Old School New Body Reviews: Does it Really Work?

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Old School New Body is a fitness program that helps you maintain your weight and hide your growing up age but does it really work or is it worth your money?

Have you ever felt that your weight is shadowing your beauty? Or are you struggling to find the desired shape of your body even after all the exercises?

After age 40, both men and women find putting on more than their 20s and 30s. It is because of their unhealthy lifestyle, stress, inactivity in workouts, and long-term disease.

If you’re already in your 40s but can’t balance your weight, it can create several health issues such as joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, and many others. But now, you need not be worried about your fitness issues, you can have a readymade guide to help you overcome your obesity and make you feel younger again through minimal equipment.

Old School New Body is a fitness guide that helps you lose fat and improve your body shape in a few weeks. But Is there anything to be cautious about this guide and how does it work? Let’s know more about it with an Old School New Body review.

Old School New Body: Pros and Cons Overview

Old School New Body Review

✅ The workouts from  Old School New Body are scientifically backed and result-oriented. Only includes video tutorials, just pictures.
✅ The flexible program to promote muscle hypertrophy, muscle tone, or weight loss, based on your needs. Need to follow instructions consistently to get desired results.
✅ Quick and easy body workouts. Average supplement information.
✅ Provides information supplementation, nutrition, and injury prevention.Not recommended for people below 18 years old.
✅ Includes home-based workouts.❌ Need to consult the doctor if you are under any kind of medication.
Easy to understand and follow the exercises through illustrations.
✅ Comfortable for both young and adult, men and women.
✅ Quite affordable.
✅ Offers 100% refund policy.

Amazing reviews from Customers 2024 – Find out what they said!

Old School New Body has become popular among fitness lovers in a short span of time. Though it’s not a supplement that itself needs to work for the result, it has been far better than the supplements that promise to maintain a healthy weight and provide many other fitness benefits.

Those who have applied the instructions offered in the program have found the desired results. They have been sharing their success story with positive reviews over online platforms.

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What is an Old School New Body Program?

Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body is a body ebook that is also known as a simple and time-saving weight training protocol. It helps you in fat burning and getting weight loss within only a few weeks.

According to the Old School New Body review, this workout program targets people over 35 and aged 40, 50, 60, 70. It includes several physical exercises that are scientifically proven and hence beneficial in getting a younger body.

The Old School New Body aka  F4X training system is ideal for those who have limited time due to their tight work-life schedule and still want to work out to improve their physique.

Besides the picturesque workouts, the fitness book also recommends some diet plan, nutrition plans, and supplements to take so that you can get the desired results in a quick time.

This fitness coursebook includes a lean workout, high-fat diet, and protein intake strategies that help you build muscle and support physical wellness. If you want an extra muscle to develop in your body, this course can guide you to get your fitness goal.

If you’ve deserted your spirit for being fit due to your busy schedules and your age, the book can be your ultimate happiness and can relieve depression.

The book is the result of some in-depth fitness research and expertise from Steve Holman and his wife Becky Holman. This husband-wife duo has a long history of being involved in the fitness genre.

Steve has already spent 35 years in weight training and successfully published more than 20 books on weight training and nutrition. Besides, as editor in chief of Iron Man Magazine, he has penned hundreds of writings on burning fat and building muscle.

Similarly, Becky has collected experience in working out for over 20 years and is now a regular contributor of lifestyle- and nutrition-based items to IM magazine.

Before publishing this book, the couple asked guru Vince Gironda, a celebrities’ personal trainer to review their book and Vince found the book quite impressive and gave them positive feedback.

How does the Old School New Body work?

Old School New Body requires working out 3 to 4 times per week for 30 to 90 minutes.  The weight loss program claims to offer a series of powerful benefits using Old School workout techniques.

It is based on a concept called the F4X Method, which is also known as The Focus4 Exercise Protocol or F4X. The method or protocol is a unique combination of appropriate movements that you can complete within 30 minutes.

Based on the Old School New Body review, F4X Training System features exercises or workouts which need to be performed depending on your current fitness level and your fitness goal.  You can set your goal based on whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or shape muscle.

The basic exercises that the book shares are Squats, Incline presses, Bent over rows, Upright rows which are further divided into three phases. Let’s learn what these phases are.

Phase 1: F4X Lean

It is an entry point level that is designed to lose extra body fat by working out 3 times a week. It includes 5 exercises which run for 30 minutes. For this phase, you need basic equipment such as a pair of dumbbells.

During this phase, the author claims to lose 10, 25, 50, 100 pounds, or even more. Besides losing weight, you can also build toned muscle. Some people like to stay in this phase forever due to satisfying results in developing desired muscles.

The creator advises not to overstep into stage “Shape” or “Build” before completing your targeted level of leanness or low body fat.

Phase 2: F4X Shape

This phase comes when you want to build a little more muscle over your existing mass to have a more balanced look and enhanced body functionality. F4X shape can include up to 9 exercises and you need to perform these exercises 3-day per week.

Steve and Becky inform that you can stop and do maintenance or step up to the next phase once you’re done with this phase. It’s nothing like a risk for women or men to get too bulky suddenly and to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

During this phase, you can lose as much weight as you want as getting more lean muscle means burning more body fat.

Phase 3: F4X Build

It is upgraded to the F4X Shape phase with stress on building more muscle mass. This way, you can add 10, 15, or more pounds. The program in this phase also helps you build real, functional strength besides emphasizing lean muscle.

For this phase, you may need a variety of equipment such as barbells, plates, an adjustable bench, a pull-up bar, lat machines, smith machines, crossover cables, and the likes.

You need to work out really hard, take steroids, and adopt heavy eating habits to get that oversized body. At this phase, you need to perform workouts 4 times per week for up to 90 minutes. That’s why it may not be ideal for those who have busy schedules and limited time.

Why is the Old School New Body Effective?

Old School New Body has been effective by providing multiple unusual health benefits. Once you start your routine with the Old School, you can surely surpass your fitness expectation and if not, you can easily reach the goal of burning fat and weight loss.

The plus point of this program is that it is easy to comprehend and continue with the instructions. Every exercise and activity is nicely explained through adequate details and pictures.

The program follows through a basic or easy phase to advanced ones So, nobody would have difficulties following through it. Everything is placed in the right order so that you can have optimal results and accelerate the time needed to get those results.

As the program features resistance training, it helps you achieve greater health benefits. You can continue your daily affairs without fear of contracting any illnesses.

The workouts and exercises included in the Old School New Body can help you develop resistance by improving insulin sensitivity and enhancing your metabolism.

The biggest advantage of this book is that it is developed by experts. The authors are professional fitness enthusiasts who have applied their experiences and developed methods that have proven to be effective.

Besides, Steve and Becky Holman have offered 5 Steps to look 10 Years Young which is explained below:

Step 1: Avoid Low-Fat Diets

Unlike others, the authors of Old School New Body emphasize avoiding low-fat diets in the food. According to them, the fats help regenerate power hormones like testosterone. If you take healthy fats daily, you can increase your strength functionality.

Step 2: Stop Running in Circles

Extensive cardio isn’t possible for everyone and it also hampers healing and generating hormones in your body. So, the authors recommend avoiding it.

Step 3: Stop Blaming Everything on How Old You Are

It’s never too late to start working on fitness. No matter how you’re, you can achieve the fitness goal through simple weight training and a healthy diet plan.

Step 4: Avoid Chronic Dehydration

Drinking enough water helps you burn fats quickly and enhance your skin health. So, it is necessary to drink an adequate amount of water daily to get the desired fitness.

Step 5: Work Out Less

The authors have recommended some specific exercises that can be performed within a few minutes. According to them, you need to repeat these physical activities or exercises weekly for up to 90 minutes to get desired results.

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What are the Programs in Old School New Body?

Old School New Body has more to offer instead of instructing only some fitness methods. Once you purchase the program, you’ll have access to several other downloadable ebooks along with the main course. Please look at them below.

Old School New Body Handbook

It is the core book of Old School New Body, which contains about 100 pages. It explains the weight loss tacts, diet etiquettes, and training systems to get the maximum results.

F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

Old School New Body Review

This eBook helps you go through the Old School New Body system without compelling you to read 100 pages.

It includes three phases (Lean, Shape, and Build) through which you can improve your physique. If you want to finish the main course, you need to read this book first.

 Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret

Old School New Body Review

As the name suggests, this eBook helps burn fats.

It doesn’t only helps to reduce excess fat but also helps boost metabolism.

Besides, it also includes dietary strategies and suggests why you need to sleep naked.

Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets

Old School New Body Review

As the name suggests, this book is the ultimate muscle-building secret.

It talks about the natural anabolics found in our daily foods, including vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support hormones’ growth.

The guide also provides details about some fruits that can jolt new muscle mass and foods that can increase testosterone.

Ultimate Sex & Anti-Aging Secrets

Old School New Body ReviewThe guide tells how to avoid certain aging effects through weight-loss strategies and diet plans.

The nutritions informed in the book reduce signs of aging in the skin and promote better sleep.

Besides, the book also covers strategies that work as attraction boosters and enhances libido and thereby improving the ultimate sex drive.

Health Health & Happiness Secrets

Old School New Body Review

This book is related to improving mood and increasing happiness. It informs some foods and nutrients to relieve depression and informs the strategies to free the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

The more you feel happy inside, the more you look younger or even a decade younger.

The program also includes some audio interviews of fitness experts and professionals such as Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, Bill Phillips, Jennifer Nicole Lee, and Shawn Phillips. You can get it free along with other bonus eBooks.

What is the cost of an Old School New Body? Any Old School New Body Discounts?

The Old School New Body system has a regular price of $50. But now, you can get it at only $20 on its official website.

Old School New Body Review

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Yes, Old School New Body review, at current, there is a discount offer going on.

Old School New Body Pricing and Refund policy?

The pricing of the Old School New Body program is quite simple. It is a one-time payment. Once you pay $20 for the program, you can have access to the full course along with other bonus books.

Old School New Body Review

However, if you’re not satisfied with the result that the program has promised, you can claim your refund. The creators of the guide are offering a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Is Old School New Body right for you?

Old School New Body is based on weight loss and anti-aging strategies that help maximize results through 90 minutes of exercise per week. It includes high-fat diets, and minimal cardio and functional strength training guide.

Old School New Body review, Old School is designed for people who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. So if you think you’re too old to join a gym but also want to improve your fitness and live a good life, Old School New Body can be your best assistant.

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Old School New Body ​​Reviews FAQ

Q: Is Old School New Body safe to use?

Based on School New Body Review, Old School doesn’t only focus on physical wellness but also provides a detailed guide over dietary plans to lead a healthy life. Also, the exercise phases discussed in the program are based on the level of your capacity or your choice.

Q: Is Old School New Body FDA approved?

Old School New Body isn’t a kind of food or supply for people to consume. So there is nothing to be questioned about FDA approval.

Q: Can I buy Old School New Body on Amazon or Walmart?

Old School New Body is also available on Amazon but it is better to buy from the official website.

Q: Is Old School New Body a scam?

Thousands of people have already purchased Old School New Body and appreciated it. Along with that, the guide also offers a 100% refund policy which establishes more trust to avoid the fear of being scammed.

Q: How much does it cost?

At a flat discount, you can buy Old School New Body at $20.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

Once you finish purchasing Old School New Body, you can readily get access to down all the eBooks that come with the program.

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