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trichofol reviews

Trichofol dietary supplement combats hair shedding and baldness by improving nutrient supply to hair follicles.

Baldness in men is becoming a serious problem. Conditions like Androgenic alopecia that cause male pattern baldness are more prevalent among men. According to American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), more than 80% of men end up being bald by 50.

Hair loss may have a detrimental effect on your life. It may make you feel less confident about yourself and become the target of unwanted attention and ridicule. Further, bald people often look older than their age. Many factors contribute to hair fall: hormone imbalance, stress, poor nutrition, childbirth, and genetics.

Numerous hair restoration remedies are available on the market. However, most of them have hidden side effects and short-term benefits. Among different oral supplements, there is a buzz around Trichofol. So, we have decided to review this product. Read on to learn more about this supplement in detail.

Trichofol Reviews: Product Overview

trichofol reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
TrichofolEasy to swallow pills

Trichofol hair supplement is an effective hair restoration remedy for increasing hair density and volume.

Price depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Our research and editorial team collected and analyzed customer reviews posted on different online forums. These reviews are encouraging, and users seem to have an amazing experience with this product.

Here is what customers said on Trichofol official website:

“You were right, Thomas. I thought to myself that I’d never follow the program through, just like I never do with any treatment, but this one worked great on me that I kept doing more and more until I got the bald area from the top of my head all covered in new hairs in three weeks like you said. I honestly thought it was a joke, a good one really. But then all my hair grew stronger and thicker, and finally, I am no longer ashamed by it! It’s an amazing world out there, knowing that no matter in which direction the wind blows, your hair will look amazing! Thank you so much!” —Michael Dane, 38 years old.

“Oh dear, I look back and think: Seriously? All those failed hair treatments, all those nights crying myself to sleep… and for what? Why go through all that trouble when this is so much more comfortable and you don’t even realize when the program is over and you’re all fixed. I’m still In shock. My hair is stronger and thicker than ever!” —Hannah Lane, 32 years old.

“I was saving money to get surgery and then I saw this and gave it a try. Bye-bye surgery, I now have a full head of hair and a few thousand dollars that I won’t be spending on doctors and recovery, that’s for sure. Thanks a million, you saved me from the worst mistake of my life.” —Gary Schmitt, 64 years old.

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What is Trichofol Supplement?

trichofol reviews
Photo: Trichofol Official Website

According to the creator of Trichofol, Thomas Harada, this formula provides an effective solution to the hair loss problem. It improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles. The increased blood flow delivers nutrients supply to the roots of your hair and restores thinning locks.

Trichofol oral hair formula is created from plant-based ingredients that allow your hair to regrow naturally. These ingredients provide the required nutrients and protect scalp blood vessels from disappearing, which causes shrinkage of hair follicles. Along with improving your hair health, this supplement can also keep your blood pressure in check.

There are plenty of benefits of Trichofol supplement, which we will discuss later. However, there are no known side effects of this hair restoration product.

It is manufactured inside the USA in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

How does Trichofol work?

trichofol reviews

Here is how Trichofol hair formula work to improve hair health.

Increasing Blood Flow

Hair growth depends on proper blood circulation. A network of blood vessels on your scalp provides hair follicles with the necessary nutrients. People suffering from hair loss have fewer blood vessels around the hair follicles.

Trichofol dietary supplement dilates the veins and arteries under the scalp. A proper blood supply improves the delivery of minerals and vitamins to the follicles, essential for hair regrowth.

Unclogging Pores in Scalp

Your scalp has many pores and oil glands. Often these pores or follicles get clogged with dirt and oil, leading to scalp acne or folliculitis. An unhealthy scalp may contribute to poor hair health. Trichofol natural supplement helps promote hair growth by unclogging and relaxing pores on the scalp. It allows better air circulation, which is necessary for healthy hair.

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What are the Benefits of Trichofol?

trichofol reviews
Photo: Trichofol Official Website

Here are some of the major benefits of Trichofol:

Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a process that everyone experiences in their lives. Various factors facilitate this hair falling: from lifestyle to genes. The Trichofol supplement enhances the growth of new and strong hair by improving and strengthening hair follicles.

Hair improvement

Trichofol rejuvenating supplement improves hair quality, texture, volume, and density. You can get lost hair to regrow safely and easily. However, you can experience these hair growth results only with consistent use.

Improving Scalp Health

Poor scalp health and hair roots are the major contributors to hair loss. Most hair products, therefore, target these components. Trichofol’s consistent use cleans the scalp from oil and dirt while improving the condition for healthy hair production.

Increases Hair Synthesis

Hair growth is dependent on various factors. Most hair growth products don’t include all the components that can address these factors to stimulate hair regrowing. For instance, pores in the scalp are often blocked with oil granules and dirt, leading to buildup on the scalp. Trichofol unclogs these pores and promotes healthy conditions for hair regeneration.

Enhances the Gut Functioning

The nutrients you intake affects your health, skin, and hair growth. Trichofol functions as an antioxidant, aiding in cleansing the digestive system. You can maintain an effective and functional digestive system with a healthy and balanced diet.

Why is Trichofol Effective?

trichofol reviews

Trichofol capsules provide an efficient solution to hair-loss-related problems. Here is how this product is different from other remedies:

Address Root Problem

Follicle shrinkage stimulates hair shedding and thinning. Trichofol, with a specific protein, dilates blood vessels and boosts the blood flow, which brings the required minerals and other nutrients to the hair cells. Consequently, it strengthens follicles and produces strong hair.

Natural Product

The maker ensures that all the ingredients are natural and organic. No chemicals or stimulants are used in the formulation, making it free from health risks.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 60-day money-back guarantee makes the purchase safe from scams. You can use this product for two months, and if you don’t like it, apply for a refund. You will get back your money in 4-6 working days.

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What are the ingredients in Trichofol?

The maker of Trichofol hair supplements claims it has ten active natural ingredients. These components effectively heal and rejuvenate the hair cells. According to the official website, Trichofol ingredients are extracted from plants and are tested for their efficacy. These elements have been used in the Japanese samurai hair remedy for centuries. Also, these ingredients have passed through FDA-approved research.

Given below are some of the ingredients of the Trichofol Hair regrowth supplement:


Hibiscus, a “gentle” plant, has many health benefits. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a blood pressure regulator. It improves blood flow to the scalp, boosting nutrients and oxygen absorption.

Moreover, it protects from shrinking and encourages the growth of new hair strands. The hibiscus plant also enhances energy production by boosting the metabolism rate. It provides hair with the required vitality to thrive.

Other benefits included:

  • It prevents hair loss by supplying nutrients and minerals to the follicles.
  • It also protects users from premature gray hair.
  • Hibiscus increases the diameter of the hair strands.

Japanese Hawthorn

Japanese hawthorn is an ancient herb that has been used for so many years to increase hair volume and texture. This herb enhances blood circulation by dilating blood vessels underneath the scalp. Moreover, it has been known to treat various skin issues for so many years.

This herbal extract is rich in Vitamin C with anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties. By using this ingredient. You will get amazing hair growth results.


Also known as Red Spider Lily, Hanakotoba rejuvenates your hair and prevents hair follicle shrinkage. This leaf extract is a potent component that affects hair length by avoiding hair breakage. Also, it gives hair a healthy appearance.

Who is Trichofol best for?

Trichofol hair restoration supplement is formulated for anyone suffering from rapid hair fall and imminent baldness. This supplement has natural ingredients: mostly extracted from herbs, making it entirely safe for the use of males or females of any age.

However, it is better to talk with your professional physician before using this supplement. If you have any underlying condition, avoid using this product. You can buy Trichofol from their official website today and start your journey of healthy hair regeneration.

Trichofol Pros and Cons

✅ Trichofol natural supplement effectively helps in hair development and prevents further hair loss.❌ Talk to a licensed healthcare provider before if you have any underlying condition.
✅ Trichofol formula is pure and all-natural with no harmful effects.❌ Pregnant women and nursing mothers shouldn't use it.
✅ It can protect you from dandruff, itching, and poor scalp health.❌ It is only available on their official website.
✅ Trichofol improves skin health and gets rid of hair dryness.
✅ Delivers necessary minerals and vitamins to the follicles.
✅ It is equally suitable for men and women.

Trichofol Cost and Discounts

trichofol reviews
Photo: Trichofol Official Website

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Trichofol Refund Policy

Trichofol offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, according to the official website. Generally, one bottle is enough to see the effects. If you don’t get the desired result, you can contact them via phone or email and get a full refund.

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Trichofol hair support formula helps to promote hair growth and enhance hair health. The maker claims Trichofol to be a safe and natural supplement with no adverse health effects. Trichofol pills grow your hair, improve the pores, and strengthen your hair strands.

Trichofol capsules are easy to consume. Each bottle contains 60 tablets for a month’s use. Also, a 60-day money-back guarantee makes the purchasing decision safe.

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Trichofol​​ Reviews FAQ

What is the recommended Trichofol dosage?

The maker suggests taking two pills per day with water. The formula is pretty safe to ingest. Further, to get the full benefits, you should use these pills for 3-4 months; you won’t experience the amazing effects of this supplement before this time period.

What is the science behind the working of Trichofol?

According to the creators, a protein called VEGF works on the blood vessels in the scalp and stimulates dead hair cells by increasing blood flow.

Is Trichofol legit?

The Food and Drug Administration approves Trichofol. The ingredients are sourced from non-GMO plants. The formulation takes place in a GMP-certified facility.

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