5 Weird Signs Of An Unhealthy Heart

By Zyana Morris

November 23, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

signs of an unhealthy heart

If you are among those who love fattening and processed foods or your lifestyle is stagnant or cardiovascular problems run in your family, you have a high risk of developing heart problems.

CVDs or cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in both females and males. Pain in the chest elevated blood pressure, and dizziness are some of the signs you probably know about already. Surprisingly, there are other highly uncommon signs that are a dead giveaway for an unhealthy heart.

These are the grey areas you need to be aware of to build a healthier heart and prevent a heart attack or stroke. If you feel any of these signs of an unhealthy heart, make sure to get in touch with a doctor immediately.

Sleep Apnea/Sleeping Problems and Snoring

snoring unhealthy heart symptom

Surprised? Don’t be.

Sleep problems, snoring, and other breathing concerns are primary symptoms of an underlying heart disease. Of course, this does not refer to the occasional all-nighter you pulled or the one time your partner woke up because of your snores. This needs to be a concern that you and your loved ones have noticed for quite awhile.

It is restricted breathing that leads to snoring and sleep apnea. If you notice this symptom, it could be that heart attack is somewhere on the way. Get it checked immediately and find out if you may need some treatment.

Bad Breath and Gum Problems

bad breath heart symptoms

Gum and oral health concerns are not simply because you aren’t taking good care of your hygiene. They can be tell-tale signs of more significant problems that your body might be fighting against. Studies have proved that people suffering from periodontal infections are more likely to have heart conditions.

Bad breath, sore and bleeding gums and teeth issues can all indicate an undetected heart disease. Make sure to visit not just your dentist, but your general health physician, too. They will run tests and then tell you whether or not you are at risk.

Lack of Sexual Libido

Not feeling your sexy self in the bedroom? Is erectile dysfunction suddenly making your sex life miserable?

Well, your heart health may be going down.

These days, doctors check all patients with ED and other sexual concerns for heart disease. Studies have shown clearly that men within the age bracket of 40 to 49 with ED are twice more likely to suffer from heart issues.

The reason your libido takes a plunge is that the arteries become narrow and there is fat accumulation in them. This reduces the blood flow to the penis and vaginal area significantly.

Keep in mind that these indications can be the very first symptoms of heart problems. So, if you are facing them, talk to your doctor immediately.

Look Older than Your Age

Did you know that people who look older than their actual age have a 40% higher chance of getting a heart attack?

As crazy as this may sound, it is true.

People who have visible aging signs like grey hair, wrinkles, knurly hands, cholesterol deposits on their eyelids and baldness could be suffering from some hidden heart condition. If these people are over the age of 35, they are 57% more at risk of a heart attack.

You think you have these signs? Your doctor will be able to run tests to see whether or not your heart is healthy.

Hairless Legs

Hairless legs may seem like a dream come true, but experts believe this can actually turn into a nightmare pretty fast. The reason why some people don’t have hairy legs is that their arteries are too narrow and are unable to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the lower body. This simply means that your legs do not get the nutrients required for hair follicles to develop.

Known as the peripheral arterial disease, the condition can lead to poor circulation in the legs, resulting in absence of leg hair. If you have been experiencing this, you need to visit the doctor today and ask them for an accurate diagnosis.

So, are you or any of your loved ones experiencing these 5 weird signs of an unhealthy heart? Don’t delay seeing your doctor as you might be at risk for a heart disease.

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