Manscaping Guide: Easy Ways on How to Manscape Your Body Parts

By Zach McGavin

November 23, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

manscaping guide

Removing body hair can make you feel clean and look good. It can also be arousing and exciting not only to you but also to your partner. With that, manscaping is a new trend for men who want to be more hygienic and stimulating.

Getting a manscape is not about completely removing every hair from your body. It is about grooming your hair under control. If you are still confused yet want to try manscaping anyway, here’s the only manscaping guide you’ll ever need.

Manscaping Your Chest

manscaping chest

Your chest hair should only be trimmed using trimmers with an adjustable guard. You need to adjust your trimmer’s guard depending on your desired finish and the pattern of your hair growth.

However, if you want to have a completely smooth chest, then you need to shave it in the same manner as you shave your face. Manscape your chest in a steamy hot shower to soften the hair. To prevent creating sharp edges, you need to shave with the grain and pull the shaver in the direction where your hair seems to be pointing.

Afterward, use gentle moisturizers to condition the skin and avoid irritation.

Manscaping Your back

You need to have a tougher technique in manscaping your back. This case requires some specific tools designed to support back shaving. You can use electric back groomer or a razor extender to have it done.

Apply body powder or shaving gel all over your body before you begin shaving your back. Shave in small sections so that your shaver won’t clog and can cut more hair as you go on.

After shaving, rinse the excess shower gel on your body. Use a fresh and clean cloth to dry off your back and avoid bacterial infection. Then, apply antiseptic to prevent your skin from irritation.

Manscaping Your Arms and Pits

manscaping arm and pits

Manscaping your arms and pits are just the same as the pubic area. Before shaving them off, it is best if you exfoliate your skin first. Exfoliation can remove dead skin cells and purge clogged pores for smoother skin. In this way, grooming tools will work better in that area.

Use shaving gel in lathering up your arms and pits. Then, you can shave it off using a sharp cartridge razor. You can start shaving from the inside of the wrist up to the forearm. Halt at the elbow before moving over to the forearm using soft strokes.

Do the same in working the upper part of your arms. Moving to the pits, you can shave any way you want since underarm hair grows naturally in all direction. Rinse and cool down after manscaping your arms and pits, then top it off with a skin soothing lotion.

Manscaping your Pubic Hair

Manscaping pubic hair is a personal preference. You could trim it, shave it, wax it, or leave it alone. But if you want to clip your pubes, you need to trim your pubic hair first. Use electric clipper to trim down your pubes.

Just like other parts of your body, you need to lather your pubic hair for smooth shaving. Using shave oil or shave butter is essential to avoid nicks and cuts.

Shave your pubes using slow strokes in the direction where the hair grows to avoid itchiness and ingrown hair. Also, when you are growing hair in your shaft, it might be more comfortable to shave that area with a boner. After manscaping your pubic hair, it is necessary to rinse it thoroughly and moisturize it to avoid irritation.

Manscaping Your Balls

You need to manscape your balls gently. With that, don’t use electric clippers directly on this area because it might cut your skin. After trimming the hair in your balls, it is best if you take a hot shower first to soften the coarse pubic hairs.

Also, it is essential to stretch the skin in the area while shaving so the razor can’t get the hairs stuck in the corner when they’ve dried up. You can use a post-shave balm after manscaping that private area to avoid irritation since the skin is extra sensitive.

Manscaping Your Butt

Using a pair of electric clippers with a #2 guard is the simplest way to manscape your butt. Trim down your butt hair to effectively use your body groomer or manual razor.

Squeeze a tiny amount of shower gel to your buttocks one at a time for easier shaving. Wet your razor blade with cold water and begin manscaping. To avoid irritation, shave with the grain. If by chance, you scratch yourself, you can use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding.

After shaving, rinse your buttocks thoroughly and dry yourself off. Apply antiseptic or razor bump treatment to your bottom to avoid bumps and redness. You should apply it for the first few days after you shave.


Trimming and shaving your body hair won’t make you less of a man. As such, don’t hesitate to search for some ways like how to shave butt hair or how to trim your pubes. It is your preference. You are doing it for yourself.

If you are a guy who wants to have a smoother and cleaner body with less hair, you can read the ways listed above to help you do your manscaping.

Zach McGavin

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