Mucuna Pruriens: What is it and What are its Benefits

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January 10, 2024

Mucuna Pruriens: What is it and What are its Benefits

Mucuna pruriens, also known as kapikacchu, or velvet bean, is a leguminous plant with velvety seed pods. This herbal medicine can be found growing naturally in Africa and tropical Asia.

It’s a well-established nutritive tonic and adaptogen which is regularly used for a whole host of ailments. In fact, mucuna pruriens has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to improve male vitality.


Stories of Mucrina Puriens don’t end there, modern studies have suggested that its seeds may be of substantial medicinal importance. Specifically, mucuna pruriens can be used to manage male infertility and nourish the nervous system.

Mucuna Pruriens
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Because of the numerous health benefits, mucuna pruriens is an effective ingredient of reliable health supplements, including Centrapeak, a high-quality male vitality supplement.


Centrapeak includes 75mg of mucuna pruriens, amongst other ingredients that have been proven in clinical trials to improve mental wellbeing, energy, motivation, strength, and stamina while enhancing libido and male fertility.

Centrapeak includes a full stack of wellbeing-enhancing ingredients, including ashwagandha, boron, vitamin D, and rhodiola rosea; you can see the full ingredient list here.

One of the key mechanisms of Centrapeak is naturally increasing testosterone levels. Testosterone naturally declines with age, which is responsible for many common ailments that men experience, including infertility, lack of energy, and low mood. When your hormones are balanced, you can see incredible improvements in your life.

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What Are the Characteristics of Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna is a creeping vine that grows naturally in India and some tropical regions of Africa and the Caribbean.

It’s a member of the Fabaceae family (legumes) and is characterized by its dainty purple flowers and fuzzy pods, each containing multiple large beans. The velvety hair that coats the mucuna pruriens seedpods can cause severe itching and skin irritation if touched.

Despite this, the roots and trichomes (the hairs) can be used themselves. Still, the large mucuna seeds provide the powerful rejuvenating qualities that mucuna pruriens is so famous for.

Mucuna Pruriens and L-DOPA

The seeds in mucuna pruriens are packed full of levodopa (L-DOPA), which the body converts in a process that’s known as decarboxylation. An intake of L-DOPA results in a significant decrease in plasma prolactin levels.

This is a very good thing, as prolactin (which is produced in the pituitary gland) results in a decrease in testosterone levels. Furthermore, mucuna pruriens increases neurotransmitters, which helps suppress the pituitary gland from releasing further prolactin by stimulating the release of a prolactin-suppressing factor.

L-DOPA is also a crucial precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which promotes brain health and is able to treat nervous disorders. Dopamine levels also play an important role in cognitive function, behavior, voluntary movement, mood, sleep, working memory, and learning.

Clinical trials have discovered that mucuna pruriens is twice as effective at increasing levels of L-DOPA in the body than taking synthetic L-DOPA.

What Are the Main Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens?

There are many medicinal properties of mucuna pruriens. Taking supplements that include mucuna pruriens can help maintain optimal health by reducing stress levels, improving healthy digestion, and promoting the proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

What Are the Main Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens?
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Some of the most significant health benefits that mucuna pruriens are explained below.

Because of its numerous benefits, many effective supplements contain mucuna pruriens seeds. Centrapeak supplement capsules contain 75mg of this “magic velvet bean,” meaning that by regularly taking Centrapeak, you’ll be benefitting from its multiple medicinal properties.



Primary Physical Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

A recent, extensive study found that mucuna pruriens is a natural remedy that is effective against aging, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, male infertility, nervous disorders, and more.

✔️Increases Testosterone Levels

Once men hit 30, their testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. A lack of testosterone can impact your energy, mood, motivation, and sex drive, which is why it can be so important to take supplements to improve testosterone levels.

Studies have found that mucuna pruriens can be used as a natural herbal supplement to increase testosterone levels. According to this study, mucuna pruriens does this in multiple ways.

The mucuna pruriens reduces stress levels, which thus promotes healthy testosterone levels. As well as this, the velvet bean seeds are a rich source of L-DOPA, which increases dopamine levels, leading to an increase in plasma testosterone.

Centrapeak is designed to help increase testosterone levels, which can positively impact other areas of your life. It includes a healthy dosage of mucuna pruriens and essential amino acids, and other ingredients that can naturally improve testosterone levels.



✔️ Increases Levels of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone

Luteinizing hormones stimulate the secretion of sex steroids. In men, luteinizing hormones bind to receptors on Lydig cells, which stimulate the synthesis and secretion of testosterone. In women, luteinizing hormones stimulate the ovaries by secretion of testosterone, which is then converted to estrogen. Luteinizing hormones can also induce the ovulation of mature follicles on the ovary.

Follicle-stimulating hormone is critical for sperm production and supports the function of Sertoli cells, which supports many aspects of sperm cell maturation. In women, FSH stimulates the maturation of ovarian follicles.

A 2012 study found that mucuna pruriens can increase the levels of these hormones, which can help with female and male infertility.

✔️Increases Sperm Count, Motility, and Quality

Multiple studies have found that mucuna pruriens can improve sperm count, as well as sperm quality and motility, and therefore male fertility.

A 2007 study found that using mucuna pruriens can increase “sperm concentration and motility.” This discovery is backed up by a further study, which states that mucuna pruriens is able to “regulate steroidogenesis and improve semen quality.”

Centrapeak involves other ingredients that can also improve sperm count, motility, and quality, such as zinc.

Increases Sperm Count, Motility, and Quality
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✔️Increases HGH Levels

HGH levels are growth hormones. These hormones help maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs. They can also help speed up the healing after an injury and repair muscle tissue, which helps to build muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn fat. It’s also able to benefit the quality and appearance of skin.

A 2011 study found that mucuna pruriens velvet bean can increase growth hormones, which has multiple positive effects on the body.

Primary Cognitive Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

The mucuna pruriens benefits are cognitive, as well as physical. These benefits often go hand-in-hand. When you start feeling better mentally, your physical body responds, and vis-versa.

✔️ Improves Cognition Function and Concentration

Mucuna pruriens has also been shown to increase mental wellbeing and improve overall mood.

It can increase dopamine levels and has a significant antioxidant effect, which works in tandem with L-DOPA to encourage brain health. When L-DOPA crosses the blood-brain barrier, it increases dopamine levels in the brain, a vital neurotransmitter associated with regulating mood and cognition.

This study discovered that dopamine “acts as a powerful regulator of different aspects of cognitive brain functions,” meaning that, as mucuna pruriens increases dopamine levels, it’s able to improve cognitive function.

A more recent study found that mucuna pruriens also has “antidepressant-like effects,” so it’s able to boost your mood.

The majority of ingredients in Centrapeak have been scientifically proven to improve cognitive function and mental wellbeing, including vitamin D. To see a comprehensive list of the ingredients in Centrapeak, click here.

✔️ Reduces Stress by Reducing Cortisol Levels

Stress is very common in today’s world. The majority of people will experience levels of stress, sometimes very regularly. If you do experience frequent stress, then it can have huge negative impacts on all areas of your health.

When you experience stress regularly, your body can become desensitized to cortisol, a vital stress hormone. While we need cortisol, too much of it can cause inflammation which is associated with a host of illnesses including depression and chronic diseases.

This is why it’s important to take steps to reduce stress. For some people, taking mucuna pruriens can help bring balance to hormones.

Studies have found that regularly taking mucuna pruriens helps to reduce stress by lowering cortisol and reversing some of the damage caused by prolonged stress.

Other Health Benefits

The benefits of this super-bean don’t end there. Mucuna Pruriens also have benefits for:

Parkinson’s Disease

Because mucuna pruriens contains such large amounts of L-DOPA, it could be a natural remedy for Parkinson’s disease. Studies found that it is able to ease the disease and its symptoms, making it a very popular alternative for Levodopa therapy, which can be too expensive for many people.

This study found that mucuna pruriens doesn’t only help with long-term management of Parkinson’s disease, but also that it possesses advantages over conventional L-DOPA preparations! You can read more on the American Association for Parkinsons’ Disease Foundation website.

Furthermore, thanks to its benefits for brain health, it might help protect you from degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimers.

If you or someone you love has Parkinson’s disease, then it is essential that you discuss supplementation with your doctor. This article is not intended as medical advice, and it is essential that you do not consume any supplements that might interfere with prescription medication.

Supports Healthy Digestion

Because it promotes smooth muscle contractions, mucuna pruriens can help enhance the proper functioning of a healthy digestive system and promote proper bowel functions.

Scientists now know that many diseases start in the gut. Healthy digestion improves mood, concentration, energy levels, and overall wellbeing.


Rumoured Health Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

  • Snake venom poisoning – Mucuna pruriens extracts are traditionally used in Nigeria to prevent snake venom poisoning. The powder is used by traditional healers as a pretreatment (prophylactic) for snakebites. It’s claimed that a person who swallows the seeds will be protected for one full year against the effects of any snake bite. While no clinical studies back this up, some studies in tissues and animals provide some encouragement of this idea.
  • Effects on parasites and microbes – Mucuna pruriens is used in traditional medicine to help fight parasitic infections. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this use. Some healers claim that mucuna pruriens is a mild anti-parasitic, but this is also unproven. They often use it alongside other parasite cleanses/treatments.
  • Seizures – Scientists are currently trialing mucuna pruriens as a seizure treatment due to the mixed impact of its L-DOPA and serotonin components and antioxidant properties. However, further studies are needed to confirm this.
  • Diabetes – Mucuna pruriens contains inositol that mimics the effects of insulin and therefore could help lower high sugar levels. In animal studies, the seeds have been successful in reducing blood sugar levels. Despite this, much more extensive research needs to be done before we can say for certain.
  • Skin health – Because it is potent in antioxidants, mucuna pruriens extracts could protect skin cells and are currently being researched for their abilities. Scientists want to see gels and creams with mucuna in for skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and more, but studies are needed before this becomes a reality.

What Are the Side Effects of Mucuna Pruriens?

On the whole, mucuna pruriens is a very safe type of herbal remedy, which has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine and is still used regularly today to help a range of ailments.

Mucuna pruriens can cause some mild adverse effects. These include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Insomnia

However, reports of these side effects are mild and rare, and the majority of people who take mucuna pruriens will never experience a negative side effect.

If taken in excess, mucuna pruriens can cause the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Tremors.
  • Movement disorders
  • Fainting
  • Thirst

If you experience any side effects when taking mucuna pruriens, or any type of supplement, then you should immediately stop taking them and get medical attention.

How To Take Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna pruriens dosage should be taken with food, as this will ensure you receive the optimal levels of L-DOPA and the other components which will help improve your health.

Centrapeak contains 75mg of mucuna pruriens, which is an excellent dose. Especially as it includes other ingredients which help maximize absorption, such as black pepper.

Centrapeak – a Male Vitality Supplement

Life is busy for people in the modern world, and everyday life can put a strain on your body and mental wellbeing. If this is the case for you, then you may be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, with no idea how to make it better. This is where Centrapeak comes in.

Centrapeak is a research-backed supplement, made up of a clinically-researched formula of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies, including mucuna pruriens. The supplement supports multiple physical and cognitive functions, including increasing the natural production of testosterone, renewing your energy, strength, and stamina, and improving your mental wellbeing. Furthermore, it also boosts male fertility by improving your sperm count, sperm quality, and sperm motility.

Mucuna pruriens isn’t the only effective ingredient in Centrapeak. The formula in the supplements is thoroughly researched, meaning that all the ingredients are clinically proven to help improve multiple areas of your life, such as medicinal herbs and vitamins, with each ingredient included at its individual optimal dosage.

With 5-star reviews across the board, you can trust that Centrapeak can help you, just like they’ve helped thousands of other men struggling with physical and mental ailments.

For more info and the latest deals, check out the Centrapeak website: Centrapeak.

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What happens when you take mucuna pruriens?

The plant works by raising your dopamine and serotonin levels, thus improving your motivation and mood and lowering your stress levels. This herbal medication also positively impacts testosterone levels and male fertility.

How long does it take for mucuna pruriens to work?

Mucuna pruriens works immediately after ingestion. However, it takes about 30 minutes for mucuna pruriens to reach peak levels in the blood.

What is mucuna pruriens used for?

Mucuna pruriens benefits are widespread, and the plant has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Based on current scientific research, it has been discovered that mucuna pruriens is able to increase healthy sperm count, reduce stress, improve mood, and boost dopamine levels.

When consuming mucuna pruriens via Centrapeak, you can also expect to enjoy the following other benefits:

  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Enhance libido.
  • Renew energy and motivation.
  • Improve mental wellbeing.
  • Increase strength and stamina.
  • Promote levels of testosterone.

For more information about the benefits of Centrapeak, click here.

Should I take mucuna pruriens?

Mucuna pruriens is a very safe medicinal plant for the majority of the population to consume. However, it should not be used by individuals who are known to have allergies or hypersensitivity. Before taking mucuna pruriens, or any health supplementation, you should check with your doctor.

Are Centrapeak and mucuna pruriens really effective?

Yes! Not only is there scientific proof that mucuna pruriens and Centrapeak work, but there are also hundreds of online reviews of real people whose lives have been improved massively by Centrapeak.

This doesn’t guarantee that Centrapeak/mucuna pruriens will be effective for you. However, because Centrapeak is a comprehensive, multi-ingredient stack, at least a few of the ingredients will likely be beneficial and effective, and so you’ll still get to experience the beneficial effects of Centrapeak.

Does Mucuna pruriens increase dopamine?

The seeds of mucuna pruriens are full of L-DOPA and are an incredibly effective natural source of it. The L-DOPA in the velvet bean produces a specific antidepressant-like effect.

Higher levels of dopamine also promote brain health and can boost the nervous system. Dopamine levels also play an important role in cognition, voluntary movement, mood, behavior, sleep, learning, and memory.

What other supplements are effective for health and wellness?

Essential fatty acids such as krill oil, cod liver oil, or fish oil are also important to health and wellness. Including plenty of fish, nuts and seeds into your diet can ensure you get sufficient amounts, if you struggle to fit these into your diet then you should consider a supplement.

Take Away

Mucuna pruriens have a host of benefits to your overall health and wellness. They can improve cognition, improve mood, and decrease stress. As well as many more exciting benefits that the scientific community is just beginning to explore.

One of the most exciting benefits is its ability to increase L-Dopa, a dopamine precursor. Dopamine is an important hormone for motivation and reward, and improved levels should improve concentration, motivation, and mood.

Men, in particular, can also benefit from the testosterone-boosting effects. Testosterone naturally declines as men age and can cause low mood, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, muscle wasting, and low sex drive. But these changes are not inevitable, and luckily, nature has gifted us with some amazing natural remedies to improve testosterone levels and keep you feeling young.

However, to really see a difference in testosterone levels and vitality, you should consider a full wellness enhancing stack such as Centrapeak. Centrapeak aims to get you feeling good so that you can make positive improvements in your life.

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