5 Reasons To Hire Professionals To Remove Mold In Your Home

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

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Removing mold in your home may not be at the top of your list when it comes to spring cleaning projects. However, when you consider the links between mold exposure and various health conditions such as asthma, chronic sinus issues, and headaches, the seriousness of this task becomes evermore apparent. Beyond the health risks, excess mold in the home can cause serious damage to your property and result in lost value, along with being highly inconvenient for the homeowner.

A small patch of mold in your bathroom or kitchen tiles is something you can definitely take care of on your own. However, if you find mold growing on large swathes of walls and sub-flooring, it’s a sign that you’ve got a big mold problem and need to call in professional and expert help. If you’re on the fence about calling in the experts for mold removal, check out these reasons below:

Mold Grows And Spreads Fast

reasons to hire professionals to remove molds in your home

Mold can start to grow on damp surfaces in just one to two days. Depending on the type of mold and conditions, it can cover surface areas of several square feet in just under a week.

If mold isn’t properly cleaned, mold spores will continue to spread and grow throughout your home. For instance, if spores managed to get into your air conditioning system, they would spread quite quickly as the air is circulated around the room.

A chronic leaky roof may also be creating a growing, invisible problem in the form of mold and mildew growth. It can spread throughout your home’s structure through your ventilation, heating, and AC. From here, it’s easy to get into your furniture, rugs, and clothing. The main problem with mold and mildew growth is that most homeowners are unaware until it’s become a more serious home issue.

Mold Removal Isn’t Easy

Once mold has spread throughout your home, it becomes a difficult job to get rid of in its entirety. It could get under your roof, your flooring, and the insides of your walls. A professional mold remediation company has specialized tools that can help them reach mold spores and moisture in hard-to-reach places.

Get A Professional Assessment

reason to hire professionals to remove mold in your home

Getting an expert to assess the problem will help you find out if you have more mold than the eye can see. While we can only identify suspicious looking stains and growths on surfaces visible to us, experts are knowledgeable on the behavior of mold infestation and will be able to check if your mold problem has spread. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all rooms and every nook and cranny in your house can get a thorough inspection.

Experts Have A Wealth of Experience

Consulting experts from a mold remediation company means they can bring their professional knowledge to the table. Remember they’ve had the training to address various types of mold problems in a variety of situations. These professionals work with mold issues constantly and will be able to address the problem faster, whereas a novice will likely need to employ a trial-and-error approach.

Save Time And Money

Since the professionals come equipped with the right tools, they’ll be able to address your problem quickly and effectively. While you may think that trying to address the problem yourself will save you money, it may in fact turn out to be a pointless exercise, especially if there is regrowth in the home. Hiring a specialist may just help you address the issue before it gets out of hand.

Prevent Future Mold Problems

In most cases, mold tends to be a recurring issue. If you try to handle things on your own, there’s a good chance that the spores you might have overlooked will continue to spread to another area of the home.

A specialist is more likely to be able to offer you a long-term solution, which means you won’t need to deal with regrowth further down the track. When looking for mold removal services, make sure to ask about guarantees so you can be assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that it’s a worthwhile investment.

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