How Losing 40 Lbs. Changed My Life And How Losing Weight Can Change Yours

By Osha Key

March 15, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Almost all success stories start with some failure and a turning point that happens in one’s mind. Mine was not an exception.


My body was sick. I was overweight and disappointed with myself. I had hit a low in my life and felt I couldn’t carry on like that anymore.

It was the beginning of 2010 and I was only 23 years old. Way too young to feel like a grandmother getting out of bed every morning. And I don’t mean a fit and strong grandmother.

I’m not saying that this just happened to me. I allowed it to happen to myself. Although it might seem like we’re victims of our circumstances, we’re always in charge and can turn things around if we’re willing to take on the responsibility.

I had a highly stressful job, was a coffee addict, ate very poorly (carryout and pre-packaged food all the time), didn’t exercise at all, and drank wine to relieve stress on weekends. I pretty much ticked all the boxes to make my body exhausted and unwell.

All my bad habits combined with an enormous amount of stress, debilitated my body, and I suffered from chronic infections, severe back pains, dermatitis on my skin, and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Living with an overweight and constantly tired and aching body had become unbearable. I had planned to live at least until my 80s, so this lifestyle was obviously interfering with my plans! Hence, an urgent intervention had to be made.

So I gathered up all my courage and resolved to turn my life around and prioritize my health.

It took a few years but I lost 40 pounds of fat and completely transformed my body and life. I changed my habits, diet and lifestyle.

For the benefit of others starting on a similar journey, I share here some of the key changes that happened in my life that might inspire and motivate you.

1. It became physically easier to live

Living with too much weight was physically challenging. I felt terrible as my thighs touched and made it uncomfortable to walk. Climbing a flight of stairs felt like an intense cardio workout. My whole body was always sore.

My lower back always hurt and my doctor prescribed a ridiculous amount of aspirin. Even then I realized that my back wasn’t sore because of an aspirin deficiency!

I suffered from chronic bladder infections. I had an incredibly weak immune system. I developed dermatitis on my hands, had premature wrinkles under my eyes (at the age of 22-23) and my skin was always covered with blemishes I tried to hide under a thick layer of makeup.

Losing weight and transforming my lifestyle dispelled all of those challenges! I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin, no longer need any caffeine or other stimulants to keep me going and now I have enough energy not just to go about my day. but also to exercise and feel alive from the moment I wake up until I go to bed! Plus, I’m a lot more productive and efficient.

This one benefit is enough motivation for me to continue a healthy lifestyle!

2. My health has dramatically improved

As a result of a healthy lifestyle and proper self-care, my immune system has improved dramatically. Not only have I gotten rid of all the previous health challenges, but I no longer catch any colds or viruses when most people around me get sick.

Feeling healthy and full of energy is very rewarding, although it might require some minor sacrifices. But if health is your priority, which I believe it should be for every single person, then it’s definitely worth the effort to work for it.

3. I’m a lot fitter

I feel stronger and fitter than ten years ago. I exercise regularly and it’s so rewarding to see how your body can get stronger, more flexible and more capable.

I also believe this will help me live longer. Since I love life, living longer sounds like a pretty cool side-effect of being fit to me!

4. My priorities in life changed

We all have values, yet most people haven’t expressed theirs and it’s subconscious for them. When you’re not aware of your core values, you live on autopilot and let your unconscious reactions guide you through life rather than making mindful choices.

That was the case for me until I did an exercise to determine my core values which I share in my free e-book ‘Mastery in Weight Loss’ (you can download it on my website).

That exercise was a huge “a-ha” moment for me. I realized that health was my number one value, yet my lifestyle choices didn’t reflect that at all. It was my turning point in life and since then I’ve always tried to make my choices based on my values – health, freedom, love, helping others, and growth.

5. I now live with purpose

As I started living according to my highest truth, it was only a matter of time before my career and life’s work would change.

It’s not that losing weight made me become a nutritionist and a health coach. Those two outcomes were simply a result of becoming open and honest with myself, committed to growth and living according to my values.

I love sharing my story and knowledge with others who are going through struggles that are similar to those that I endured.

Helping others and living with purpose makes me excited to wake up every day and be grateful for the life that I have.

We’re often told that losing weight is just about vanity and looking good. But in my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Excess weight was just a block that was holding me back from living life to the fullest. And getting rid of it has dramatically improved my life in so many ways.

If deep inside yourself you feel that excess weight is holding you back, give yourself permission to desire having a healthier and slimmer body. Make a decision to get it and commit to your journey. Just don’t forget that the body is a only a tool to express yourself and a learning device for your spirit

Osha Key

Osha Key is a certified nutritionist, weight loss expert and the author of "MASTERY IN WEIGHT LOSS", which you can get for FREE when you visit her website and subscribe.

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