What is the Science Behind a Good Cup of Coffee?

By Amit

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to make coffee taste good

Many of us can’t start our day without having our morning coffee. The aroma and the first sip of coffee activate all our senses, as well as the brain. Coffee lovers can have coffee at any time of the day.

Making a cup of coffee is no rocket science. However, science does exist in brewing a tasty and flavorful cup of coffee. If you are a coffee expert, then you might be aware of what it takes to brew a delicious and flavorful cup of coffee. However, if you love coffee but have to depend on coffee shops, then this article can be quite helpful.

In this article, we have discussed what it all takes to make coffee a good coffee.

Components & Equipment

tips on how to make coffee taste good

The quality of the components and equipment used to brew the coffee plays a key role as far as brewing is concerned. Be it the grinder, filter, or dripper, everything matters when it comes to brewing a cup of coffee.

Many people prefer a manual dripper as it filters sediment and oil. Under manual drippers also, a wide range of variety is available in the market. The same goes for grinders and filters. Hence, select the right equipment that can help you make a cup of coffee to suit your taste buds.

Coffee Beans

The taste and flavor of coffee are stored in the coffee beans. Coffee beans of different countries differ from each other in terms of aroma, taste, and flavor. The two most popular coffee beans are:

  • Robusta beans are rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine content.
  • Arabica beans are known for their balancing flavors.

Be selective while purchasing the coffee beans. If you love having coffee, try looking beyond supermarket aisles. Specialty coffee might be a good change for your taste buds.

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Roasting Methods

Roasting of beans is the step where beans tend to get their rich taste. Numerous methods can be used to roast the beans. The most suitable temperature for roasting is between 180-250 degrees Celsius. Duration for roasting is generally around 2-25minutes. Those fresh green coffee beans are transformed into flavorful, aromatic brown beans when roasted.

The aroma of coffee results from various chemical changes taking place in the beans during roasting. The quantity of aromatic compounds formed during roasting varies with the temperature and duration of roasting. For example, more roasting means less chlorogenic acids.

Type & Quality of Water

Pure water is not just essential for living but also for making good coffee. The taste of coffee made from tap water is quite different from that made up of distilled water. The reason being the distilled water is clean and free from impurities and other contaminants.
Recent studies have shown that hard water enhances the flavor of the coffee. Calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water are responsible for increasing the flavor.

Grinding & Brewing Perfect Coffee

making coffee taste good

Nothing can beat the taste of freshly ground coffee. The size and shape of the grounded beans play a vital role in giving aromatic smell and flavors to the coffee. Uniformly grounded beans tend to provide much better results. Many grinders are available in the market. Do thorough research before finalizing your purchase.

The brewing method used determines the taste of your coffee. You can select any of the brewing methods:

  • Brief boiling
  • French Press
  • Filtering
  • Espresso

The factors essential to get most from the coffee beans are

  • Time
  • Pressure
  • Turbulence during brewing

Addictive Aroma

The first thing that hits our senses when we hold a coffee mug is its addictive aroma. It is the aroma that compels us to taste it. If we leave the aroma aside, coffee is no more than a bitter, sour, and umami drink. The aromatic compounds are generated during the roasting process. Volatile compounds responsible for the aroma in coffee are released when coffee beans are roasted.

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