Take Your Love Life To A Racey Track With These 7 Tips

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February 3, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


To spend the whole life in the arms of the person we love is something most desired. Are you in a relationship and looking forward to settle in your life now? That’s amazing but you should understand that being in love is not enough to ensure a fairytale life where the boy and girl lives happily ever after, the story actually begins from the point you two commit to be with each other forever. The post below offers 7 tested tips that will take your love life right to a racey track.

1. Send him romantic messages or notes

Yes, he knows that you love him but a few love words every now and then would make your relationship even more special and cherishing. Woo him with sudden ” romantic ” ( Link to 11/seven-free-ways-to-be-romantic.html ) messages or notes; remember the love cards are not just for Valentine’s Day. The bottomline is to celebrate the relationship and genuine heartfelt words are the best aphrodisiac to spice up the love life.

2. Schedule date nights

Candlelight dinners are an amazing way to spend quality time with your loved one. However, you won’t always need to rush to en expensive diner- in fact, you can relish your very own ” private candlelight dinner ” ( Link to https://www.grouptable.com/blog/how-to-plan-the-perfect-candle-light-dinner-at-a-restaurant ) right on the roof top or on your dining table. Just deck up the room with lovely scented candles, cook up something that he loves, dress up nicely and be at your romantic best at the table. The main maxim here is to keep on amazing him with lovely gestures.

3. Honesty is the best policy

You have to be honest with your partner to ensure a lifelong commitment. You have to open up about your fears, insecurities, doubts if he has to love you, he would love you with all your flaws. Unless you open up with one another, you cannot ever expect a true foundation for your relationship.

4. Find out what you can do together

The main recipe of maintaining a ” long lasting relationship ” ( Link to http://www.wikihow.com/Have-a-Long-Term-Relationship ) is to spend more and more time together in as many ways possible and finding out what you enjoy mutually is one of them. It could be traveling, trying out new food joints of the city together, or cooking something or you can develop a new hobby too, based on mutual interests.

5. Give space

As much as it is important to spend time together, it’s also vital to give each other the needed space to maintain a lasting bond. Both of you are different individuals and its natural that you will have individual aspirations as well. So, don’t throw tantrums next time when he says he is planning his upcoming trip with his male buddies. The more you respect your individual freedom, better would be the comfort level between you too and deeper would be the love.

6. Jealousy is evil

Jealously is evil for any relationship and you have to show that you trust him. There is no need to get jealous if he goes out to have a cuppa with a female friend- if he can enjoy a drink with a male friend, he can have his coffee with a lady colleague as well.

7. Check out your love horoscope

It is advised that you check your “Love Horoscope for 2016” ( Link to http://www.horoscopes-love.eu/horoscope-2016 ) to look into your chances this year. If you are having difficulties with your partner presently, the horoscope can predict whether the issues are temporary or might take a rather nasty turn. The astrological predictions can also offer insights on whether your current partner is the right one for you or soulmate is yet to come in your life. When you know the possibilities beforehand, it would be easier to chart your future course in a more informed way.

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