promote muscle regeneration for imbalances that creates aching pain most especially to elderly individual and those who encountered injury according to clinical trials. The tart cherry extract has a joint protection property, anti-inflammatory property, and provides energy clarity and mobility.

Boswellia Serrata

This herb is also known as “Indian Frankincense”. This particular extract has an angiogenic property that heals and enhances the blood vessels. Boswellia Serrata also contains cytotoxicity which can be harmful if given a very large amount of dose.

Longvida Optimized Curcumin

This is a variety of turmeric plants that contains a good amount of natural pain killers. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to help flush toxins from the body naturally. It is also beneficial for the digestive system as it enhances the circulation inside the stomach.


Quercetin is widely known for its amazing immune-boosting property. It helps heal inflammation, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and aids blood pressure to its optimum level. Quercetin has the ability to destroy and cleanse toxic contaminants in the body.


This herb is dominant to be found in East Asia such as Japan and Korea. Chinese traditional medicine uses Resveratrol roots for centuries now. This herb is prominent because of its ability to treat lung cancer cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can remove joint pains and other inflammation-related pain in our bodies.

What is the cost of Vitalifi Vitacell? Any Vitalifi Vitacell Discounts?

Photo: Vitacell + | OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Vitalifi’s Vitacell Plus comes in 3 different packages. The bigger the quantity the bigger the discount you are bound to get. Below are the packages with the price listed;

  • STARTER PACKAGE – One bottle of VitaCell Plus Supplement for only $49.00
  • MOST POPULAR PACKAGE – Three bottles of Vitacell plus for only $44.67 each bottle.
  • BEST VALUE PACKAGE – Six bottles of Vitacell Plus for only $36.50 each bottle.

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Vitalifi Vitacell Pricing and Refund Policy?

Customers are covered by Vitacell Plus 60 days money-back guarantee. They promise to refund the amount you spent if you are not satisfied with the result.

Conclusion: Is Vitalifi Vitacell right for you?

Vitacell Plus does not only offer lasting relief for aching joint pain, but it also provides overall wellness for your body. This supplement is great on their anti-inflammatory component from flavonoids that helps Neutrophils fight toxic elements your body has been exposed to for a long period of time. It cleanses your system, leaves no inflamed muscles or chemical residue that will settle on your joint and cause you pain.

Vitacell Plus boosts your immune system, heals brain inflammation, gives energy clarity and mobility back to your daily lives. Lasting relief can be experienced without getting immune to high-dose pain killers like over-the-counter medications. it will relieve the pain by just taking it daily without going through expensive physical therapy.

Vitalifi Vitacell Reviews FAQ

Is Vitalifi Vitacell safe to use?

Vitacell plus is safe to use because of its all-natural ingredients from healthy plant extracts that will leave no adverse effect on your body. It will not interfere with any food allergies you may have.

Is Vitalifi Vitacell FDA approved?

The product’s efficiency has not been certified by FDA-approved research. It had undergone series of clinical trials before launching to the public. Licensed healthcare providers and professional physician have supported the products and provided sound medical advice about the product.

Is Vitalifi Vitacell a scam?

Vitacell plus is still very young within the industry yet has proven so much on its result. Many individuals are now enjoying the effect of this non-invasive approach to treating terrifying joint pain and other related disorders.

How much does it cost?

Vitacell Plus’ price per bottle:

  • STARTER PACKAGE – One bottle of VitaCell Plus Supplement for only $49.00
  • MOST POPULAR PACKAGE – Three bottles of Vitacell plus for only $44.67 each bottle.
  • BEST VALUE PACKAGE – Six bottles of Vitacell Plus for only $36.50 each bottle.

How long does it take to ship?

Access online content and order there, after a successful checkout, the product will be immediately shipped out and expected for the customer to receive their order within 3-5 days.

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