Maximus Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Review – Is it worth it?

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

maximus pizza oven

Maximus Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The Maximus wood-fired oven is a novel licensed designer oven made with conventional materials such as surface obstinate block tiles. With this product, you can effortlessly prepare the most scrumptious dishes and have a good time while making it! This wood-fired oven is very convenient, functioning as a super durable factor in your lawn. It also works extremely well when you are tailgating, having family gatherings, and a lot more. The sky is the limit for the utilization of the Maximus wood fired oven. You can surely become the most reputable tailgater in your social circle with this pizza oven.

With an expansive interior, it offers a decent space wherein you can make your creative delicacies, and for those hoping to serve multiple pizzas, you have abundant space to have the option to fit a few medium-sized pizzas upwards into the cooking area simultaneously. Nevertheless, it is smarter to put some investment and cook each independently to get that genuine natural aroma that the wood gives. Normally, because it is a brick oven, it requires steady grounding, which results to the scales tipping at 55 kg. It’s not a product you will be needing to move around consistently, yet it is convenient enough to take outdoors if you prefer to do so.

maximus pizza oven

☉ Specifications

 This crimson Portuguese wood-burnt stove can be utilized to prepare practically any meal. It has a 60 x 60 cm interior cooking area and measures 70 x 70 x 98 cm high with a treated steel pipe. The stove weighs roughly 55 kg. The baking surface has fire block tiles and a ceramic blanket to offer heat protection. The stove is enclosed with an aluminum casing (dark or crimson). It is also designed with a treated steel cover, which permits the searing smoke to move out back to the front within the oven, subsequently extricating extra heat. This structure is commonly used in most EPA-approved wood-based ovens. The stove also features a phenomenal capacity to keep up and hold a consistent 400-degree condition.

This wood-fired oven is a tailgater’s fantasy and is among the most versatile wood-powered pizza makers! In case you need to fulfill your inner stone-age man with fine beef and open flames, this small stove will permit you to encounter flavors you can’t derive from customary indoor ovens.

maximus pizza oven

Pros 👍

  • Weight – A traditional brick stove can weigh up to 500 kg, thus making it solid and stable in holding its ground. It cannot topple and break easily, like lighter models often do.
  • Cracking protection – Most slabs have some level of breaking brought about by hot and cold climates. However, the Maximus wood-fired oven features a front-end produced with quality concrete and an internal hardened steel liner secured by an aluminum outer layer.
  • Rapid heating time -This stove can achieve temperatures of 350–400 degrees in just 30 minutes. Personally, I have tried this stove a few times, and I can genuinely say it is true to its promises in terms of quality.
  • User friendly – This baking tool, being one of the best around the world, is very easy to use. When your ideal temperature hits, just put your food inside and wait and watch your meal being prepared flawlessly.

Cons 👎

  • Air-Polluting – Produces a lot of smoke. Make certain to live on a homestead that’s secluded from other homes because wood burning is quite polluting.
  • Inaccurate thermometer – The thermometer that accompanies the stove isn’t very useful; you may need to purchase a laser/infrared thermometer

Price 🔖

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☉ Product features

maximus pizza oven

It is a well-known fact that the Maximus Arena wood-based pizza stove is a product of high quality offered at a very remarkable rate. However, what exactly makes it so distinct? Here are the unique features that make up this wonder-baking dish that surely stands out among the other wood-fired ovens.

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  • Aluminum external wall; tempered stainless steel internal wall that endures elements better compared to hardened steel 304, giving you a longer engaging period;
  • Protected earthenware cover between robust twofold layers and under sturdy floor tiles, which allows it to remain hot inside even with a cool exterior;
  • Full oven set with pizza peel that makes it easier to handle and operate outdoors; and
  • Detachable ceramic refractory cement as stove floor.

Top Rankings

This stove are clients’ top choice and has been positioned among the Best Home Pizza Ovens based on customer review because of its light weight and rapid heating design. It is quick and convenient with a fast 20-minute warming time. Once started up, you can prepare your pizzas in under 2 minutes! That implies you’ll relish pizza, bread loaves, fish, and different other dishes in no time.

Unrivaled Design

maximus pizza oven

The Maximus Oven features a dropped roof within the stove which transfers the warmth from the rear to the front section. It also enables the smoke to travel through the front roof opening and over to the chimney stack. This design guides the heat over your meal and takes into consideration convection baking, hence, your oven stays sweltering for longer!

Practical yet Portable

This product is ideally suited for small gatherings on the porch or anywhere outside. Due to its flexible and versatile nature, it is the best friend you have once you are outdoors. You can likewise use the Maximus Arena external wood-based block oven to

  • Camp without leaving any of your extravagances at home;
  • Cook the best wood-based dinners in your own patio; and
  • Light up your terrace when applied as a firing highlight!

The Maximus wood-based stove is ideally suited for preparing custom-made bread! You’ll have groups running to you when barbecuing with your Maximus Arena Oven due to its ability to cook up a number of dishes, like pizzas, steaks, burgers, bread, cast-iron skillet meals, desserts, and a lot more. Indeed, you’ll begin imagining recipes you’ll need to try out with this oven!

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More Information About Maximus

Our recommendation of the item is rooted on our established love for its convenience and quality. We’ve been personally cooking using this stove for nearly 3 years, so we have a lot of insights about it. Based on our first-hand experience, here are its upsides and downsides.

The Portugal stove was sent to us through a cargo truck in a carton. The stove was in a container inside the box, and the whole compartment containing the stove was amazingly heavy, so we needed to utilize a pallet jack to carry it around. The stove was pressed nicely inside a crate with loads of cushioning.

Every one of the frills were pressed inside the stove. Subsequent to removing every one of the accessories from the it, the stove weighed around 350 lbs. To make the stove lighter for collection, we eliminated the cooking floor blocks, which took out about 100 pounds from the product’s weight.


☉ How Much Do We Like Our Maximus Pizza Oven?

maximus pizza oven

The main reason why I adore the Prime wood-fuel oven is because of its massive cooking surface! While customer reviews of the Prime’s preparation surface mention that it measures 35″ x 35″, I can easily add it to pizzas and cast-iron skillets. We can certainly have 12″ pizzas all at once in the oven, which is amazing. The fun of owning this Portugal-style pizza stove is allowing everybody to explore different styles on making their own special pizzas. In this way, we will generally make modest 6–10″ pizzas in batches.

For What Reason Did We Choose the Steel Pizza Stove?

We purchased the product since it was a lot lighter compared to other brick stoves. It was 350 pounds, and the oven weighs quite a lot, albeit not being close to a 1,000-pound block oven. Furthermore, while we were still learning about wood-fire cooking, we didn’t know where we wanted to put the stove and thought a block oven was a little different from what we’re used to using. The stalemate was broken when we took a look at different treated steel pizza stove commentaries and discovered more modest stoves ranked among the top 5 best ovens. Since the bigger Prime stove was developed just the same (but larger), we realized we couldn’t go wrong.

An added value is how awesome this stove cooks! When preparing food in this wood-fired oven, we discovered some upsides and downsides in utilizing a metal stove instead of a block stove. The stove, for one, warms up beautifully, and is faster than brick ovens.

☉ Verdict

The Maximus pizza oven is a remarkable stainless steel oven that has effectively been delivered to multiple cheerful clients. With summer months guaranteed every year, you have the opportunity to present your friends with something more exceptional than a conventional BBQ, so perhaps it’s time for you to put resources into your cooking!

With it, everybody can make a few unique styles, and because they have a heat up time of around 3 minutes, we have a consistent wellspring of stimulating pizzas emerging from the stove for sampling. The other factor I love about the product is that everybody gets included when hosting a get-together. At the point when we’re preparing pizzas, everybody, including our relatives and companions, must engage with the whole process. When cooking steak with friends, everybody should be included in using the ovens since it’s a way more pleasant encounter to be inclusive even in the baking process.

To conclude, the Maximus wood-fired pizza oven is a well-built pizza stove that offers a spacious preparation surface for customers. It also provides ease of use and is quite fun to set up.

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