How to Tell if You Have Mind Parasites and How To Get Rid Of Them If You Do

By David

February 27, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Susan woke early. Early for her was any time before eight on weekdays. Weekends she would sleep in until ten or ten-thirty. However on weekdays, eight meant that she had just enough time to get ready for work, grab a bowl of Special K and get to work three minutes late.

Three minutes late was her little protest that nobody could complain about. It meant she was independent.

This particular morning she had a hangover, though she was a full decade out of college and graduation was the last time, on stiff rum and cokes, she had been drunk, perhaps her hangover was a result of her desire not to be at work. “Maybe I am catching a cold,” she told herself.

But her hangover wasn’t a cold. And it wasn’t caused by her job either. Susan had a bad case of mind parasites. Unlike a heart attack or cancer, her malaise moved in so slowly that she hadn’t noticed. Her passion and desire were in decline. She hadn’t done anything daring or creative in years; her life and liveliness were slipping away from her.

Here muscle tone and mental tone weren’t what they used to be. Her thinking became slightly muddier each day. Her intellect was eroding and the fact that it was, made it all the more difficult to notice.

She didn’t have any good friends only acquaintances, and most of them suffered from mind parasites too. Sure as an old, slow Southern River, their abilities flowed downstream, unreachable and unstoppable.

Susan has mind parasites all right. A disease that plagues many but escapes diagnosis. The societal benefit of mind parasites is that it makes people, like sheep, easier to manage. It sedates them into uninspired compliance.

Mind parasites don’t kill you; they consume your passion and result in you walking around half asleep. They uninspire you, causing you to be a bit more corpselike each day.

It is easy to tell if you have mind parasites. If you think the same sorts of thoughts and do the same sorts of things, you are providing just the conditions mind parasites thrive on. If you lack motivation, passion and creativity, it is likely that mind parasites already have a hold on you.

If today looks a bunch like yesterday, you forget where you put your car keys, and you have lost mental clarity, it may not be your fault; it is likely that mind parasites are having their way with you.

Mind parasites slowly dumb you down. They turn you passive, pessimistic and inactive. They result in you being shy or sheepish and dreaming only at night, not chasing your dreams in the light of day.

Susan imagines that her lack of inspiration is a result of getting older. Really it is just mind parasites having their way with her.

Many people confuse getting older with the work of mind parasites. Getting old doesn’t have to result in diminished capacity. As you get older, your life should get richer, more creative, freer and more fun. However, mind parasites can stop all that, resulting in mental decline or even depression.

Mind parasites have you place an inordinate importance on your thoughts, taking them very seriously. They also have you trust your thoughts, thinking that you know best or that you are right.

There is no known cure for mind parasites simply because they aren’t acknowledged as a disease. But there are things you can do to reclaim your thoughts and your life. The inherent problem, of course, is that the mind parasites will undermine any attempts you make to do any of these things.

It is likely that you have mind parasites; it is also very likely that you don’t know it. People realize the influence that mind parasites have on them only when they step out from under their numbing spell.

There are simple things you can do today to re-claim your life from mind parasites.

•    Look Up.
•    Laugh a little.
•    Sing in the shower.
•    Get moving (dance if you dare).
•    Notice your breath.
•    Notice Mother Nature.

That is a short list of things you can do right now, right this moment, wherever you are, to undermine the parasites. Doing these things will provide immediate relief and spark creativity and passion.

Written on 2/27/2014 by Jerry Stocking. Jerry Stocking is the non-guru. His smile will tell you that he’s found the lighter side of spirituality. For other ways to re-claim your life from the slow decline of mind parasites download Jerry’s free eBook: THE MIND RELIEF MANUSCRIPT at

Photo Credit: Ben Saren


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