Prostate Milking: Ultimate Guide To Mind Blowing Orgasms 2024

By Vanessa Richards

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Prostate Milking

Talking about orgasm definitely evokes curiosity. But getting into the basics and the process of really achieving the climax can get a little intimidating.

Even certain ways and terms can sound too foreign. Not many people know the term prostate milking or its details.

But, you will be surprised to know prostate massage, or prostate milking, emerged in 1894. Despite the unfamiliarity or inhibition surrounding people, these methods are not new.

Here we have explored the basics of prostate milking and ways to improve sexual health. Also, get to know about how you can get more pleasure from prostate massage.

Prostate Milking: Basics of Prostate

What is it?

The prostate refers to a gland that has the size and shape of a walnut. It is situated below the bladder, surrounding the urethra.

The exact location of the prostate gland is inside the rectum.

It forms an important part of the male sexual and reproductive system. It is sometimes referred to as a male g-spot as an analogy to a female g-spot, a part of the clitoral network.


The prostate does not carry vital metabolic functions required for survival. Precisely, it is well-involved as a part of the male reproductive system. The organ gives prostatic fluid to the semen.

The prostate gland contributes to fluid ejaculation from the penis. The seminal glands and urethral and bulbourethral glands give the remaining content of penis ejaculation.

Apart from contributing to semen volume, the prostate plays an important role in hormone metabolism. The organ contains 5 alpha-reductase, which break testosterone into the more biologically active forms. And that helps in the expression of secondary sex characters in males.

Prostate Milking

prostate milking
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What is it?

It refers to the massaging of the prostate until the gland produces a thin milky white fluid called prostatic fluid comes out.

Talking about prostate milking necessitates highlighting the use of similar terms. Like, people often use the terms “prostate milking,” “prostate orgasm,” and “prostate massage.”

But, massaging the prostate may not always cause milking or orgasm. Getting the prostate fluid by massaging the prostate shows you are nearer to having or experiencing the orgasm.

Who can do it?

Anyone having a prostate can do it, as told by health experts. But, navigating the process of prostate milking can feel gruesome, as it involves reaching inside your butt.

Not everyone will be enthusiastic about having prostate milking despite the intensifying orgasm it brings. Moreover, initial attempts at prostate milking cause discomfort and awkwardness.

But, as you get acclimatized with prostate-stimulating techniques such as anal play and anal penetration, things become easy.

How to do it?

There are mainly two ways of doing prostate milking. You can either do it from inside or outside.

Doing it from the inside refers to opting for anal stimulation. This method involves reaching backward, meaning towards the anus. As you reach towards the back, gently insert a finger into the anus and slowly approach the rectum.

But how you or your partner can determine the right path in internal prostate stimulation? If you have reached a softer or fleshier spot and you get an unusual sensation or desire to urinate, you have reached the right spot. And can massage the prostate internally with the pad of your finger.

To stimulate the prostate externally, apply pressure between the testicles and the anus. This method of sexual stimulation needs no insertion.

If you opt for external or internal prostate stimulation, prostate massaging needs to use lubrication to make prostate milking easier.

Why do people do it?

A large number of people may not even look forward to milking the prostate or other anal stimulation.

A smaller number of people opt for prostate milking for meeting two purposes. One is definitely for sexual pleasure. And navigating the seemingly weird process of getting prostate fluid and orgasm can bring more closeness with the partner involved.

Some people may opt for milking their prostate during masturbating. And that makes you know your body well, even if that’s not the primary intention.

The other cause of having prostate massages surprisingly involves medical benefits. Doctors perform prostate massage during prostate exams or to diagnose inflammation of the prostate.

Moreover, prostate massage helps to relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis by taking out prostatic fluid from the gland. The procedure may help with ejaculation in people having erectile dysfunction.

Also, prostate massaging can improve urine flow. Prostate swelling can be resolved with massaging, easing the pressure felt on the urethra. And that helps with treating weak urine flow.

Furthermore, massaging and milking the prostate can help in treating the unease of prostate enlargement, as preliminary research suggests. Notably, men get enlarged prostates as they age. And that causes lower urinary tract symptoms affecting the urgency and frequency of urination.

Regular prostate milking may help prevent or delay the worsening of the health of the urinary tract. But, despite health benefits, professional medical advice rarely recommends therapeutic prostate massage.

So, you can have a tough time searching for a professional prostate massage therapist. Notably, avoid getting your prostate massaged by inexperienced or non-certified practitioners to get plenty of health benefits. Research well and opt for certified professionals.

How does it feel like?

There are fewer peer-reviewed studies on prostate milking. So, it’s a bit difficult to know how prostate stimulation causes milking.

But whoever has it says prostate milking causes not only satisfaction but multiple orgasms.

But, then again, as highlighted by Menshealth, sex does not have to be painful to bring pleasure. So, whether it’s sex or masturbation, have the patience to achieve the desired prostate orgasm feel.

In the beginning, you or your partner can feel awkward or hilarious. Feeling discomfort is part of having your prostate milked.

But, once you shed away the vulnerability to massage the prostate, you can feel at ease. And then, you can explore ways to stimulate the prostate.

Getting comfy and experimental can take you to the climax. You will be blessed with an other-worldly orgasm, thanks to thousands of nerve endings in the prostate.

Benefits of Prostate Milking

Prostatic massage causes the emptying of seminal fluid, which certainly carries health benefits. Prostate massage can eliminate painful ejaculation fluid blockages by effectively massaging and milking the prostate.

Moreover, milking can treat prostatitis. Massage of the prostate regularly helps in removing fluid build-up from the gland. And thus, it offers a cure for pain or unease of prostatitis.

Also, massaging the prostate can help to manage the symptoms of painful ejaculation prostatitis. However, prostate milking is not the ultimate cure for serious prostate issues. And thus, it needs to be combined with medicines or usual treatments.

Risks of Prostate Milking

Prostate milking contains no risks. But, the incorporation of a very aggressive technique in prostate play can cause injury to the prostate. Also, any rough touch would feel painful, even if it doesn’t cause injury.

Like, trying to reach a few inches inside the butt with long nails is neither desirable nor healthy. Also, recommends not using electronic massagers without any training.

How to Take Care of Your Prostate Gland

Natural Remedies

A combination of natural strategies, including exercise, and healthy foods, helps to improve prostate health.


Exercise reduces the chances of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which causes frequent need to urinate and difficulty in emptying the bladder. Preventing BPH increases the possibility of getting more satisfactory prostate ejaculation and improves your reproductive health.

If you don’t have time for intense exercises, you can opt for light exercises. Regularly making time for walking and cycling does wonder for your health and wellness space. Running reduces the risks of developing erectile dysfunction.

Image by Mike from Pexels

Moreover, researchers highlight the significance of exercise in treating chronic prostatitis. Simple activities like leg lifts, sit-ups, and brisk walking not only relieve symptoms of prostate problems but also improves mental health.

Healthy Diet

Eating foods high in fats clogs up the vascular system, and that impairs the ability to achieve male orgasm. The Prostrate Cancer Foundation of the USA has a detailed account of food ideal for good prostate health.

Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, etc., are good for prostate health. Further, you can incorporate different berries and fish like salmon, trout, and sardines into your daily diet.

In addition, you can eat cooked tomatoes frequently to avoid prostate problems. Researches also show that green tea and coffee are beneficial to maintain the prostrate gland’s actual size and functions.


Medications can help improve overall prostate health. For example, alpha-blocker medicines like Alfuzosin, Tamsulosin, Doxazosin, and Silodosin are used to treat prostate enlargement.

These medicines smoothen the muscles in the prostate and make the muscles in the neck and bladder relaxed. Thus they help in proper urination. However, these may cause dizziness or retreating ejaculations.

Further, for maintaining hormonal balance, 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors like Finasteride and Dutasteride are used. However, these also can make one face the side effect of backward ejaculation.

Another medication used to treat prostate enlargement is Tadalafil or Cialis. It is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

Having mentioned the popular medications, you must not take them without a doctor’s consultation. The doctor may prescribe you a particular type or a combination of medicines to treat prostate enlargement.


1. Packed with Natural Ingredients: Vitalflow

prostate milking

Made of natural ingredients, VitalFlow can be a great choice to treat erectile dysfunction and prostate problems. It is a primary treatment formula to combat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), causing a prostate enlargement in older men. Further, an enlarged prostrate can cause blockage in the penile system and deteriorate prostate ejaculations.

In men above 50, testosterone gets transformed into dihydrotestosterone or DTH. This hormone causes weaker ejaculations and makes the prostate gland grow large. Along with preventing benign prostatic hyperplasia, VitalFlow also helps reduce the DTH hormone to make prostate ejaculation easier.

Further, this supplement improves penile blood flow. In addition, it improves conditions like obesity, cardiac diseases, and diabetes that cause BPH. Also, it may be beneficial in cleansing the urinary system and preventing bladder damage.

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2. Best Overall Prostate Health Supplement: Primal Flow

prostate milking

Primal Flow works by reducing the level of dihydrotestosterone or DTH hormone. This hormone is the primary reason for having an enlarged prostate, leading to erectile dysfunctions and ejaculation problems.

Further, Primal Flow supplements go to the root cause of prostate problems. It functions well as a preventive supplement to avoid prostrate enlargement and orgasm issues. It also offers essential nutrients to the body in healing the condition if you already have an enlarged prostate.

Primal Flow also makes the blood flow in the penile system better to improve erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it helps combat cardiovascular and immune problems.

It has natural ingredients like green tea, stinging nettle, oat straw, cat’s claw, broccoli, Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms, etc. It is also rich in saw palmetto, cayenne, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and zinc.

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3. Best Anti-Inflammatory Properties: ProstaStream

prostate milking

Restoring the functions of prostrate glands is the primary benefit of ProstaStream. It helps maintain the natural functions of prostrate glands by reducing the level of DTH hormones.

ProstaStream offers long-term benefits in improving prostate health. It works both as a preventive and curative supplement to combat prostrate enlargements and other related issues.

By fighting the problem of an enlarged prostate, ProstaStream also helps you get rid of frequent urination. Further, it improves your sex life by maintaining good health of the prostate and the penile system.

ProstaStream has Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms, Graviola leaves, palmetto berries, tomato, cat’s claw, and green tea. Further, it is enriched with pygeum africanum Bark, broccoli, plant sterol complex, zinc, copper, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6.

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4. Best Prostate Health Capsules: ProstaMend

prostate milking

ProstaMend is an effective supplement in helping the body get rid of excessive DTH hormones. This supplement also minimizes the risk of BPH. Further, fighting BPH and balancing out DTH levels reduce the risks of prostate enlargement.

This supplement will help your body to flush out DTH by increasing the amount of “DTH-killing” nutrients. These nutrients further ensure that your urinary bladders are in good health.

ProstaMend is also beneficial as its essential mineral boosts the healing process of the body after DTH detoxification. Further, it reduces discomforts related to penile inflammation.

ProstraMend has ingredients like saw palmetto, stinging nettle, red raspberry, pygeum africanum, and Japanese mushrooms. It is also rich in copper, zinc, and selenium.

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Digital Health Program

Guide To Healing Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia: Prostate Protocol

prostate milking

This digital health program is ideal for addressing and healing the common problem of BPH, causing prostate enlargement. Prostrate Protocol is scientifically proven, and it will teach you the preventive and healing measures of BPH.

The digital program also enlightens about maintaining the right level of testosterone in male bodies to alleviate BPH symptoms. Also, it helps to keep the gut flora in good health to fix hormonal imbalances leading to prostate enlargement.

The digital program of the Prostate Protocol is very easy to follow. You will be able to overcome all the problems related to prostrate health within 12 weeks if you are disciplined.

The Prostrate Protocol digital program is a comprehensive guide. It has Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia Overview and BPH Specifics. The program also includes Natural Methods for Prostrate Relief and The Plan that Merges it.

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Why We Recommend VitalFlow

prostate milking
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
Vital Flow

Easy to swallow pills

Vital Flow is a primary treatment formula to combat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), causing prostate enlargement in older men.Depends on the package

We recommend VitalFlow as the best supplement as it restores the prostate gland’s right size and functionalities sans side effects. It is free of artificial and chemical elements.

Further, it boosts penile blood flow and is packed with anti-oxidant properties. It also helps fight prostate inflammation and makes the body free of DTH build-ups. Also, it maintains the right level of testosterone and fights issues related to BPH.

In addition, this supplement eliminates the risks of prostate cancer by lowering the DTH hormone level. The supplement even helps enhance sexual arousal to improve your sex life.

Moreover, it minimizes the chances of UTI infections by taking care of the entire urinary system. Overall, it has helped thousands of people to enjoy better prostrate health, leading to a happy and confident life.

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Ways to Improve Satisfaction from Prostate Stimulation or Milking

Taking Care of Safety Issues

During massaging the prostate, you or your partner needs to have trimmed and clean nails. Obviously, you don’t want to get skin cuts or pain from sharp nails or infections, which are even worse.

Orgasm is not Always the End-goal

No matter how good the massaging technique is, you may not always get an orgasm from prostate massage or anal sex. You can focus on enjoying the process and not hurrying it. And focus on learning angles and techniques that make anal play enjoyable.

Use of Sex Toys

Sometimes using the pad of your finger is just not enough. You can surely use a sex toy or prostate massager to stimulate the prostate.

Prostate massagers are specially designed to access your prostate by reaching inside your butt. Moreover, they come with different vibrational settings, giving you a choice to use the setting apt for you.

You sure have lots of choices and can buy prostate massagers having many vibrational settings. Also, you can explore different-sized anal toys to heighten the pleasure or orgasm more easily. Just make sure the sex toy or massager is clean and properly washed before and after use.

Importantly, you need to apply lubes on toys or massagers during the prostate massage. But not all lubes go with all kinds of toys. Read a detailed guide on the perfect pairing of lube and a sex toy.

Planning a Well-organized Prostate Massage Therapy

Getting acclimatized with prostate milking or orgasm is not a one-week plan. If you are enthusiastic about getting your prostate milked, start with having a plan.

You or your partner can try positions for milking the prostate that suits your preferences. Also, you explore the combination of using fingers and anal toys. You can use a home prostate massage device to make the process easier or get health improvements.

But make sure to study the device well. And explore the settings before using it.

Taking the Initial Step with Masturbation

Going through the process of prostate massage and milking with your partner can become uncomfortable.

It’s wise to try prostate milking during masturbation. You can know what works or does not work for you more effectively during self-pleasure. Knowing your sexual choices increases the effectiveness of trying prostate milking with your partner.

Don’t Hesitate to Talk With Your Doctor or Partner

You just don’t wake up one morning wanting to massage and milk the prostate. You or your partner, or both of you, may feel interested in spicing up your sex routine. It can also happen if one of you is unwilling to participate.

It’s wise to come forward with vulnerabilities and have a healthy discussion. Also, have a talk on how you want to get your prostate, or your partner’s stimulated. Both of you will have clarity on the selection of lubes and toys to be used.

You can also get a doctor’s view on getting the prostate milked. Knowing a medical professional’s view helps to get mentally adjusted to the pros and cons.

Knowing Your Boundaries and Inhibitions

You or your partner may have inhibitions for anal penetration. Not feeling interested to get a prostate orgasm is completely okay.

Don’t force yourself or your partner. If you feel enthusiastic about prostatic massage, have patience while overcoming the initial phase of discomfort.

Bottom Line

Prostate milking refers to the act of massaging the prostate until you get prostate fluid. The process has several benefits, good for the prostate and urinary system. Despite the health goodness it brings, the medical community never usually suggests milking.

Still, you can choose to have your prostate massaged for intense sexual pleasure. Just make sure to avoid safety risks and follow hygiene tips. You can perform the milking either through external or internal stimulation.

Notably, to improve your prostate health and aid in prostate milking, you can use supplements. We recommend using Vitalflow, having powerful natural ingredients to improve prostate health.

The supplement improves blood flow and prevents enlargement or swollenness of the prostate. Also, it safeguards you from the triggers of prostate diseases.

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Prostate Milking FAQs

Can Prostate Massage bring more Sexual Pleasure?

Cosmopolitan reports the rare prevalence of prostate milking or massage causing orgasm in men. To heighten the intensity of pleasure, you can combine prostate massage with oral sex.

Notably, massaging of the prostate can cause orgasm, which is way more “feel-good” than penile ones. Listen to 10 men sharing their experiences in a menshealth report.

How Prostate Cancer affects the Chances or Process of getting Prostate Orgasms?

Treatment for prostate cancer damages the nerves in the prostate. And that impairs the chances of getting a prostate orgasm.

Moreover, prostate cancer can make ejaculation painful. Both cancer and its treatments can be linked with low sexual desire and compromised sexual pleasure.

What is the Difference between Penile Orgasms and Prostate-induced Orgasms?

Both orgasms bring a similar feeling. But, the intensity and ways of achieving the two vary.

Penile orgasm involves penile stimulation, and prostate type indeed occurs through prostate stimulation. Notably, penile orgasms are more intense.

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