7 Hangover Cures That Work: Complete Guide 2024

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A night out, a celebration, or maybe your birthday – an alcoholic drink will inevitably kick in. Everyone wants a good time, but most people fail to realize that it takes time for the effects to kick in.

As a direct consequence, lots of people drink more than they need to feel good. While some side effects may occur on the spot, the next morning is when the real drama begins.

Hangover symptoms are quite varied, but luckily, there are plenty of hangover cures too. The blood sugar is affected, while the blood alcohol levels slowly reduce throughout the next day.

What else should you know about hangover remedies, and how do you overcome it?

Hangover Cure: What is a hangover?

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A hangover is basically a set of symptoms associated with too many alcoholic beverages. It includes tiredness, weakness, headache, muscular aches, and nausea.

Anxiety, swelling, vertigo, and high blood pressure may also occur. A pain reliever may look like the best choice, but pain relievers are almost never recommended against hangovers.

Hangovers vary from person to person – they could be mild but also ruin someone’s day. Dehydration, disrupted sleep, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation are the main causes.

Why is there a need to cure a hangover?

Drinking alcohol will not always cause a hangover if you know when to stop. Those who drink alcohol tend to exaggerate a little, though, hence getting that hangover the next day.

A hangover will usually go by itself before the end of the next day, with things like the hair of the dog or pickle juice. In some cases, people take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

However, some people are more sensitive than others. At times, hangovers can last for days. Some people are like zombies after exaggerating their alcohol consumption.

Moreover, they are completely useless the day after because of how they feel. The idea to avoid alcohol will help, but the knowing there are lots of hangover remedies can help as well.

What are the ways to cure a hangover?

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There are different ways to cure a hangover after excessive drinking. Most people would rather try a natural hangover remedy – something they have readily available at home.

In some cases, supplements might be needed, especially if stomach pain and other intense sensations are involved. In the worst cases, medication might be required.

Natural remedies

Coconut water can reduce the hangover severity. It is one of the best hangover cures because it handles low blood sugar and rehydrates the body.

Electrolyte powder is not to be overlooked either, not to mention fermented vegetables – such as pickles or juice.

Forget about amino acid supplements and take a mix of B vitamins – according to the Harvard medical school, they help break alcohol down into the body.

A charcoal pill is also helpful – both before and after drinking. You can also drink coffee first thing in the morning. Himalayan salt will flush the body and can prevent muscle aches and a pounding headache.

Prickly pear extract, kombucha, turmeric, or milk thistle can cure a hangover and represent some great wellness tips to reduce even the worst hangover.

Since you are usually dehydrated after drinking alcohol, drinking water will help a lot.

Red ginseng is also recommended for worse hangovers. No matter what you have around the house, you should know that it takes at least a few hours to overcome the worst hangover symptoms.


Medications may also be recommended for hangovers – you can find plenty of over-the-counter drugs to annihilate the symptoms of a hangover.

Get some vitamin C as a supplement, but you can also get some aspirin with a big glass of water. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you need to take a pain reliever only if you experience severe aches.

Dry mouth? Water. Severe headaches? Aspirin, ibuprofen, and various nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Drugs and medications are usually recommended if hangovers are extremely severe and make you unable to do anything during the day after.

Most people can do with natural remedies and some supplements. Exaggerating with medications is not a good idea either – you risk facing liver damage, as well as numerous other side effects.

Studies suggest that the natural approach – vitamins and minerals, lots of sleep, hydration, and various supplements – represent the safer choice and can put you back on track in no time.

Keep in mind that everyone will experience hangovers in different ways. There is no systematic review of hangovers – what works for someone else may not always work for you.


There are plenty of supplements to support people dealing with a hangover. Get more water to rehydrate yourself, and while more research is still needed for some of them, they will usually work wonders.

Most of these supplements are perfectly natural, but it does pay off talking to a registered dietitian if you have restrictions regarding the food you eat – or a doctor if you take a specific medication.

7 Best Hangover Remedies

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1. Top Consumer’s Choice: DrinkAde

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Drinkade is designed to rehydrate the body – not just after a hangover but also to neutralize toxins, such as alcohol.

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2. Popular Hangover Pill: Flyby 

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Flyby is made to help you party with no side effects. This supplement replenishes all the vital nutrients and supports liver function.

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3. Best All-Natural Ingredients: AfterDrink 

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AfterDrink is based on 100% natural ingredients, these pills provide a decent dose of the most important nutrients for your body after drinks.

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4. Best Value: Zaca 

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Zaca offers great value for money, and apart from rehydrating you, it also aids the liver and helps you recover faster.

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5. Most Popular Hangover Drink: The Plug 

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The Plug herbal drink is based on 100% natural ingredients and boosts the liver function, allowing your body to clear out toxins much faster.

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6. Best for Brain and Body: Sobur Hangover Support 

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Sobur herbal extract will reduce the level of drunkenness and boost the brain, liver, immune system, and energy levels.

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7. Best for Alcohol Metabolism: Over EZ 

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The Over EZ remedy is meant to be taken before drinking and not after. It prevents rough mornings by annihilating toxins before they can cause any bad effects.

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The list is longer, but these supplements benefit from great recommendations and high popularity for their effects. In theory, they do the same thing, yet they often work differently. You need to figure out which one is more suitable for how you feel – trial and error.

DrinkAde is probably the most general one because it tackles the most common issues associated with hangovers. The healthy drink will create an anti-alcohol force inside the body.

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Bottom line

While lots of people can allow hangovers to go by themselves, there are times when you need a night out, but you still have to be in the office by 8 AM. There are also cases when as you age, hangovers no longer last five hours but two days.

There are lots of choices out there, from natural supplements and foods to actual drugs. Supplements will probably represent your best choice, and it is easy to tell why – loaded with nutrients and usually based on natural ingredients.

With so many options out there, it pays off to try the top-rated supplements first. It is no surprise why DrinkAde is so widely recommended – a good reputation, lots of positive reviews, and the possibility to tackle the most popular signs of hangovers. It rehydrates the body, supports the liver, boosts antioxidants and electrolytes, and features healthy nutrients.

Indeed, what works for some people will not work for everyone else. But on the same note, what works for most people will most likely work for you too.

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Hangover Cure FAQs

What is the longest time a hangover can last?

In the worst case, a hangover may last up to 72 hours, but such cases are quite rare.

When should I seek a doctor for a hangover?

Severe symptoms before the next day can indicate alcohol poisoning, so seek help immediately.

How is a hangover diagnosed?

Hangovers are diagnosed based on the symptoms associated with drinking alcohol.

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