13 Best Moves For Your Thigh Workouts: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Thigh Workout

Often overlooked, thighs are some of the most important parts of the body. They host some of the largest muscles, but they also give your butt a bubble appearance if worked out correctly.

Thigh workouts are extremely varied, though. There are thigh exercises for inner thighs, as well as workouts for lateral thighs or outer thighs.

Based on what you are trying to achieve, you may need a different leg workout. All in all, here are some of the best thigh workout solutions for leg muscles and what each of them does.

13 Thigh Workouts for Toning

thigh workouts
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Inner thigh exercises will tone the inside part of your legs, which is usually flabby. Outer and back thigh exercises add to your toned appearance. Here are a few good exercises.

1. Squats

Squats will sculpt your inner thigh muscles, as well as other leg muscles and even the abs, so they work on the upper body too. Keep your feet hip width apart, bend the knees, and go as low as you can.

There are more variations of this exercise, which you can also do with feet slightly wider apart. Sumo squats are just as useful.

2. Plank leg lifts

The regular plank targets the abs and core overall. The plank leg lift will also work on the thighs and butt, while still putting pressure on the core. Lift the left leg while the right leg is on the ground and switch.

3. Stability ball knee tucks

Get a stability exercise ball and get going with knee tucks. Shins, abs, calves, and thighs will be well stretched. Go with the left knee first or the left foot, then switch. Go equally on both sides.

4. Box jumps

Got a plyometric box in the gym? You might as well get one at home. These jumps will kill your legs and core. These are some of the best inner thigh exercises. They target the lower body while also giving you a cardio workout.

When you get on the box, do it with your knees bent. Such leg exercises can harm your knees if you lock them.

5. Resistance band leg presses

Resistance bands can help you mimic pretty much any machine, and leg presses make no exception either. The exercise has the same starting position and works on the calves, quads, hamstrings, and butt.

You can straighten your legs, go on a side, stay on your back, focus on the right foot, go with the left heel, and so on. Give it a bit of variety, and you will have strong inner thighs in no time.

6. Lunges

Lunges are classic. They kill the thighs, but your butt and abs will also thank you. You will use both legs simultaneously. Keep feet flat, then adjust them as you move. You can keep your arms forward if it is easier for you.

The exercise can also be adjusted for extra pressure. For instance, try to get as low as possible, similar to the squat position. The side lunge is also recommended.

7. Single leg deadlifts

Single leg deadlifts should never miss from your lower body workout. The thigh exercise may require a bit of balance, so do it close to a sturdy chair or wall for support.

8. Step ups

Step ups are similar to squats, but they require one foot. Keep the foot flexed and use a plyometric box. Apart from your thighs, you will also improve your butt and hips.

9. Speedskater jumps

These jumps cover your legs from top to bottom. Your lunging capabilities will also be improved over time. Start with small and light jumps and advance as you master them.

10. Side shuffle switches

Stand with your feet at a comfortable distance and the chest lifted. Let arms hang loosely by your sides. Swift to the left as you move forward with three fast steps, left foot, right foot, left foot. Immediately reverse and do the same in the other direction.

Keep the support foot flexed on the last step, even after you switch sides.

If you are on the right foot at the end, the right arm goes ahead. Slightly hinge forward too.

11. Bridges

Bridges are classic and work on the whole body, including the thighs. You can also use resistance bands for extra pressure.

12. Plyometric squats

Go down in a squatting position, then jump up on a plyometric box and back. The exercise will kill calories and make your thighs burn.

As you can see, some of these exercises also require some equipment. Here are a few good options.

13. Digital Programs

1. Program for Toning Your Thighs: Inner Thigh Solution

thigh workouts


The Inner Thigh Solution provides you with a useful, simple-to-follow routine. It provides a variety of workouts that help you get gorgeous thigh muscles.

The program offers a ton of helpful information that will aid us in our workout. The right technique for performing the exercise is also thoroughly covered. This program clearly illustrates each practice and is very informative and educational.

It helps you move pain-free in daily life and sports, build muscle, burn fat, and firm and sculpt your adductors.

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2. Best Program To Achieve A Firm And Round Butt: Unlock Your Glutes 

thigh workouts

Unlock Your Glutes is a digital program based on simple and practical steps. It comes with the main manual that defines and describes exercises in very small details. Find out why you need to keep your toes slightly turned for some exercises, why the right knee goes above the other leg, and so on.

You are not just told when to use the left side, left hand, or front knee, but also why. There are plenty of coaching videos included too, not to mention a 14-day fat loss plan and some extra bonuses.

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Stretches For Toned Legs

Stretches will also help tone legs and can prevent injuries when working out.

Downward facing dog

This yoga pose will relax the body and stretch every fiber. It will keep the torso tall and straight while putting extra pressure on the thighs.

Chair pose

Also used in yoga, the chair pose implies feet shoulder width apart or feet wider than that, but not by much. Bend your knees, keep your back straight and raise your arms.

Seated toe touches

The position stretches everything and even keeps the core engaged. Try to touch toes or reach even further, but without forcing or hurting yourself. Keep the toes turned outwards.

Warrior I pose

This pose puts more pressure on the bottom leg, the one behind. It is similar to the forward lunge. Keep palms facing each other in the air, back straight, and slowly lower yourself until the front leg is bent at 90 degrees.

Seated hamstring stretch

Sit tall and extend a leg in the front, with the knee slightly bent. Hinge forward until you can experience a stretch in it. Do the same for the other leg too.

Activities To Tone Legs Fast

Certain things can rush the toning process.

Walk a lot

The more you walk, the faster your legs and thighs will tone. Walk whenever you can, rather than use your car. Half an hour a day is ideal.


Cycle to work or cycle indoors if the weather is too bad. This is a high-intensity workout that will burn fat and tone your legs.

Take the stairs

Forget about the lift. Always take the stairs, even if you live on the 10th floor.


Dance inside or have fun with your friends on weekends. Dancing is a bit of a workout, but more exciting.

Sprint over hills

Find a hill in the area and sprint going on top of it. Take a couple of minutes to rest and do it again. Do at least five such sprints a day if you can.

Practices For Leg Workout

Here are a few ideas to improve your workouts:

  • Pause – when the muscle is fully flexed, pause for a few seconds and put pressure on it.
  • Use the nondominant leg – even if the move targets one leg, flex the other one as well.
  • Contract – Similar to pausing when flexed, you can also contract the muscle in the same position.
  • Rest – Training daily is alright if you do a few exercises, but do not be too harsh. Your legs need rest.
  • Get a foam roller – Foam rollers will boost your performance and remove tension from your legs.

Top Tips on Food and Nutrition for Your Leg Workouts

Your diet is just as important in the process.

  • Keep hydrated
  • Opt for balance in your diet
  • Stay away from added sugars
  • Avoid junk food
  • Get enough calories

There are a few guides and programs to help out too.

1. Veganify Cookbook

thigh workouts

There are about 200 recipes in this book, whether you are after breakfasts, brunches, or desserts. More importantly, these are not the type of recipes that will put you off. They are based on simple ingredients and come with basic instructions.

Grocery lists, information, and guides on dieting are also included in this cookbook. Not only is veganism associated with a leaner figure, but it will also help your skin, detoxify your body and provide surprising weight loss results. Plus, plant protein is proven to be more efficient than animal protein.

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2. The Fat Burning Kitchen

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The Fat Burning Kitchen is not a wonder weight loss program. Instead, it aims to teach you how to educate your body and ensure your cravings are well kept under control. It will help you achieve your fitness goals while dealing with temptation.

The program is split into more parts. It will help you understand what type of nutrients your body needs, as well as the right type of fats for your fitness venture. It is not just educational, but it also provides step-by-step instructions.

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3. Easy Keto

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Easy Keto defines what makes the ketogenic diet so popular and not just among celebrities. It can change one’s life overnight, so this book aims to make it accessible to everyone.

There are over 100 easy recipes based on basic ingredients, no fancy and posh foods, and no impossible-to-find ingredients. The book is written by someone who lost over 100 pounds, so she knows what she is talking about.

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4. CoBionic Plant-Based Cookbook

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This book boosts more than 100 delicious recipes, suitable for any meal. You will find different ideas for breakfast, dinners, desserts, and so on. Most of them are basic and easy to do with simple ingredients you can find anywhere.

Some specific foods and combos can also imitate the texture and taste of meat, just in case you have cravings now and then. It is split into more parts and even includes healthy drinks, sauces, and smoothies.

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5. Keto Desserts

thigh workouts

The program educates in the first section and teaches people about the benefits of a keto diet. It offers a full image and also includes the potential disadvantages of trying a keto diet. Usually, its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

Recipes are straightforward and user-friendly. There is no need to search for sophisticated ingredients or order online. The best part about the program? You can enjoy your favorite desserts without actually feeling guilty.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the best thigh workouts, stretches, and exercises to improve your appearance, tone your thighs and give your butt a bubble shape.

There are programs to help in the process, such as Unlock Your Glutes for workouts or The Fat Burning Kitchen for dieting.

Consider all the options we suggested and you’ll definitely see surprising changes in no time.

After all, reaching your goals is about consistency and hard work. 

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Thigh Workouts FAQs

Do thigh workouts make your thighs bigger?

At first, you will tone your thighs and reduce fat. Working hard daily can make them a bit larger.

Why do women’s thighs get bigger?

Based on natural hormones, fat is deposited around the thighs and buttocks in women and bellies in men.

Do I need a personal trainer?

A personal trainer can motivate, teach, or help after an injury. However, most information is also available online.

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