Keto Cycle Diet Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Keto Cycle Diet is a ketogenic diet app designed to make keto diet more fun and exciting to practice.

There are a lot of diet plans out there but finding the most effective diet plan to stick to is a challenge itself. If not, no one would struggle to stick to their diets and find the right meal plans that will lead them to effective weight loss.

In reality, diets are notoriously hard to stick to and meal planning is not as enjoyable as it may seem. Sometimes, things that are best for us are often the hardest things to do. This is where the Keto Cycle app comes in.

Keto Cycle is unlike other apps where the user interface can be hard and hassle to operate. With its progress tracking system, the Keto Cycle diet app is a user-friendly app that offers a meal plan as well as a workout plan designed to make keto easy. It offers personalized meal plans suiting your keto lifestyle, diet, and food preferences.

Besides helping you get started with your keto journey, this ketogenic diet app serves as your macronutrient tracker which will take into account all your daily macros. This makes your fitness goals easier to achieve and a way for you to stay motivated in fueling your diet and workout program to achieve better results.

Continue reading to learn more about this Keto Diet app and how much weight you can actually lose with this easy-to-access program.

Keto Cycle Reviews: Product Overview

keto cycle apps
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Keto Cycle

Keto Diet App

Keto Cycle app offers practical daily tips to guide you from building keto habits to practicing healthy living to achieve overall wellness.

$2.75 Per Week

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Many people are wondering if this Keto Cycle legit or not. Unlike other progress trackers, this app is one of the digital products flooded with a top positive review from its direct users. Here are some of their thoughts about the app:

“I looked and felt bloated as I stared at my pictures, and that was when it all began. I vowed to make myself happy by being disciplined, committed, consistent, and happy with the journey. The beauty of this Keto program is that you can make it your own. You can eat whenever you want, snack on delicious treats, and still feel great at the end of the day. That’s how it’s been for me. If I can make it this far, anyone can. Thanks to Keto Cycle for this platform.”–-Sandra 27, lost 62 lbs

“The Keto diet app is brilliant. Really easy to use, and the recipes are delicious. I’m vegetarian, and I do like the fact I can change up the recipes.”–-Wendy Leed

“It’s very easy to follow and I’m losing weight! It’s beginning to feel less like a diet and more like a lifestyle choice.”–-Andy Gee

“Starting the keto diet was one of the best decisions of my life. People do not believe I lost that much weight without exercising. But I did. The best part is that it took me no effort at all. It was easy because it was all foods I like to eat. Even my husband and 10-year-old son enjoyed eating the meals I prepared. My husband always told me I looked good and did not need to lose weight. But now when he looks at me, he says it’s selfish because I look amazing.”–-Alice 40, lost 84lbs

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What is Keto Cycle Diet?

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Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

Keto is not just a diet but a recipe for healthy living. It is also your way to boost healthy weight loss, improve heart health, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure levels, and improve hormonal imbalances that cause mood swings and lack of quality sleep.

Keto Cycle is an easy-to-use diet app that helps keto beginners learn more about the keto diet and lifestyle by giving away daily keto tips as well as assisting keto enthusiasts to stick to their keto diet to achieve their fitness goals.

Keto Cycle offers an all-in-one solution to help people throughout the process of following a keto lifestyle. From tracking down your macronutrient intake with their systematic macro tracker to ensuring you get enough calories and nutrients throughout the day, this app is carefully designed to efficiently track your progress.

This diet app also provides healthy foods and recommended shopping list to better guide you on which foods and beverages are allowed and which ones you should avoid to boost weight loss. With the help of a health expert-created keto academy, this app is a great source of relevant information mostly helpful for keto beginners.

How does Keto Cycle work?

Keto Cycle reviews

Keto Cycle works by helping you push through achieving your keto success. This app is an all-in-one solution for you from meal planning to assisting with easy-to-prepare recipes for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

The Keto diet is one of the most effective weight loss techniques with a low-carb diet allowing your body to reach ketosis, a state of ultimate fat-burning condition. When your body consumes body fat and turns it into energy, it switches over to your reserves which helps you lose weight faster than usual.

Keto lifestyle does not only help you lose weight but also helps lower blood sugar levels by 3% to 6%, slow down the aging process, boost energy levels, and reverse chronic illnesses. With simple steps, the Keto Cycle app is quick to deliver personalized workout routines, meal plans, and shopping list best fitted to your preferences.

  • Step 1: Take a quiz. The first step to obtaining your desired healthier and fitter life is to sign up with the Keto Cycle app and answer all the questions required such as what your goals are, food preferences, and how physically active you are.
  • Step 2: Personalized plan. The next step is to get your desired personalized meal plan and workout plan that is aligned with your goals and body needs.
  • Step 3: Keto Cycle assistance. This part is for you to follow the step-by-step recommendations from the shopping list to healthy recipes offered including vegan-friendly recipes.
  • Step 4: Achieve your goals and retain your keto success. The last step is to achieve the body and health you want. You can retain your desired body weight by utilizing the app’s weight tracker, ketosis tracker, calorie tracker, and progress tracker that offers insightful reports of your progress and visible results.

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What are the Benefits of Keto Cycle?

keto cycle benefits
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

By choosing the Keto Cycle app, you will get various benefits and advantages to help you lose weight and obtain a healthier body. Here are some more of the benefits you can get as soon as you sign up for a plan:

Effortless weight loss programs

Health starts with what you eat. With effective weight loss programs recommended and personalized to suit your level of skills and body needs, Keto Cycle offers to improve your health.

Boosts energy levels

With a healthy body, this app also helps you gain more energy to be productive and enjoy fun activities while still staying on track and seeing results with its all-in-one tracking system.

Achieve a healthier and fitter life

Keto Cycle app does not only help you lose weight but also improves your quality of life by letting you take control of your health. It helps improve cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure levels, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and boosts immunity, and overall wellness.

Why is Keto Cycle Effective?

Keto Cycle reviews

What the Keto Cycle diet app sets apart from the others is letting its users gain ultimate freedom in changing and adding their own meals as preferred. The app is developed by top-notched nutritionists and food experts well respected in the keto community.

Their team has undergone years of research to master the keto diet for years. With such experiences and a science-based approach, Keto Cycle is one of the highly reputable apps that have helped millions of people achieve their weight goal improvements.

Furthermore, with Keto Cycle’s personalized approach, customizing a meal plan and workout plan based on your lifestyle, health, and nutritional needs often offers faster visible results compared with other diet plans with a general approach.

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What are the components of the Keto Cycle?

keto cycle components
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

Keto Cycle diet app is primarily designed to offer personalized workout regimen as well as meal plans for better and healthier weight loss. Downloading Keto Cycle to any of your devices is free but signing up for a plan will cost you depending on the monthly plan you will pick.

Before doing so, part of this Keto Cycle review is to learn what you will get upon signing up for any of their meal plan or workout program offered. Here is the breakdown of what is included:

Personalized workout regimen

Keto Cycle is not an intuitive diet but a legitimate app that genuinely aims for its users to achieve their dream body weight. To do that, it is imperative to complement a great diet with an excellent workout plan that suits your level of skills, expertise, and how physically active you are.

The personalized workout regimen offered by the app is based on the quiz answers that you filled out upon signing up for a plan. Its workout program ranges from beginners to advanced levels and workout lengths take approximately 15 to 45 minutes long.

For visual learners, there are simple video instructions that are developed by nutrition experts and dedicated customer support to better guide users on how to properly conduct effective exercises suitable to their physiques and level of skills.

Personalized meal planner

Knowing what and when to eat makes meal planning simpler and easier for you. As soon as you sign up, you will get personalized meal plans based on the information you inputted from the questions that the system asked you.

Whether you prefer a meal plan that is easy and convenient to prepare over time or if you prefer to mix and match your meal plan, anything is possible with the Keto Cycle app.

Easy to prepare recipes and shopping list

keto cycle features
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

Keto Cycle offers over 10 000 easy-to-prepare recipes that you can choose from. With the guided shopping list that can accommodate both meat lovers and vegans, it will be easier for the user to meal prep without hassles.

All-in-one data tracker

all in one data tracker keto cycle
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

This app is also created for you to conveniently track your progress every day with its progress tracker. Instead of taking all the complicated calculations of your calories and macros, its macro tracker and calorie tracker let you stay in ketosis without a tracker.

If you plan on eating out, you no longer have to worry as the app comes with a barcode scanner, restaurant menu finder, and an ingredient database that tracks down your

Keto community

keto cycle community
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

Keto Cycle offers a united keto community with over 60 active members that share the same goals. Becoming a member of the keto community is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals to inspire keto transformations around the globe.

Who is Keto Cycle best for?

Keto Cycle is best for beginners looking for ways to turn their keto diet plans and journey into an easier and more manageable journey to embark on. It can also be useful for those who are already into a ketogenic diet but wants to improve their energy levels and mental focus.

Since Keto Cycle takes the hassles of following a keto diet through designing meal plans and delicious recipes, it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to get themselves concerned with their next meal preparation. With a variety of tasty recipes both meat and vegan recipes included, the app offers a versatile meal plan assistance fitted for any of your food preferences.

Keto Cycle Pros and Cons

✅ The all-in-one tracking solution saves you from all the hassles of calculating every calorie, carb, and macros intake you consumed on a daily basis.❌ Upon completion of the initial survey, you may need to wait a day or two to receive your initial plan and course of action. 
✅ With its personalized approach, it takes your existing health conditions into consideration before making any recommendations.
✅ The app offers you a comprehensive guide to a ketogenic diet and everything you need to know in maintaining a keto lifestyle.
✅ There is an active community of like-minded individuals that continually inspires you to be the better version of yourself.
✅ You have the freedom to choose your food preferences and food items that you can't live without.

Keto Cycle Cost and Discounts

keto cycle pricing
Photo: Keto Cycle Official Website

Part of this critical review is to know how much it costs to obtain this Keto Cycle diet plan. With over 300 000 people who successfully lose weight and burn fat faster through this Keto Cycle app, losing weight does not have to cost a fortune.

Keto Cycle app offers personalized meal plans at a very affordable price. Here are some of their monthly subscription rates depending on your eagerness to lose weight.

  • 3-month Diet Plan: Get billed every 3 months for this diet plan for as low as $2.75 every week. Save up to $27 from its original price of $5/week.
  • 6-month Diet Plan: Get billed every 6 months for this diet plan for as low as $1.92/week. Save up to $73.92 from its original price of $5/week.
  • 12-month Diet Plan: Get billed every 12 months for this diet plan for as low as $1.25/week. Save up to $180 from its original price of $5/week.

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Keto Cycle Refund Policy

Part of this Keto Cycle review is to scrutinize its return policy in cases when you find the app unsatisfactory to your expectations. For ultimate user satisfaction, the makers of the Keto Cycle app offer a 14-day free trial for you to weigh down your thoughts about the app.

If within 14 days of signing up for any of their meal plans, you find the product disappointing, you can cancel it by contacting their customer service via email. One of their representatives will get back to you between 1 to 3 business days to confirm your cancellation.


All in all, the Keto Cycle app is a good app to look around and explore its features if you are curious. It is free to download the app and if you want to try their service, signing up for a plan for a free trial of 14 days is enough time for you to assess whether or not this app is for you.

Keto Cycle​​ Reviews FAQs

How does Keto Cycle app manage data privacy?

Keto Cycle collects certain information to either allow you to use the service, communicate with you, or make your experience better. However, you have the right to withdraw your consent for Keto Cycle to collect and share your information.

Where to buy Keto Cycle?

This service is available around the world. If you’re ready to sign up, you can either do so directly on their official website or through Google Play or the App Store.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

If you want to cancel your meal plan you can apply for a refund within 14 days. You can get a partial refund by contacting our customer support.

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