The Shingles Solution Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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the Shingles Solution reviews

“The Shingles Solution Program helps eradicate shingles naturally and prevent shingles attacks from recurring making you 100% shingles free for life!”

Shingles attack is usually caused by varicella-zoster virus reactivation that is characterized by painful rash and blisters. This viral infection can be transmitted by direct contract thus it is only natural to start finding quick shingles solution to completely eliminates shingles and keep them from spreading.

In the US alone, an estimated 1 million people get shingles each year. About 30% of people with shingles deteriorate immune system functions making it one of the many causes of the rising death census each year.

Some notable symptoms of this include long-term nerve inflammation, fever, chills, upset stomach, muscle weakness, skin blemishes, and more. If this condition is left neglected, in just 2 to 3 days, it may indicate worse symptoms with blisters in the shape of a band.

Shingles scabs develop when the blisters dry up. They usually turn red, brown, or yellowish and they can look ugly sometimes. The good news is you don’t need to suffer from this skin disorder. The Shingle Solution Program is a comprehensive four-week program that helps to eliminate shingles for good.

If you are curious about this online healing program, continue reading to learn more!

The Shingles Solution Reviews: Product Overview

The-Shingles-Solution reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

The Shingles Solution

Digital Solution Program

Shingles Solution is a comprehensive four-week program that guides people with shingles in a self-healing process to overcome the virus completely.

$49 (one-time payment only)

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

“I bought this for research purposes as I work with elderly people and often come into contact with people with shingles. I will be passing on the information that I have learned to my team, particularly how to aid the pain in the lower back and help the rash to be on its way. My clients would benefit from the wealth of information in this book especially the bits on increasing immunity, improving energy and reduction of stress, and improved emotional well-being. In fact, there is stuff in here anyone could benefit from aside from shingle sufferers. Very informative without the mind-boggling medical jargon you sometimes get relating to this subject.”—Helen Cotton

“It cured me within 7 days. Totally grateful for the helpful tips and knowledge from this book!”—Al Ustinov

“I just knew this would be a desperate waste of money and even had it 3 days without using it. Then in my desperation, I tried it and in 3 days all symptoms were gone. No more unbearable pain and not one blister appeared. I don’t know what to tell any of you except I thought it was a scam and it worked. By the way, that was my first outbreak of Shingles and my last. It’s been a year now.”—Verified Purchase

“This is SO informative and puts a fire under me, so to speak, to take more control of my healthy skin.”—Verified Purchase

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What is The Shingles Solution Program?

the shingles solution reviews
Photo: The Shingles Solution Official Website

The Shingles Solution is one of the many successful programs that help eradicate shingles naturally. It gets rid of your cold sores or herpes complex and other health concerns. This is created by Julissa Clay, a natural health practitioner who promotes natural remedies and an easy lifestyle.

With this in mind, the program is designed to be an easy-to-follow plan that boosts the body’s healing process. It also comes with a daily instruction sheet that helps track down your pain management and development.

All the natural treatments taught are based entirely on scientific evidence. It also comprehensively explains how the body protects itself against shingles’ harmful and painful effects.

Shingles Solution by Julissa Clay is published by Blue Heron Health News, a meticulous and reputable company for various medical papers and research books. Blue Heron Health News is considered one of the trusted publishers that provide their readers with actionable advice that could improve their overall health.

How does The Shingles Solution work?

the Shingles Solution reviews

What makes this Shingle solution program different from other programs in treating shingles is that this is a natural treatment alternative for people who have tried other shingle cures that didn’t work.

This Shingles Solution program targets the shingles virus by boosting the immune system’s functions to protect consumers from shingles attacks causing nerve and organ damage. This Shingles Solution offers essential things for you to quickly recover from shingles and other shingles-related symptoms.

Clears scabs

This Shingles Solution ebook by Julissa Clay offers an effective guide to effectively clearing up scabs without scarring the skin. Maintaining stem cell viability promotes a fast self-healing process that is critical to skin health.

Prevents itching

Aside from other prescription drugs, this Shingles Solution ebook guides you to natural healing by discussing other immune cell signals including neutrophils, monocytes, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells. This is the best pain relief for shingles symptoms.

Lowering inflammation

What makes this Shingles Solution risk-free from harmful side effects is that this online healing program only recommends natural remedies that help reduce the risk of chronic inflammation and other chronic diseases.

Revitalizes damaged cells

Another effective function of this program is it boosts mitochondrial function that is needed in regenerating damaged cells in the body. This also helps reduce body aches, offers quick joint pain relief, and guides that eventually treat shingles.

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What are the Benefits of The Shingles Solution?

Without being extremely positive about this Shingle solution review, this online program is mostly preferred by most shingle sufferers. The reason is that aside from it being a much more affordable choice compared with other prescription drugs available on the market, it also offers various benefits including:

  • It is natural thus risk-free and non-intrusive in its method of treating shingles.
  • It uses a powerful technique that will remedy the root cause of your shingles problem.
  • It boosts the immune system to completely get rid of shingles and prevent them from recurring in the future.
  • It also addressed body inflammation including chronic and nerve inflammation.
  • It supports lung health, brain regeneration, and development.
  • It relieves pain and discomfort brought by the varicella-zoster virus and other shingles-related problems.

Why is The Shingles Solution Effective?

the Shingles Solution reviews

This Shingle Solution online program covers an extensive array of information that can help your body to heal from the shingles virus. It works effectively in boosting the immune system to primarily protect the body from various virus attacks.

As this Shingles Solution online program works naturally on the body, it is 100% safe and works for various skin types and conditions. According to its own site, thousands of people’s lives have been changed and improved through this program.

On average, it has been reported that consistent practice for at least a month significantly improves the condition of people with shingles. Furthermore, the whole program is created by Julissa Clay, a renowned natural health practitioner that promotes natural treatments in addressing shingles.

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What are the components of The Shingles Solution?

Julissa Clay’s Shingle Solution offers a simple and easy-to-follow plan that delivers results in just 4 weeks. Each phase has a daily instruction sheet for the user to track their developments and improvements.

7-day plan

For the first 7 days of use, a strict plan is needed to fully help and guide the user to recover from their ailments.

It involves a comprehensive guide to treating fever, itching, pain, fatigue, inflammation, and other symptoms. The remaining plan is adjusted for a relaxed protocol that makes you feel better.

Food list

In purchasing this Shingle Solution by Julissa Clay, you will also get access to a nutritional food list to repair and improve your immune system and body functions. To name a few, here are some sample natural ingredients needed to improve your condition:

  • Sanguinaria Canadensis: This natural ingredient’s main function is to remove dead tissues to speed up the recovery process.
  • Zincum Muriaticum: This ingredient is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that are needed by most sufferers of shingles-related issues. It can also be used for other ailments including throat infections and cramps.
  • Aloe Vera: It is a known natural shingles solution and an effective ingredient in improving digestive health as well as enhancing liver functions.
  • Acidophilus: It greatly helps in reducing eczema. Some experts in this field even tested this organic ingredient for various uses.
  • Oat barn: This Shingles Solution by Julissa Clay offers essential knowledge on how to use different ingredients including oat barn in curing shingles. Oat barn is also proven effective in reducing blood sugar levels and regulating blood pressure.
  • Apple pectin: Another featured ingredient included in this guide is the use of apple pectin. The main role of this ingredient is that it strengthens the immune system while ensuring you will not experience any adverse effects in using this solution program.

Daily habits

Simple daily habits essentially affect the development and improvement of your condition. This Shingle’s solution also offers recommended habits and some helpful advice that are effective in improving your condition.

Who is The Shingles Solution best for?

Symptom of Herpes zoster on the back stock photo
Photo: The Shingles Solution Official Website

This online program works best for people with shingle problems looking for alternative treatments in reversing their condition. It works for all ages, gender, and skin condition.

As claimed by the creator, the Shingles Solution is based on hard science. As a natural health practitioner, this solution program is created after careful research and investigation. For pregnant women and people who have been diagnosed with other chronic illnesses before, it is recommended to first seek advice from your professional physician.

As each individual differs, a certain condition may require a personal touch. Consulting a medical expert who knows best about your condition is highly recommended.

The Shingles Solution Pros and Cons

✅ The program is carefully reviewed and is based on hard science.❌ It can only be purchased directly from their official website.
✅ It is a one-time payment and it offers a money-back guarantee.❌ Results vary between individuals.
✅ It is a much more affordable choice for shingles solutions.
✅ All the guides are easy to understand and follow.
✅ It is free from any adverse side effects.

The Shingles Solution Cost and Discounts

the Shingles Solution reviews
Photo: The Shingles Solution Official Website

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This online program can be purchased directly from their official website at a very affordable price. The whole package is only worth $49. This is a one-time payment only. No additional cost, no renewal fee, or subscriptions are needed.

After completing the purchase, you will get full lifetime access to the digital (PDF / e-book) version of this program.

For first-time purchasers, it is recommended to only purchase this program from their site to prevent fake discount claims offered by illegitimate sites. Any discount claims they offer are just another lie.

The Shingles Solution Refund Policy

For a risk-free transaction, a full refund policy is offered by the creator. To obtain this 60-day money-back guarantee, the program must be purchased from their official website.

If you don’t experience an incredible reduction of shingles pain, you may contact them within 60 days of purchasing the program and get all your money back.


After scrutinizing all the details in this Shingles Solution review, it is safe to conclude that this online program is worth a try.

In case, you are a person that is conversant with organic products and natural remedies for certain health challenges, there is a chance you’ll find this product to be a perfect need for your current situation.

The Shingles Solution​​ Reviews FAQs

Is this program a scam?

This program offers an effective and science-based solution to treating skin infections including shingles. Although this program may not work for everyone as individual effects vary, this is not a ground to say that the program is a scam.

How long does it take to see results?

It is recommended to consistently follow the step-by-step solution and guides offered in this program to see visible results. On average, it takes at least 4 weeks to see improvements in your condition.

What if it will not work for me?

The creator of the program seeks to satisfy users by offering a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its prospective consumers. If in any case, the program does not work for you, you can demand a full refund of your money with no hassles and questions asked.

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