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May 11, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Well the visit to the doctor wasn’t great. Further testing is needed and you are now scheduled for a Colonoscopy, a Laparoscopy, and three other “scopys” you can’t even pronounce.

In the days prior to your tests, curiosity and fear set in because you have no idea what to expect aside from the doctors and nurses claims that “hey, it’s routine”.

Ah Ha! There is a way for you to learn more about procedures. MedlinePlus has a ridiculous amount of information on random surgeries. While the text is great, it’s all supplemented with presentations that play on your computer. It’s pretty cool and there have to be at least 75-100 topics to choose from.

Here are a handful that we’ll link to directly so you can check out a presentation:

Interactive Health Tutorials by US National Library of Medicine
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