6 Health Benefits When Wearing Polarized Lenses

By Isabelle Marinier

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

6 Health Benefits When Wearing Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses are an essential summer accessory. This single item boosts any clothing appearance. It makes you look cool and more confident. But sunglasses don’t only contribute to your style, especially if you go with polarized lenses. These also have health benefits, and that’s what we are focusing on in this guide.

Here’s what to know about the top advantages offered by polarized sunglasses!

1. Reduce Glare

Polarized lenses contain a specific chemical that acts as an anti-reflective coating. Manufacturers add it to block light rays entering your eyes at a vertical angle. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to watch directly at any desired item.

Reduce Glare
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While you are looking, polarized lenses will block the light from other angles. It could be sun glare reflecting off water or a car. During winter, we also have problems with the glow coming from the snow. Polarized sunglasses mitigate that “blinding” feeling when watching at a strong source of bright light. It’s because the majority of these sources come from horizontal light waves. And chemicals in these lenses block those waves.

Glare could cause an immediate blinding feeling. It leads to problems with color perception, visual distortion, etc. These effects usually go away after you stop looking at the glare for a few seconds. But frequent glare exposure isn’t good for your long-term eye health either. Therefore, it’s best to avoid it altogether, and polarized lenses will ensure to keep the glare at minimal levels.

2. Improve Safety

You head for a long trip that involves driving a vehicle for hours. It takes effort to maintain focus, especially during hot summer days. You can reduce the water temperature in your car by turning on the AC, but what about the sunlight? UV rays can lead to fatigue, but there’s also the dangerous effect of compromising your vision in critical situations.

Improve Safety
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For example, a sharp turn could be ahead. As you get closer to it, the UV light bounces off the road at such an angle that it hits your eyes directly. You can’t see the road in front clearly, making it difficult to know when to turn. Not to mention that anything could happen on the road in a couple of seconds when your vision was compromised. An animal could jump, or even a pedestrian could try to cross the street.

These are all safety risks, and polarized sunglasses can help avoid them. These specialized lenses reduce the glare while filtering colors better. It ensures your vision remains at the maximum possible level. Furthermore, it ensures you can act on time and avoid potential accidents while behind the wheel.

3. Water Sports

Water reflects sunlight, and it’s often unpleasant to watch. If you enjoy water sports, you’ll find that compromises your entire experience. That’s why wearing polarized sunglasses during these activities is highly recommended.

Water Sports
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You might have seen surfers wearing these accessories on TV. The anti-reflective coating helps them see into the water by preventing its surface from being a mess of reflections. Thanks to that, the view into the water is clear. It makes water sports activities safer and more enjoyable.

Anyone who spends time on the water can benefit from polarized lenses. If you have a boat and head to the open sea, these sunglasses become a mandatory accessory. Fishermen wear them to block reflections and help notice everything going on close to the water surface.

4. Reduce Eyestrain

Have you ever felt your eyes start to hurt or feel under pressure when spending a long time in the sun? Your eyes might become itchy, and people with sensitive eyes might experience irritation and redness. If you are exposed to sunlight and glare for hours, you could start having headaches. Wearing polarized lenses can help minimize issues related to eyestrain. They’ll enable you to spend more time outside without experiencing discomfort.

Polarized lenses are better for long-term outdoor use than tinted glasses. That’s because tinted sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays, but they don’t reduce the glare. Polarized lenses do both, and the only requirement is to ensure they have an acceptable protection rating. Check the box and make sure they provide 100% UV light blockage for maximum protection.

5. Better Vision

How often have you encountered a fantastic view, but the glare prevented you from enjoying it? Ultimately, it all comes down to better vision, and polarized lenses can help to enjoy life around you in the most vivid colors.

Better Vision
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Polarized sunglasses enhance contrast and make the colors more vibrant. They also keep your eyes more relaxed than when using regular sunglasses or not wearing any. A relaxed eye can produce a better image and ensure your mind will enjoy its full potential. Polarized lenses provide improved vision in most situations. But please note they aren’t suitable for viewing smartphones and other screens, flying an airplane, or driving at night. If you feel it’s necessary, consult an eye health professional to confirm that polarized sunglasses are a suitable choice.

6. Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love polarized glasses. For example, it enables rock climbers to focus on reaching their destination and enjoying the journey. And even if you are only hiking through the woods, you’ll appreciate polarized sunglasses. They enhance color and improve contrast, ensuring you enjoy stunning landscapes and scenic views.

Besides improving your outdoor activity experience, it will ensure you look cool. You can have a fantastic mountain bike and premium equipment, and polarized sunglasses are the right addition to round up that appearance.


Polarized sunglasses come with multiple short and long-term health benefits. They offer protection from harmful UV rays but also reduce the sunlight glare from different surfaces. It makes polarized lenses an essential accessory throughout the year. They reduce glare from the water surface in the summer and the snow in the winter. That ensures eyestrain reduction and improved vision clarity in different situations. It doesn’t only enhance your experience while outside but also boosts your safety.

By avoiding short-term negative influences on your eyes, polarized glasses benefit their long-term health. It’s another reason that makes them a wise investment. Don’t hesitate to pick your favorite polarized sunglasses. They’ll deliver the best protection for your eyes while outside and ensure you look cool wearing them!

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