11 Highly Effective Tips on How to Burn Fat Fast And Naturally

By Dumb Little Man

October 11, 2018

effective tips on how to burn fat fast

Excess fat can be a nuisance, especially if it’s around your belly area. It can make you feel too conscious of your appearance and it can increase your risk for serious health problems.

If you have a very busy schedule, staying in shape can be difficult. This is why you need to be more aware of what you should and shouldn’t do for weight loss. With that, here are some of the most effective tips to burn fat fast.

Eat Foods Dense in Fiber

eat fibrous food

Fiber-rich foods can keep you feeling full longer. They can also decrease the amount of calories that your body absorbs. This can reduce your overall body fat content. You only have to add 10 grams of fiber-rich foods to your daily diet.

Foods with a high fiber content include:

  • Apples – 3 to 4 Grams per Apple
  • Dark Colored Vegetables like Artichokes – 10 Grams per Cup
  • Navy Beans – 19 Grams per Cup
  • Potatoes – 3 Grams per Cup
  • Raspberries – 8 Grams per Cup

Eat a High-Protein Diet

Did you know that protein is extremely important when it comes to feeling full and eating less?

Eating a high protein diet prompts your body to release the PPY hormone. This hormone decreases your appetite and promotes the feeling of being full quickly and naturally. It can also raise your metabolism which can help you burn more fat. You want to incorporate foods that are high in protein into your diet, like eggs, dairy, whey protein, fish, and beans.

Cut Out the Sugar

The average adult in the United States eats around 152 pounds of sugar each year. This averages out to around three pounds per week!

Most sugary foods are packed with fats which leave you craving for more. Cutting down your sugar consumption can decrease your body fat and cut your cravings. As a result, you’ll eat less. You can substitute raw sweetener or unsweetened frozen fruit instead of honey, jam or sugar.

Reduce Your Stress

When you get stressed out, your body releases cortisol. This stress hormone can increase your appetite, causing you to eat more throughout the day. It can also encourage your body to store higher than normal levels of fat. Going to a walk, practicing yoga or meditating are all excellent ways to relieve your stress and your body’s cortisol levels.

Drink Green Tea

drink green tea

For people who wonder how to burn fat, drinking green tea can give your metabolism a boost. Drinking green tea three times a day can increase your metabolism by up to four percent. This means burning an additional 60 calories per day. The best part is you don’t have to do anything but drink the green tea to kickstart your metabolism.

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Reduce Your Refined Carb Intake

Reducing the amount of refined carbs you eat each day can reduce the amount of body fat you have.

However, you don’t really have to completely cut carbs out of your diet. You can just reduce the amount of pasta, crackers, rice snacks, white rice, and bread that you eat. Additionally, you can also add whole grains, vegetable-based breads or crusts, and legumes into your diet.

Add Iron to Your Diet

If your body is low on iron, it won’t be able to get enough oxygen to your cells. When this happens, your metabolism will slow down and your body will have a harder time burning fat.

You want to have at least 18 milligrams of iron in your diet a day. You can get this through supplements or eating three or four iron-rich foods each day. These include soy nuts, lean red meats, and chicken.

Replace Cooking Oil with Coconut Oil

You may not realize all of the extra fats that you’re adding into your diet by cooking with traditional cooking oil. You can reduce that amount by using coconut oil instead.

Coconut oil can help to boost your metabolism. It can also help your body decrease the overall amount of fat it stores from everything you eat. You do want to monitor how much you use though, because it is still high in fat.

Get Enough Sleep

get enough sleep

If you’re a person who is chronically sleep deprived, you’ll find yourself gaining weight and retaining more body fat. You want to get more than five hours of sleep each night to start losing body fat.

If you change your sleep habits, you should notice yourself losing weight and feeling better overall. This is because your body heals and repairs itself as you sleep.

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Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcoholic beverages are full of calories. You may not realize how many there are until you watch how much you drink. Alcohol also acts as a depressant for your nervous system, slowing down your metabolism and encouraging your body to store more fat. Instead of water, switch to water as it can increase your metabolic rate and help your body burn fat naturally.

Eat Breakfast

We get it. Mornings can be hectic and the last thing on your mind is make time for breakfast. However, eating a 350 to 400 calorie breakfast can jump start your metabolism because it slows down as you sleep. You can eat a cereal with a high-fiber count with skim milk to get your metabolism running at its normal rate.

These 11 tips to burn fat fast can speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. They’re quick and easy.  Incorporating them into your daily routine can help you start a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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