Upgraded Magnesium Nano Liquid Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Upgraded Magnesium Nano Liquid aids you to get quality sleep, focus, stress support, memory retention, muscle relief, and energetic life.

The majority of people struggle to get restful sleep every night. They find themselves stressed and suffer from feelings of fatigue, brain fog, or lack of focus. Most people think it could be dementia stories, stress from work, or traffic. But you might not know that the root cause of these problems is “Mineral deficiency” that could secretly ruin your health.

A systematic review discovered that Over half of the US population is Magnesium deficient, and it has become a possible health concern for older adults. Because adequate magnesium intake is the foundation of health and necessary for the proper functioning of organs in the human body when the mineral levels are low, you struggle with sleep and energy, without which — human beings can’t live optimally.

In this way, Upgraded Magnesium Nano Liquid claims the right supplement your body was desperately craving. The upgraded formula is a balanced mineral ratio that is highly absorbed by the body and replenished better. These minerals increase your health span, sleep quality, focus, slow down accelerated aging, and help you live life optimally.

Let’s look at the Upgraded Nano Magnesium Reviews in detail.

Upgraded Magnesium Reviews: Product Overview

upgraded magnesium reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Upgraded Magnesium Nano Liquid

Magnesium dropsUpgraded liquid magnesium a sleep-supporting product makes you sleep better, optimize and maximize the power of your body and mind.Depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!


Upgraded Magnesium reviews reveal that most users are satisfied with the results. They found the product trustworthy and reliable, which enhanced their strength to resolve many sleep-related problems and gives them relief.

Here are some of the Upgraded Nano Magnesium customer reviews:

“I’ve been taking upgraded Magnesium liquid for seven months now, and so much has changed. My sleep, soreness after working out, and my calmness specifically. Very satisfied. Even though I took 2-3 different types of Magnesium before and in big doses, this was the case. The key was I wasn’t absorbing it..” – Jarrod Souza.

Actually WORKS! This product is excellent! I slept like a log just after the first dose. I will recommend this to my patients who deal with poor sleep queasy, adrenal fatigue or lacking energy tingling in hands and feet and those who don’t have trouble sleeping but want an even better night’s rest.”— Jennifer C.

“No more cramps! I am a biohacker and take my supplements very seriously. I started getting debilitating leg cramps and tried three different forms of Magnesium liquid from other brands. None of them worked. A friend recommended the Magnesium Minerals from Upgraded Formulas, and within ONE day, the leg cramps stopped.”–– Lindsey Matthews.

It really helped me SLEEP BETTER! I have tried everything, from sleep tests to melatonin to all the “homeopathic” methods I’ve read, and still nothing. This Magnesium liquid Nano Minerals is the first thing that has helped me sleep 8 hours! It is a night and day difference! LOL! It gives more than just a little boost.”— Jean B.

“I am focused finally sleeping. During the day, I feel a sense of Chill within the first 15-20 minutes. It felt like my mind got washed with a cleaning wave 🙂 my sleep has also been much more solid. I feel much more rested when I wake up.”— Tara Garrison.

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What is Upgraded Magnesium?

upgraded magnesium reviews
Photo: Upgrade Magnesium Official Website


Upgraded Nano Magnesium is a sleep-supporting supplement that includes the right minerals in your body essential for a whole, abundant, and energetic life. It is an all-natural, up-graded formula packed with premium ingredients that offer you restful deep sleep, focus, stress management, and even muscle recovery.

Barton Scott, a nutritionist and a chemical engineer is the Founder of Upgraded Formulas. He spends about $11,000 testing other supplements to see the result but gets nothing. Then, he decided to explore natural approaches to create the best available mineral analysis on the market. And develop upgraded nano magnesium formula to help people overcome their deficiencies, so they don’t suffer as I did.

He took the test and found great results. Barton concluded that my health began to improve, I got proper sleep, I could think clearly and live the life I wanted to live. The upgraded formula helps many people get a youthful, healthy life. It helps them combat their health problems effectively improves their sleep, memory, muscle pain, and heart health.

How does Upgraded Nano Magnesium work?

How does Upgraded Nano Magnesium work?
Photo: Upgrade Magnesium Official Website

Upgraded Nano Magnesium works on the foundation of health to solve the problem effectively. This sleep-supporting supplement produces a higher melatonin-sleep-inducing chemical in your body for better restful sleep.

The upgraded formula offers you essential but the right minerals in your body. Yes! The founder of this supplement explains that some minerals in our body need to be replenished, while some need to detoxify because the body cannot utilize them. And most magnesium supplements we pay for lead to improper storage and are quickly discarded without absorption. Magnesium deficiency and its improper utilization interrupt the body’s critical functioning, which stores within organs and joints, resulting in stiff joints. Furthermore leads to improper functioning of the body.

While Upgraded formulas is a balanced mineral ratio, which enables increased mineral absorption in your body and removes the harsh chemicals more effectively than other products. 

It contains Nano Magnesium chloride, a highly bioavailable form of minerals and the more absorbed type of mineral. It is in Nano form, quickly passing into blood cells, including the brain. It reaches the cells deficient in Magnesium, fulfills their magnesium needs, optimizes, and maximizes the power of the brain and body. These stabilized nano minerals helps eliminates fatigue, brain fog, and muscle pain and offer you calm, relief, and deep sleep without causing any side effects. Thus, the product delivers promised results to your overall health. 

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What are the Benefits of Upgraded Nano Magnesium?

The Benefits of Upgraded Nano Magnesium

Upgraded Nano Magnesium helps you absorb nutrients better, maximize your strength, and aid you live an optimal life with great health. By fulfilling magnesium deficiency, it provides several benefits which makes it an attractive option for improving overall health.

Reduce Stress

This natural supplement works on the vicious cycle of feeling stressed. It supplies the essential minerals, that lowers the cortisol levels in the body, make you calm, and eliminate stress. In this way, it also supports restful sleep.

Enhance heart health

Upgraded Nano Magnesium uses Magnesium targets cardiovascular health and delivers more than just a healthy boost of this vital mineral. It improves blood circulation and aid’s in improving heart health without any side effects.

Muscle relief

The upgraded formula makes your muscles optimized. Its premium ingredients include stabilized nano minerals to aid absorption which improves nerve function better to help in muscle recovery. Moreover, it includes protein absorption that aids function, neuromuscular conduction, muscular transmission, and increases energy.

Support overall health

Nano magnesium chloride supports all tissues in your body. The natural ingredients in the product offer you the right minerals that are responsible for over 300 vital biochemical reactions in your body. Plus, It maintains a healthy immune system, helps with insulin sensitivity, and offers you great digestion, thus supporting your overall health.

Improve cognitive function

Upgraded Nano Magnesium is about 99% absorbable nano minerals. These minerals offer you great focus, improve mental dexterity, and even mental fog, thus supporting achieving peak mental performance. This makes you wake up refreshed and ready for the day with a healthy body and mind.

Strong Bones

The Nano magnesium chloride minerals enhance the body’s Calcium utilization ability and support healthy bone. These proprietary liquid nano minerals are highly absorbable and help remove heavy metals, and bone metabolism nerve transmission. This way it prevents your joint from stiffness due to minerals accumulation.

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Why is Upgraded Magnesium Effective?

Why is Upgraded Magnesium Effective?
Photo: Upgrade Magnesium Official Website

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Upgraded Magnesium is an excellent natural keto and vegan-friendly method that balances and replenishes mineral levels to support quality sleep and vanishes most of your health issues. 


This product is well-tested and fully protected by the company’s satisfaction Guarantee. It is manufactured under a strict, safe, and sterile environment that proved incredibly effective for overall health protection.

Safe to use

Upgraded Nano Magnesium capsules are all-natural ingredients, non-GMA, gluten-free and free from artificial flavors, stabilizers, fillers, and color. The magnesium supplement is absolutely organic and mother nature intended to provide long-lasting, safe, and reliable results.

Customers First

By adding a magnesium supplement to their daily routine, adults experienced a massive transformation in their health, including memory retention sleep focus, energy, and muscle relief. Users of the supplement claim Upgraded magnesium formula is legit that proves the right product for their health.

Money-back guarantee

The product comes with another boost of confidence, 100 days money-back guarantee. They offer a prompt and courteous refund, If you are unsatisfied with this solution, you can request a refund within this period – No question asked.

Who is Upgraded Magnesium best for?

18 years and below

The product is best suited for both men and women. However, it is not advisable for children under age eighteen, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people who suffer from severe medical conditions. If you are taking other medications for any other reasons, then it is advised to consult your personal medical professional before taking any medication.

A person free of any other form of chronic disease can quickly get significant results from this magnesium supplement. It will assist them in getting a quality good night’s sleep and helps them live healthier lives. 

Additionally, this product is packed with vital mineral, which does not only offers good sleep but also gives you a healthy boost, helps you manage stress, boost immunity energy, and enhance heart health.

How to consume Upgraded Magnesium?

Take two full droppers of Upgraded Magnesium once daily with 8-12 ounces of water. It is best to take it on an empty stomach to increase the absorption rate. 

Each bottle of magnesium supplement contains 59ml of liquid nano mineral named Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. The two full droppers will soak within a few minutes and starts working. All you need is to sit back and let the Upgraded Nano Magnesium starts doing the rest. You will notice a fantastic improvement and an instant acting relief. Moreover, it is advised to take the recommended dose regularly on time.

Upgraded Nano Magnesium Pros and Cons

✅ A proven formula provides you with a good quality, deep and restful sleep.❌ The product can only be purchased from the Official Website; there is no offline availability.
✅ Reduce stress levels and enhance cognitive function.❌ The results are gradual and vary from person to person.
✅ Solid money-back guarantee.
✅ Helps boost energy.

Upgraded Nano Magnesium Cost and Discounts

upgraded magnesium reviews
Photo: Upgrade Magnesium Official Website

Upgraded Nano Magnesium supplement costs and discounts are very user-friendly. You can get three kinds of discounts to elevate your health and wellness.

  • 1 bottle of Upgraded Magnesium worth $39 per bottle + shipping 
  • 3 bottles of Upgraded Magnesium is worth $29 per bottle + free shipping
  • 5 bottles of Upgraded Magnesium is worth $26 per bottle + free shipping

Upgraded Nano Magnesium Refund Policy

Upgraded Magnesium offers fantastic value for money. Their refund policy is significantly convenient for its users. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund by emailing the official website. Surely, the Upgraded Nano Magnesium customer support team will contact you back and refund you.

Note that they do not have any affiliate marketer, so make sure to buy it only from their official website.

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Upgraded Nano Magnesium is proved an entirely safe form of minerals that supports all the tissues in the body and boosts your strength to combat serious health issues to give you a restful, quality night’s sleep.

Henceforth, all the natural keto and vegan-friendly ingredients help balance the hormones, cholesterol, and insulin levels. These stabilized nano minerals eventually reduce the risk of developing severe health complications and help stay alert, mental retention, sleep, focus, stress support, calm and energized.

Based on solid research, the Upgraded Magnesium is a good option for people looking for a comprehensive and effective way to manage adrenal fatigue, stress, and sleep.

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Upgraded Nano Magnesium​​ Reviews FAQ

What to do to get the best results?

To get the best results, ensure you need to take Upgraded Magnesium with enough water. Studies indicated that as long you use it, the more your body will fulfill its needs for Magnesium, and you will feel healthier and happier.

How much does the International shipping costs?

International shipping costs for order sizes containing 1oz – 15oz is $12.95

For all orders sizes, 15.01oz and up, shipping is $17.99

How much does the Domestic shipping cost?

A flat rate of $7.95 on all packages. While for all orders over $99, shipping is free.

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