How Your Mattress Could Negatively Impact Your Health

By Jennifer McBride

June 14, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

old mattress health problems

Sometimes, after a long and exhausting day, there is no better feeling than getting into your bed, sleeping for seven to nine hours straight and waking up feeling refreshed.

Instead, do you toss and turn all night? Do you wake up feeling drowsy? Or do you often have a bad night of sleep? You can pinpoint these short-term side effects to low quality sleep. However, the long-term side effects take longer to develop.

Did you know that your mattress is one of the top factors that can cause you to sleep poorly?

A mattress is where you spend more than 8 hours a day and yet, people aren’t particular about the mattress that they buy!

Your mattress plays an important role — it helps you fall and stay asleep. A mattress that is too soft, too firm, uncomfortable or not supportive is all it takes to affect the way you sleep.

It also results in making every day seem like a monumental struggle. This is why it’s essential that you know about the right mattress for custom needs to prioritize good sleep.

If you climb out of bed every morning with a sore back or neck, you should probably consider an upgrade.

Below are some of the most common old mattress health problems:

Your mattress can exacerbate allergies

You spend more than one-third of your life in bed, over time, body oils, and dead skin collect on your mattress. And dust mites love to snack on this stuff.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures, and according to experts from Ohio State University, more than 10 million are found on or in your bed. Thank heavens, they’re invisible. Most people get along fine with them. However, WebMD states that 20 million Americans don’t, and they’re allergic to these critters.

If you suffer from allergies, then dust mites tend to aggravate your condition. The outcome of allergies caused by dust mites is a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchiness, and sinus. Asthma can intensify by dust mites which results in chest tightness, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing.

Old mattresses tend to have millions of dust mites as compared to a new one. The bad news is that you cannot eradicate them completely.

On the bright side, you can take precautionary steps to prevent them from multiplying. Use allergen-proof bedding, opt for bedding that can be washed easily, wash your bedding once a week with hot water and keep the area as clean as possible.

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Severe back pain

old mattress severe back pain

With constant use, a depression develops in the middle of a mattress. So, instead of sleeping on a surface that is even, flat and comfortable, you are sleeping on one that is irregular and curved. In fact, it was compared to sleeping in a hole by a prominent spine expert. Sounds unpleasant.

Most chiropractors are on the same page when it comes to sleeping on a bad mattress and state that it’s a recipe for chronic back pain. This means, waking up feeling sore and stiff or tossing all night to find a comfortable position.

With time, if the pain gets worse, that can prevent quality sleep, leading to a continuing cycle of exhaustion and discomfort.

Strategically placing pillows can contribute to short-term relief. For those who sleep on the side, place pillows between your knees or if you sleep on your back, then place it under your knees. It’s a solution for the time being. A more long-lasting solution is to get a new mattress.

Weaken your immune system

Have you noticed how a long night out with your friends or staying overtime at work leaves you feeling down and out the next day and feeling sick? It’s because of low quality sleep.

Sleeping on an old mattress prevents high-quality sleep which results in a weak immune system. When you sleep, your body replenishes all that has been depleted throughout the day. When you lack sleep, your body is unable to perform its activities to the fullest. This leaves you with a weak immune system, which causes several types of illnesses like cold, cough and other generic ones as well as, at times, even severe ones.

Protect yourself from illnesses with a mattress that gives you the support and comfort you need for a sound night of sleep.

Joint soreness

If you wake up in the middle of the night with aches and pains, the culprit is probably your bed. It’s because your mattress does not provide sufficient support to keep your spine aligned.

Over time, your mattress will become soft. If it’s too soft, you will toss and turn the entire night and the following nights to come.

When you lie down, it’s essential that your spine retains a natural straight line. An aged bed will cause your body to dip and spending prolonged hours in such a position; you will surely feel its effects!

Finally, all the issues mentioned above can lead to trouble sleeping

old mattress sleep deprivation

An uncomfortable mattress can induce interrupted sleep or sleep deprivation in the long run. If you are always tired, it messes with your mood, appetite, concentration levels, immune system, and athletic performance. Severe illnesses like type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc. are linked to lack of sleep.

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Beauty Sleep Is a Real Thing

Ultimately, it’s extremely important that you get good sleep, and your mattress plays a significant role in that!

Of course, you will live with an old mattress, but you will live in discomfort and lack of wholesome sleep. Waking up with aches and pains simply means your mattress is mismatched to what you need.

Think back to when you purchased your mattress. If it has been over six years and you’ve cut corners when it comes to maintenance, it might be time for a new one.

Remember, your greatest asset is your health. A good mattress is an inexpensive and simple method to protect it.

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