Top 7 Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

By Shailee Sheth

November 22, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

meditation during pregnancy

“Hey, honey! It’s positive!”

These words can surely bring excitement to any couple. Just the idea of having a baby can make anyone feel happy, ecstatic and nervous at the same time.

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing pregnancy is, it still comes with a lot of negative experiences. Just think about mood swings, physical changes, and labor pain.

This is where doing meditation during pregnancy fits in. And to help you understand the practice, make sure to read this article until the end.

Magic of Meditation

I know you must be feeling many emotions at the same time. At one point, you’re extremely excited. The next moment, you’re laughing out loud and then you feel like crying all of a sudden. These are very normal and happy signs of being pregnant and there is no way you can stop your mood swings.

But, meditation can surely help you relax and refresh your mind. It can help you cope up with most of the behaviors and changes that can happen throughout your pregnancy.

Benefits of Meditation During Pregnancy

You may have heard how a happy and peaceful mind can tremendously help with your baby’s healthy development. And that is exactly where meditation fits in.

If you are still not convinced to give it a try, check out these top benefits of meditation during pregnancy that can surely change your mind.

Helps to achieve stability in both mind and body

meditating during pregnancy

Meditation can make you feel relaxed and at peace. It can help you to focus on the things that matter and avoid all the unnecessary drama. It can control mood swings to some extent, too.

You may feel free as meditation is an incredible source of energy. With it, you’ll be able to accept yourself the way you are. You will be more patient, calm, and real if you practice it on a daily basis.

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Makes you listen to your body’s pace and needs

If you do meditation, you may feel that you are the source of energy. It connects you to your inner-most feelings. Before, you may think that you are just a part of this universe but now, you have the whole world within you in the form of your unborn child. Meditation enhances the connection between a mother and her child.

Teaches you to be still – physically, emotionally and consciously

Meditation is known for reducing stress and anxiety. Just by playing a soothing music or lighting scented candles, you’ll be able to calm your mind. It can enhance your sense of awareness about your body and mind. You’ll be able to accept the things as they truly are!

Allows you to rest soundly

sleeping pregnant

It is said that people who do meditation are healthy and happy and that’s right. Meditation can help eliminate nightmares and negative thinking.

It can also help new mothers deal with postpartum depression. So, if you have any friend who is suffering from that condition, you can suggest her to do meditation.

Apart from that, meditation can also greatly help expecting mothers prepare for their delivery.

Motivates you to stick with healthy habits

You may have heard that meditation helps people with their addictive habits. The same idea applies to pregnant women.

As you know, the urge to eat a variety of foods, especially the unhealthy ones, is incredibly high during pregnancy. Meditation can help you to say ‘NO’ to those options.

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Allows you to connect with your unborn baby

Some of you may find it easy to talk to your unborn child but many ladies feel silly and odd talking to their bellies. By meditating, you’ll be able to foster a lovable way to connect your soul with the child within you.

Meditation can spread magic

Yes, meditation can spread magic.

How? Let me tell you.

There are many studies that showed how meditation can improve a baby’s birth weight as well as reduce the chances of premature births.

Also, Buddhism said that if you use mantras, chants or prayers in your meditation, the baby can listen and connect with them. This practice makes the baby calmer and happier, even after the birth. As per my opinion, there is no harm in trying out chants.

Meditating can also reduce the chances of complications at the time of delivery as it controls the mother’s heart rate and blood pressure. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, you will feel extremely confident about everything, including labor pain.

It gives excitement

Nothing can be compared to the mixed emotions of having a new life inside you. You know that it may hurt a lot and you may feel stressed, anxious and moody at the same time. But just the thought of having a child within you can make you and your partner extremely happy, too.

With that, you surely wouldn’t want to take a chance with this process, right?

Everything should be perfect. Although there are hormonal, physical, and psychological changes, you have to prepare yourself so you can cope with all the challenges. And for that, meditation is the key.

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