5 Reasons Why the World Needs More Naturopathic Physicians

By Anj Smith

November 16, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


If you’ve never seen naturopathic physicians before, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed and even intimidated by the experience. They offer a different kind of treatment approach compared to what you’ve been used to. They can even let you see your health and its importance in a different light.

However, although they treat their patients in a different way, it doesn’t mean that they are less effective. They are as good, or even better, than your conventional medical doctors.

In case you’re wondering why, here are some of the best reasons why we should have more of them.

1. They allow people to be more proactive about their health


Conventional medical practitioners can tell you what you need to do to be healthy, like quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and exercising. They can also give you a long list of what you need to avoid in order to become healthy.

Unfortunately, these things are easier said than done. People experience a lot of obstacles when it comes to changing their lifestyles which greatly affect their capability to comply with their treatment.

This is exactly where naturopathic physicians are great at. They have the right training for lifestyle counseling to help their patients make adjustments that will work for them. They ask their patients’ concerns and customize an approach to overcome the said concerns.

2. They break down vague symptoms

Most physicians treat medical conditions based on the cluster of symptoms they present. This means that they are likely to use the same treatment plan for all their patients who exhibit the same symptoms.

Although the approach works on some people, there are patients who end up experiencing prolonged discomfort and treatment time because the root problem is not addressed properly. Naturopathic doctors go beyond lab results. They aim for specific assessment tools, such as food sensitivity tests, to figure out exactly what’s wrong with their clients.

3. They are focused on prevention

As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. Naturopathic doctors educate their patients about the how they can properly take care of their health. Because they encourage preventive measures, their patients end up saving a lot of money from medicines they don’t really need or procedures they won’t really benefit from.

These doctors are also a great resource when it comes supplements and vitamins. They can help people discern what products can really help them and which ones won’t. Since there are a lot of tempting products that stem from false advertising, it’s a good idea to find someone in the ‘Web’ whom you can trust.

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4. They promote non-invasive treatments


Instead of relying on drastic medical procedures to cure their patients’ medical concerns, they create customized plans that include nutritional coaching, counseling as well as acupuncture. Since their treatment plans aren’t invasive, they aren’t as risky and pose minimal to no threat to their patients.

5. They encourage therapeutic relationships

When you are comfortable with your health provider, you’ll find it easy to ask questions and raise concerns. Aside from this, having a good and trusting relationship with your naturopathic doctor can also encourage you to take more control of your health. He can act as a support system and resource person so that you can feel empowered about changing your lifestyle and habits.

Naturopathic doctors can also help you build a relationship with your own health. They can make you be more aware of what’s happening in your body. They teach you how to watch out for and even listen to it so that both of you can work on your health and wellness.


Anj Smith

Anj works with Sarah Henschel, a Nutritionist and Naturopath based in Brisbane, Australia.

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