5 Holistic Fitness Routines For Those Who Hate The Gym

By Jaya Dwivedi

August 8, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to get fit without a gym

If the first reaction when you think of the gym is “Ugghh, not again! Why does staying fit has to be so difficult?”, we feel you. If existence is a pain, gyms are probably the reason. If we had a magic lamp, we would probably wish to never go to the gym and yet stay in our best shapes — all our lives. But how to get fit without a gym routine?

Thankfully, there are better alternatives to staying fit. No, we aren’t making this up!

If you hate doing heavy workouts at the gym or seeing the big sweaty dudes who try flexing all the time, you can avoid them with some really cool fitness routines. These are not only easy to do but also extremely rewarding.

And if you are still adamant about going to the gym, there are some great resources to help you with your workout and healthcare routines. Don’t forget to get your vitamin supplements and proteins as they are pretty important if you want to burn fat and lose weight. And just to clear the air and trash a rumor, whey proteins and supplements are NOT steroids.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the facts!


When it comes to weight loss, diet is as important, if not more, than exercises. Eating healthy is the best way you can stay healthy in the long run.

Fresh and organic vegetables and fruits provide you with most of the nutrition your body needs. When it comes to your skin and overall health benefits, nothing beats this tip.

Cooking food in less oil also helps counter a lot of coronary diseases and manage diabetes. Say goodbye to junk foods which are loaded with sugars that add those extra pounds. A balanced nutritious diet is key to even counter cancer risks.

Not to forget, a good night’s sleep helps regulate a lot of things, like hormones, which help in shedding pounds.

Aerobic Exercises

If lifting is not your thing, there is an alternative which might even be better.

Aerobic exercises, also known as cardio exercises, are really good if you are planning to lose weight and get ripped. These exercises help stimulate your heart rate and breathing rate to increase and burn fat pretty fast!

With regular practice, your lung capacity increases (imagine elite athletes) and your heart pumps cleaner oxygen in your blood. Scientifically, aerobic exercises are helpful to fight against diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, obesity, osteoporosis, and even depression.

All you need to do is go swimming, skipping, running, cycling or something similar. Start with 15 minutes first and then, with time, you can stretch it to 45 minutes per day, with breaks in between.


get fit without a gym

Before there were weighted exercises, there was yoga. It consists of physical, mental, and spiritual practices with its roots in ancient India.

However, over the years, the term “yoga” has been diluted. It now denotes a modern form of Hatha yoga, consisting largely of postures called Asanas which are used as physical exercises.

Yogas are not just about physical exercises. They have a wide range of benefits including strengthening of muscles to improve flexibility.

Yoga helps in increasing breathing capacity, corrects posture, and increases blood flow. A lot of experts swear that yoga helps in building core strength better than most exercises. Most athletes have yoga as part of their exercise routines.

Yogas are not just great for weight loss and strength but also help in toning your body shape. You basically have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this.

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Looking for the easiest exercise with great benefits?

Incorporate the easiest thing that you do daily and get heaps of benefits from it. That’s right, walking can be an easy substitute to stay fit. It has been proven that walking for 30 minutes a day or more on most days of the week is a great way to improve your overall health.

Benefits of walking, a self weight-bearing exercise, include:

  • Cardiovascular fitness and reduced risks to the heart
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular pain
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves muscle strength and endurance
  • Reduces body fat

Here, walking does not just mean traditional or conventional walking. It can even include taking the stairs, brisk walking or even walking up a hill. The basic point here is to involve your body as much as possible without putting too much pressure on it.

Play a Sport

getting fit without a gym

Have fun and stay in shape. We recommend a sport that involves a lot of movement. Some of our top picks are badminton, tennis, squash or football (soccer).

Sports can be incredibly intensive. It may involve strength building, endurance and stamina buildup, and cardio workup. The activities won’t make you feel like it is a routine.

Playing a sport also results in a drop in stress and depression levels. It helps you make better connections with new people. And since sports tire and exhaust you, you need a better diet and sleep to recover from all of that. With so many benefits, why would you not want to pick something up?

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And that’s a wrap on our advice!

Gym resolutions are overrated and include a lot of expenditure and can be boring. Instead, go for solutions that are not only easy and fun but also easily accessible without spending a lot of money. Also, gyms can be hard on your knees if you do a lot of benches. They can wear you out if you are overtraining.

So, say goodbye to all these problems with easy holistic routines that will help you stay fit in the longer run. Happy working out and may the force be with you.

Jaya Dwivedi

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