Precision Movement Coach Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Precision Movement Coach reviews

Precision Movement Courses offer relevant exercises and information to help people prevent injury, eliminate pain, and improve mobility.

It is no surprise that as we grow old, our bones get weaker, joints turn rusty, shoulder control diminishes, and pain is everywhere. Other than old age, it has also been proven by various studies that poor lifestyle choices can impact your life negatively.

However, this does not mean there is no way out of this. In today’s modern world where many people are going through challenges because they are unaware of exercises and movements that will improve their life, learning your way out of ignorance is the best way not to fall victim to unwanted body pains that could lead to various health complications.

Precision Movement courses offer effective guidance on certain exercises to improve mobility and enhance overall health. The team behind Precision movement is a superb team of experts who have come together to put together this product. It has undergone various scientific research and clinical studies to prove its effectiveness.

Continue reading and learn more about how this course can guide you in improving the quality of your life.

Precision Movement Coach Review: Product Overview

precision movement coach reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Precision Movement Courses

Physical & Digital Coaching

Precision Movement Courses offer a wide range of full-body mobility routines that will work your whole body, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.$49 One-Month Subscription

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Before we continue with this review, let us first take a look at what others say about Precision Movement courses and how their step-by-step technical guidance can help you understand each exercise and how you can perform them. Here are some thoughts and opinions shared by first-hand users and followers of this digital program:

“I had been experiencing pain in my feet for many years. Often when I rode my bike, my knees hurt. I could not lift my knee up and around to get into my kayak. My legs feel a lot stronger and my balance is better. I can walk further, cycle without pain, and get into my kayak.” —Leona L.

“I’m already able to run and bike again without shoulder pain, although there is a strange residual « lumpiness » especially when I try to swim. I’m very happy with the progress so far and I’ve started working on other areas which need attention” —Kevin J.

“I took spine control because of limiting low back pain on one side. The progression of exercises was perfect for me. I had a gradual reduction of pain until it was no longer an issue. Previous to the course it had been low grade for decades.” —Lynn B.

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What is Precision Movement Coach?

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

There are various health complexities caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and old age. Proper diet and healthy exercise are definitely natural ways to improve mobility, body functions, and the metabolic system to enhance overall health.

The Precision Movement program offers step-by-step technical guidance that makes sure you understand each exercise and how you can perform them. Each course had undergone various research and clinical studies to ensure effectiveness and compatibility with various users with different age brackets, body postures, and past experiences with fitness exercises.

The program is created with a team of genius minds and experts in the field. Each course offers complete access to ultimate techniques and exercises that can help improve mobility, and the flexibility of joints, hips, knee, ankle, and enhance core strength.

With Precision Movement courses, you will receive specialized guidance from fitness experts who have included many beneficial exercises and ranges of motion. The program is specifically designed to take special consideration to essential parts of the body, giving specialized exercises you can do to target different body parts.

Precision Movement Courses

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

The Precision Movement course is a superb product whose design is specialized to equip you with vital exercise skills that will help you improve your health.

Whether you’ve got chronic pain that you haven’t been able to fix despite your best efforts or you’re an athlete looking to improve your mobility for your sport, this program can help you reverse joint pain, and muscle soreness, and get back your healthy and active lifestyle.

Precision Movement Courses offer a variety of different techniques and high-level teachings depending on the level of your training expertise and understanding of your injury or body pain. It includes the following courses:

The Foundation for Movement Longevity Program

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

If you are new to the program or if this is your first time trying this natural remedy for joint pain, and muscle soreness, and effectively fixing your dysfunctional movement patterns, this is the right course for you.

This course offers the 5 most common problem-causing areas of the body. It resets the body’s movement and activation patterns to maximize the strength and stability of each joint. It also offers easy-to-follow routines that give you a good sense of the Precision Movement approach and how it’s different than anything you’ve tried in the past. 

The series covers the following:

  • The Posture Routine: Improving your posture is essential, especially for those who suffer from chronic back pain and shoulder pain because posture stretches and shoulder control program offers significant impact, particularly on these two tissues where people often have problems.
  • The Shoulder Re-Patterning Routine: This routine helps improve shoulder control to reverse shoulder immobility and wake up inactive muscles to build a full range of motion and enhance flexibility.
  • The Spine Care Routine: This routine helps reverse the wear and tear from all-day sitting or a physically demanding day job. It also improves spine control as those exercises help revert your spine to its natural default setting.
  • The Hip Pocket Routine: When you experience chronic back pain, it usually roots from weak hips and knees that cause pain. That is why to restore the dynamic alignment of the joint it is best to ensure that the right muscles are working with each hip movement. It can be done by improving hip control and flexibility.
  • The Ground Up Routine: Strong and stable feet benefit everyone. This ground-up routine will help you get started with improving your stability to prevent injury caused by slipping or falling due to weak feet or ankles. Targeting this area ensures that every step you take doesn’t cause problems that chain up to your knees, hips, and low back. 
  • The Fundamental Movement Patterns Routine: This routine aims to improve your movement skills, fix dysfunctional movement patterns, and build muscular endurance that greatly affects your core strength.

The Fundamental Precision Movements

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

After learning everything you need to know about the Movement Longevity program, now is the time to dive into the next step. This course offers instant pain relief and solutions to every major area of the body. It is carefully crafted by genius minds to offer the following:

  • Instant Pain Relief: This course offers 8 unique techniques that offer instant relief to joint pain, muscle pain, and even chronic back pain. These techniques often work faster and better than other pain killer pills or medications that are often associated with negative side effects.
  • Unique Dissociation Method: It also offers a method that tricks the body into activating sleepy muscles and quickly breaks habitual and often damaging patterns.
  • Foundation of Youth: It also helps unlock the key to reversing body pains caused by old age and reversing your active lifestyle before, making you feel years younger than your actual age.
  • Build Strength: This course also introduces a way how to build strength through secondary opposition without the use of any gym tool.
  • Kinesthetic Awareness: This also teaches you how to effectively hone your kinesthetic awareness to improve your intimate connection with your body and helps you gain control over it.

Control Series

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

The Control Series that is included in this program offers an effective way to restore optimal bodily functions such as the spine, hip, shoulder, upper limb control that includes your elbow, wrist, hand, and lower limb control which includes the knees, ankles, and feet.

  • Spine Control: This part offers a kinesiology-based approach that offers to elevate spine control, making you feel more flexible and resilient to any injury and body pain. This phase offers a focused discussion on healing and restoring a healthy spine.
  • Hip Control: This course is targeted at unlocking the tight hips such that you can gain strength, speed, and power, removing any form of pain in the hips, knees, and back. Hip control is designed to fix the natural function and movement of your hip joint to eliminate hip-associated problems.
  • Lower Limb Control: Lower Limb Control will handle any problems concerning your foot, ankle, and knee function. This phase helps you achieve better stability in the lower part of the body. It also comes in three phases that give a profound explanation of how to achieve pain-free and flexible lower body control. It comes with a master manual, an assessment guide, training guides, and HD videos which are all easy to access on any of your devices.
  • Upper Limb Control: If you’ve got recurring problems or tightness in your wrists or elbows, specific protocols offered in this program let you fix and handle those problems way better. Whether it’s an old injury that hasn’t been fully rehabilitated or a pain that developed due to repetitive hand movements.

Targeted Programs

precision movement coach reviews
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

This is specially created and designed for those individuals with specific goals to achieve. Whether it concerns your shoulders, hips, knees, and any muscle joints, this program is the right one for you. It tackles the following:

  • Shoulder Pain Solution: This targets the root cause of shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, AC joint dysfunction, scapular winging, and serratus anterior dysfunction and offers lasting relief to any of those aforementioned issues.
  • Hip Flexibility Solution: It offers an effective solution to problems like tightness or stiffness in the hips as it also eliminates knee pain and chronic back pain. The routine takes only less than 20 minutes to execute.
  • TFL Pain Solution: This is the best way to remove muscles problem from the hips and ensure that the glutes get the lasting relief needed to keep them in check. The 2-phase TFL Pain Solution can be done in less than 15 minutes three times a week to effectively eliminate tensor fasciae latae pain for good.
  • Knee Recovery Program: It offers a systematic and proven movement-based approach to address the root causes of dysfunction in this area. This program introduces exercises to regenerate knee muscles, pain, and swelling reduction. It also builds good movement longevity habits to prevent future complications.

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What are the Benefits of Precision Movement Coach?

precision movement benefits
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

The program offers many benefits not just in managing pain and improving stability in joints, muscles, and other parts of the body. Following the Precision Movement courses also has a significant effect on achieving the desired body weight as well as improving overall mental and physical health.

  • Efficient Learning: The program comes offers comprehensive ways to fully explain the purpose, root causes, and effective remedies, exercises, and routines needed to reverse your health issue concerning joints, muscles, and upper or lower body pain.
  • Boost Endurance and Strength: The program resets the body’s movement and activation patterns to maximize the strength and stability of each joint. With its easy-to-follow exercises, it can effectively boost endurance and muscle strength to help you deal with different pain points from plantar fasciitis to chronically tight and painful neck muscles.
  • Improve Heart Health: All the details included in the program offers effective ways, to assist in your ultimate diet, and in meeting personal needs, even when preventing any heart problem.

Why is Precision Movement Coach Effective?

Precision Movement Coach reviews

Unlike other programs, all the movement longevity and activation patterns techniques introduced in this program are proven effective after careful studies and investigations.

Coach E who is also known by many as Eric Wong is a Kinesiologist and Movement Coach and the founder of Precision Movement. All the knowledge and elements from the latest research into the neuroscience of learning have been incorporated into this program to accelerate your development and speed up visible results.

Who is Precision Movement Coach best for?

Precision Movement Coach is a special course that can be utilized by anyone regardless of age, gender, or past fitness experiences. The simple language and easy-to-follow guides are also effective even for first-timers.

Most specifically, the program is commonly used by athletes with an active lifestyle, trainers, and therapists wanting to improve their body’s condition, remain active and feel young, as well as get rid of all the struggle caused by any form of pain.

Precision Movement Coach Pros and Cons

✅ The exercises and fitness routines introduced are also helpful in helping you lose weight and shade excess pounds.❌ It only comes in digital manuals and videos that can be downloadable on any of your devices.
✅ The program is way more affordable than other options like surgery, medications, or prescription drugs.❌ It is only available to purchase directly from their official website.
✅ It teaches techniques and exercises that offer instant comfort and immediate relief of pain.
✅ The idea behind having good health remains the most important aspect of this course.
✅ Let you enjoy a rejuvenating sleep at night without any worry about joint problems.

Precision Movement Coach Cost and Discounts

precision movement pricing
Photo: Precision Movement Coach Official Website

According to their official website, the academy offers two options for you to obtain full access to the program. It is as follows:

  • 12-Pay Option: You may choose to pay $49/month for 12 months to get access to the Precision Movement Courses that include a 30-day ROM Coach Subscription for FREE.
  • Single Payment Option: You may also choose a single-payment option with 1-year ROM Coach Subscription for FREE for only $499 (one-time payment) and get access to the Precision Movement Courses.

Another option you have is to individually purchase each course and it is as follows:

  • The Foundation for Movement Longevity: Get this for only $49/copy
  • The Fundamentals Precision Movements: Get this for only $99/copy
  • The Control Series: Get any of the Control Series for only $99/each
  • The Hip Flexibility Solution: Get this for only $67/copy
  • The Shoulder Pain Solution: Get this for only $99/copy
  • TFL Pain Solution: Get this for only $49/copy
  • Knee Recovery Program: Get this for only $99/copy

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Precision Movement Coach Refund Policy

As various fake and counterfeit copies of the product have been circulating in the market, producers of Precision Movement courses urge the market to take a direct purchase only to their official website to avail of the refund policy that comes along with it.

According to their official website, the program comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee to ensure effectiveness and safe use. If within a year of following and executing the exercises, learning the techniques, and all the tricks taught in the program, you still find it ineffective for you, then you can request a refund anytime.

All you need to do is to send them a message via email and their accommodating customer service assistant will guide you with the refund policy. No questions will be asked and you will get your money back as soon as you request it.

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Overall, this training program offers in-depth details and is an effective tool for improving your body condition and overall health. It shows all the relevant information and highly essential knowledge about movement longevity and realized the idea of eliminating pain, improving body functions, and even achieving the desired body weight.

Thus, if you are someone who feels limited by your body’s capability or someone who wants to remain active for as long as possible, this program is worth a shot.

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Precision Movement Coach​​ Review FAQs

Is Precision Movement courses legit?

Yes. It is 100% legit. To keep away from counterfeit or fake copies of the product, make sure to take your purchase directly from their official website.

Do Precision Movement courses really work?

Yes. The program works for anyone regardless of age, gender, and past fitness experiences. It offers all-natural techniques and methodologies for enhancing movement longevity and fixing dysfunctional movement patterns.

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