21 Effective Tricks To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

You cannot die from having a single occasion of high blood pressure. But chronic high blood pressure kills the chance of having a longer life.

Apart from increasing chances of heart attack and heart disease, chronic rise in blood pressure can reduce your life expectancy. Further, hypertension damages your cardiac functioning and also every body system.

Also, people tend to realize the bad effects of hypertension when it’s already too late. And then what you get as treatments include medicines that can have side effects.

Thankfully, there are many ways to control high blood pressure. Continue reading here to explore how you can have healthy blood pressure.

Tricks To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly: What Is A Healthy Blood Pressure Range?

Before getting into the details of how to lower high blood pressure, we need to know the healthy range. Measurement of blood pressure includes both diastolic and systolic pressure.

The systolic blood pressure shows the force with which the heart expels blood into the arteries. The other part of the measurement, the diastolic one, refers to the pressure exerted in the walls of arteries when heart muscles are relaxed.

Our pressure count is measured in millimeters of mercury. And the normal range falls from lower than and up to 120/80 mm Hg. Counts higher than these can be categorized into four ranges.

The elevated blood pressure consists of 120 to 129 systolic mm Hg and less than 80 mm Hg. Stage 1 hypertension includes 130 to 139 systolic mm Hg and 80 to 89 diastolic blood pressure. And stage 2 range includes 140 or higher systolic and 90 or higher diastolic.

Another range, hypertensive crisis, refers to reading higher than 180/120 mm Hg. The elevated range carries chances of developing chronic high blood pressure. Stage 1 and stage 2 ranges being more severe imply chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Among these pressure readings, the hypertensive crisis can cause stroke and thus calls for urgent medical assistance. This unusually high reading makes you feel back and chest pain, problems seeing or speaking, and numbness.

Notably, lifestyle choices and stressful situations give us plenty of causes to raise blood pressure. Even family history seems to be responsible. But with recommended ways given below, you can effectively keep your blood pressure low.

21 Effective Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

1. Go for Exercise and More Physical Activity

Tricks to lower blood pressure instantly
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Many studies have already proven physical activity’s efficacy in reducing blood pressure. Try including any aerobic exercise like swimming, cycling, or brisk walking to prevent or manage hypertension. If you have less time, opt for regular exercise to manage blood pressure and heart health.

Further, American Heart Association recommends a session of physical activity for 40 minutes performed max 4 days a week.

But you may ponder over the logic of doing exercises when these increase blood pressure. Yes, your systolic blood pressure can go between 160 and 22o mm Hg during exercise. But blood pressure rise is quite normal when you exercise.

Regular exercises cause high breathing rates. And when it happens consistently, your heart gets trained to pump blood with minimal effort. Thus your arteries and heart chambers can manage blood flow well, and hence you can prevent high pressure.

Just check your blood pressure is not exceeding or nearing 220 mm Hg of systolic blood pressure. Keep a digital monitor with you and consult with your doctor if you face any problems.

To lower your blood pressure instantly, you can sit quietly in a peaceful zone. And then take deep breaths in a relaxed position. Slowly exhale and inhale until you feel less agitated.

2. Losing Excess Weight

A healthy weight helps in maintaining blood pressure within the normal range. And that establishes the importance of weight loss. Even a small reduction of body weight, like 1 kg, can lower your blood pressure by 1 mm Hg.

Further, weight gain surrounding the waist region contributes to an overall increase in body gain. Thus it’s important to shed the excess from the belly or waist region.

Here are some highly-recommended products guaranteed to help you lose that excess weight.

A. Best Supplement for Ages 40+: Beyond 40 Lean Belly

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

To reduce belly fat, one can use Beyond 40 Lean Belly, the best fat burner supplement for people aged 40+. The naturally sourced non-artificial ingredients, black pepper extract, and safflower seed oil help in safe and effective ways of fat reduction. Further, the said supplement contains conjugated linoleic acid that boosts metabolism even in middle age and thus fat burning.

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B. Best Fat Burner That Supports Heart Health: Revitaa Pro

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

Apart from the Beyond 40 supplement, you can go for Revitaa Pro, another best fat burners. Its formulation contains a rich blend of vitamins and minerals, which helps in preventing chronic stress and weight gain. And managing body weight and stress aid in preventing a rise in blood pressure readings.

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3. Reducing Intake of Sugar, Refined Carbohydrates, and Fats

Sugar and refined carbs help in making you obese, which can elevate blood pressure. Also, a diet rich in refined carbs and sugar affects your metabolism, which eventually makes managing high blood pressure hard. And that necessitates the need to have more natural or whole foods.

Further, having less sugar and refined carbs reduces both diastolic and systolic counts.

Also, you need to optimize your fat intake. Excess fat obtained through diet accumulates in the walls of your arteries. And it paves the way for elevated blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

But you can always go with healthy fats found in avocados and oily fish like sardines. Further, to limit the intake of unhealthy foods, you can follow the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes the intake of whole grains, veggies, and fruits.

4. Eat more Potassium and less Sodium

Potassium and sodium play important roles in influencing blood pressure. Among these two, the former reduces blood pressure increasing the impact of salt or sodium.

Also, potassium influences the electrical signals of the myocardium, the heart’s middle layer. And that helps to keep heartbeats at the correct pace. Contrary to the good effects of potassium on pressure, sodium can raise your blood pressure.

But, reports also say sodium only increases blood pressure in salt-sensitive people. And that implies some people stay unaffected by high salts or people respond differently to sodium intake. Still, it’s wise to not have unnecessarily high salts.

You need to modify your diet to have less salt but more potassium. Look for vegetables and fruits having potassium. You can opt for the dash diet, which prioritizes low sodium intake.

5. Not Having or Eating Less Processed Food

Processed foods carry high levels of added sugar and salt and preservatives. These ingredients poorly impact the functioning of the heart and heart muscles.

Further, processed foods like chips, pastries, and sugary drinks increase your calorie intake, which leads to obesity. The resulting increase in weight hikes up blood pressure. And as you stop having these foods, you limit your undesired calorie intake and improve your blood pressure.

6. Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is proven extremely beneficial for your health in many ways. In fact, some medical studies have found that smoking can increase both blood pressure and heart rate.

Also, chemicals present in tobacco damage your blood vessel walls. Further, these chemicals cause narrowing and inflammation of your arteries.

So, you can consider quitting smoking as an excellent way to lower blood pressure.

7. Knowing How to Manage Stress

Many factors starting from workplace issues to personal problems, make us feel stressed. You can practice mindfulness meditation to reduce blood pressure. This meditation is nothing but staying alert yet relaxed during the process.

Further, being mindful means allowing yourself to have thoughts while staying relaxed enough to take care of your breaths. All in all, mindfulness meditation requires you to take it easy and slow.

A. Best Supplement To Support Healthy Stress Response: Vitapost Stress Support

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

This supplement contains ingredients like chamomile, lemon balm, and green tea, which help in developing healthy stress responses. And thus, this product provides a great way to target a powerful cause of high blood pressure which is stress.

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8. Have You Tried Yoga?

Yoga interventions are just an extension of stress reduction techniques. Many yoga positions are practiced which can reduce blood pressure. Regular practicing yoga gives you a healthy pressure count and also reduces the chances of cardiac attacks.

A. Best Program For Women: Yoga Burn



tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

This program, having both physical and digital collections, consists of a series of videos. These videos train you to do yoga and exercises that can effectively reduce high pressure.

Plus, the instructions given in the guide help you to have healthy body mass and metabolism.

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9. Have Dark Chocolate At Your Rescue

Eating chocolates makes major people happy and thus makes you feel relaxed. And this, of course, has a positive impact on blood pressure.

But, taking the chemical aspects, dark chocolates contain high cacao. And this component positively impacts blood vessels, thus giving you healthy blood pressure.

10. Go for Medicinal Herbs

The extensive use of many herbs has been embraced by cultures around the world. Herbs indeed impart positive changes in many health aspects, including blood pressure. Plus, these seem to lack the side effects of drugs used for treating hypertension and other complications.

Examples of anti-hypertensive herbs include basil, thyme, devil peppers, and Brahmi. Other herbs like Hawthorn make the heart walls stronger, helping in preventing high blood pressure. Notably, ginkgo, among other medicinal herbs, may aid in treating intense pain due to poor blood flow to the limb.

You can incorporate some medicinal herbs like thyme and basil easily into regular foods. However, you need to check the possibility of interaction between any drug you are taking and herbs.

11. The Magic of Good and Restful Sleep

Tricks to lower blood pressure instantly
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Uninterrupted sufficient hours of sleep make you feel relaxed. And thus, this helps in preventing or managing stress.

Plus, not having a good sleep can increase your levels of stress hormones. Importantly, your blood pressure drops when you are sleeping. And thus, it reflects a state of being in natural rest needed by your body.

Further, a night’s peaceful and good sleep, even if not instantly, lowers your high blood pressure within hours. And thus, sleep works just as fine as blood pressure medications minus the side effects.

12. Have Garlic or Supplements Made from its Extract

A research study shows garlic supplements act somewhat like first-line medicines for treating hypertension. Yes, garlic can reduce high blood pressure. The function of reducing blood pressure comes from garlic’s active component, allicin.

Precisely, allicin may play a role in preventing the formation of angiotensin II, which causes vessel contraction and increases blood pressure. Further, allicin increases the levels of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide, which helps control your pressure.

You can have garlic in whichever way you like. You can have it raw, as oil, powder, supplement, or cooked with food.

13. Consume Healthy High-protein Foods

High-protein foods like lean meat, fish, and vegetables are great for alleviating BP problems. Chicken and soy meats are considered the best source of protein for one suffering from BP. You can also have fat-free or low-fat protein products.

However, make sure that you avoid red meat consumption as it can make your BP shoot up further. In addition, it can further cause cardiac or kidney disease.

A. Healthy and Sustainable Diet: The Smoothie Diet

Weight Loss Tips for Women

You can follow a healthy diet plan like the Smoothie Diet 21-Day Recipe plan. This plan will ensure that you have the right amount of lean protein in your everyday diet.

This plan is effective for weight loss. Further, it helps to reduce your BP level naturally. In addition, it helps fight cardiac problems.

This diet plan has smoothie-making tips and shopping plans for healthy eating. It also comes with 36 smoothie recipes to replace high-fat delicacies. In addition, it features a “health improvement and weight loss” program for 21 days.

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14. Take Blood Pressure Lowering Supplements

Some blood pressure-lowering supplements rich in magnesium, omega-3, calcium, and garlic can be helpful. Supplements rich in vitamin C can also be used for reducing BP.

A. Top-Selling Natural  Supplement: Blood Pressure 911

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

Made with a Japanese farmer’s formula to reduce BP naturally, this supplement helps you get a healthy BP level. It has essential minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, plant extracts, etc.

Along with decreasing the BP level, this supplement can also reduce the LDL level. It is also effective to keep blood sugar levels in check.

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B. Revolutionary Formula: Triple Blood Balance

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

The Triple Blood Balance Formula has berberine extract, bitter melon, cinnamon, and other ingredients to help maintain healthy blood levels. Further, it comes with two complementary e-books to help your practice healthy eating.

It helps fight high BP and sugar levels. In addition, it takes care of cholesterol levels and your cardiac health.

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15. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

You can cut down your alcohol consumption to lower your blood pressure. Too much alcohol consumption can be responsible for hypertension. So, moderation in alcohol consumption can reduce systolic and diastolic pressure.

By moderation, we refer to one drink per day for women and two drinks for men.

Further, alcohols are high in calories, increasing the risk of obesity. Obesity is an increased risk if you have high blood pressure. In addition, some medicines to treat high blood pressure can interact with alcohol, causing fatal side effects.

16. Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Liver detox foods
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Reducing your caffeine intake is one of the lifestyle changes you should make to deal with high BP. Being a vasoconstrictor, it can reduce blood vessel size. Further, it can block the secretion of a hormone that maintains good health of arteries.

Some studies also suggest that caffeine boosts adrenaline secretion. All of these factors are associated with an increased risk of high systolic and diastolic pressure. High BP further causes damage to artery walls leading to many cardiac health problems.

17. Take Prescription Medication

Prescription medications to reduce the BP level help your body get rid of excessive water and salt. Further, these can make the blood vessels relaxed and prevent nerve functions that affect blood vessels. In addition, these medicines reduce the force of the heartbeat.

A. Best Natural Supplement To Support Heart Health: Vitapost Pressure Support

tricks to lower blood pressure instantly

VitaPost Pressure Support is a supplement to lower BP and the risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association states an alarming fact that half of the American adults are victims of high BP. VitaPost Pressure Support is a great product if you need easy-to-swallow pills to fight high BP and heart attacks.

Made of vitamins, olive leaf extract, hibiscus flower, garlic powder, etc., it allows the circulatory system to perform better. Thus, it deals with high BP and heart disease naturally.

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18. Breathing Exercises

The American Heart Association has published a journal to prove the efficacy of breathing exercises to lower blood pressure. The journal says that you can lower blood pressure with a breathing exercise for five minutes six days a week.

There is a well-known 30-second breathing exercise recommended by the Japanese Society of Hypertension. We will discuss this method to lower blood pressure instantly in detail shortly.

Another breathing exercise to lower high blood pressure is diaphragmatic breathing. This exercise makes the diaphragm stronger.

You can even try the equal breathing process. The method brings overall relaxation to the body and mind.

19. Check Food Labels

Healthy snack alternatives like granola or trail mix carry unwanted sugars. Moreover, market-based savory snacks contain high salts and preservatives. Since knowing foods like granola is healthy, we don’t check their food labels.

But a food label bears quantitative information on fats, carbs, sugars, and sodium. And reading those labels lets you know your level of consumption of nutrients through packaged or ready-made foods.

Thus check labels before buying foods to prevent their negative impact on your blood pressure.

20. Lie Down and Rest for 10 minutes

Blood pressure reading becomes higher when you are in a standing position. The heart, being situated above the legs and body organs, needs to distribute blood more forcefully to limbs and organs. And thus, blood pumping exerts more force on the blood vessels.

But, when you are lying down, the heart takes less effort to distribute blood throughout the body. And thus, you get low blood pressure when you lie down.

When you feel unease or experience high blood pressure, lie down to get your count back to normal.

21. Drink More Water

Drinking water daily takes care of your overall health, including the cardiac system. A simple initiative of drinking six to eight glasses of water a day can help to lower blood pressure.

Moreover, a report published in science daily tags water as the “unexpected blood pressure drug.” One study found drinking water initially increases blood pressure. But, after 60 minutes of drinking water, blood pressure starts to decrease.

So, the study implies a sustainable impact of water on blood pressure levels.

How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure In 30 Seconds?

The mentioned ways reduce blood pressure. But consistent execution of the given strategies only brings your high pressure to a healthy range. Hence with a single-day exercise, you cannot see any positive change in your blood pressure.

But what happens if you experience a sudden rise in blood pressure that needs urgent care? Try taking six deep breaths in 30 seconds to control blood pressure immediately. But don’t rush the breathing exercise.

Find a calm place and take a resting position to bring a sense of calmness. Then, keeping your eyes closed, gradually inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Remember to take 5 seconds for each breath, and that is how you will cover 30 seconds.

Yes, it’s hard to mentally monitor your time limit. You need to set a timer before starting this breathing exercise. Also, remember to keep your spine straight and your posture relaxed during the exercise.

Not only to control the sudden rise in blood pressure, but you can also do exercise every day to remain healthy.

Apart from doing this exercise, you can take a warm bath for a minimum of 1o minutes. Yes, it is not suitable as a 30-second remedy. But a warm bath can make you feel relaxed and lower high blood pressure even if it takes comparatively longer.

Just make sure the temperature of the bathing water is not too high.


Hypertension can be the silent killer you never saw coming. Thankfully, you can opt for many ways to control or stop hypertension.

Diet gives you many ways to control your blood pressure reading. You can have a DASH or Mediterranean diet.

Also, you need to modify your lifestyle to positively impact your pressure.

Further, you can use natural supplements from trusted brands that not only improve blood pressure but also improve overall health.

Tricks To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly FAQs

What is the safest way to bring down high blood pressure?

You can take deep breathing to have an immediate positive impact on your blood pressure. Breathing exercises are always safe, but these cannot provide efficacy if you are experiencing a hypertensive crisis. In times of emergency, you need to call medical care or seek help.

Apart from exercises, you can take the blood pressure medication prescribed by your doctor. But make sure you are not crossing the dose or having it with alcohol or drugs.

Which way plays a proper role in lowering blood pressure?

You can have healthy blood pressure in many ways. But, we think dietary approaches are the best and most proper for reducing blood pressure. People can modify a diet in whichever they way like without compromising either taste or health.

Plus, you get nutritious fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. A regular healthy diet improves blood flow and heart functioning. And thus, having healthy food acts as comprehensive care, which is inexpensive and modifiable for lowering blood pressure.

To what extent lifestyle changes can improve blood pressure?

Lifestyle modifications cannot lower blood pressure instantly. But, a consistently healthy lifestyle works like magic to control high blood pressure and has other amazing health benefits. Quitting smoking and drinking and practicing exercises help in preventing arterial hypertension and chances of heart disease.

Further, healthy lifestyle changes bring improvement in overall health. And thus, you have less chance of heart and other diseases, which can hurt heart health. Plus, living a healthy life helps to prevent or reduce stress, which can raise blood pressure.

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