2 Ways On How to Boost your Immune System: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How to boost immune system

Having a strong immune system is like winning the battle of life. Even when everyone around you is sneezing or falling ill, healthier and stronger, you can have the privilege of enjoying rainfall.

Moreover, a healthy immune system fights infection, facilitates easy recovery from diseases, and prevents the deterioration of chronic problems. But making your immunity strong never comes from a life filled with bad choices.

Now the good news is there are plenty of easy ways how to boost your immune system. All you need to have is willpower and knowledge of betterment.

And where else can you look than coming to us for some ultimate guide? Read and explore multiple ways to bolster your immunity, as curated by our team members.

How to Boost your Immune System: What Is An Immune System?

The immune system comprises a complex and well-knit network of organs, cells, and cellular machinery. The system can be segregated into innate and acquired.

The innate category acts as the first line of defense, and this is what protects a child from infections. The acquired system safeguards the body from specific diseases and is more powerful and specific. As we grow up, the acquired system reaches full effectiveness.

Neither a weak nor overactive immune system is desirable. To stay healthy, our body needs to operate with an effective immune system.

Benefits of Having A Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system acts as a barrier between your body and infection or disease-causing agents. So, it reduces your chances of falling ill.

And if any pathogen or allergen crosses the barrier, your immune system generates biochemical responses. That aids in controlling the spread of disease and continuing the body’s functions in normal conditions.

Signs of A Weak Immune System

  • Regularly falling ill
  • Getting affected during season change
  • Worsening of diseases or infections
  • Prone to infections, including tummy troubles and the common cold
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Taking a comparatively longer time to bounce back from diseases or infections
  • Feeling lethargy

Causes of A Weak Immune System

  • Negative health habits like smoking and drinking
  • Stress
  • Not taking recommended vaccines
  • Chronic conditions
  • Ongoing therapy, like cancer treatments
  • Infections involving HIV or pathogens which attack the immune system
  • Not having sufficient nutrition
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Side-effects of medicines

2 Ways To Boost Your Immune System 

1. Boosting Your Immune System Naturally

how to boost your immune system
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Every research agrees that physical activity boosts or at least take care of your immunity. But, it’s hard to maintain a consistent exercise schedule amid a busy life.

So, you need to develop an exercise plan that works just for you. Moderate exercise will be more than enough if you are not a sportsperson or bodybuilder. Walking, running, swimming, and cycling are simple ways to keep yourself physically active.

Importantly, regular exercise is more beneficial than a week full of heavy workouts. If you exercise regularly, your body’s circulation improves. And this helps in maintaining proper cellular activity, which helps to bolster immunity.

So, if you exercise regularly, you can maintain your fitness during flu season. And you moreover can promote weight loss, which helps in keeping healthy immunity.

Notably, with consistent exercise, you can prevent the occurrence or worsening of chronic diseases. Moreover, exercise lowers blood pressure, prevents heart disease, and improves cardiovascular health.

Good Sleep

Lack of proper sleep routine and poor sleep quality elevates the level of stress hormones. And what you get is poor immunity.

So, you need to have enough sleep to improve or manage your immune health. To get adequate sleep, limit your screen time. Reduce your use of mobile or TV before going to bed.

To ease your way into having enough sleep at the correct time, try journaling. And you can also listen to soothing music and make tasty yet healthy bedtime drinks.

Good Foods

how to boost your immune system
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A diet full of nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, fruits, and veggies blesses you with improvements in overall health. These impart immense goodness in every body system, including immunity.

You can surely use fats to enhance immunity. Not all fats are bad. Healthy fats, available in plenty in foods like salmon and avocado, help to reduce stress effects.

Also, they help to fight inflammation. And that helps in developing a strong immune system. You can get healthy fats from plant foods like nuts and seeds.

Apart from plant foods, you can include fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi or any probiotic supplement. These foods contain probiotics or good bacteria. And these help in improving gut functions, which have close links with the immune system.

Also, include fruits daily in your daily as recommended by national institutes of health. These foods enriched with antioxidants and minerals work wonders to improve immune function.

Fruits are also great sources of vitamins. You can get plenty of vitamin c from citrus fruits, which helps in preventing the common cold. This vitamin protects the body from free radicals caused by smoking and solar radiation.

But, there is a limited or negligible number of fruits with vitamin d. You can get vitamin d from salmon, egg yolks, and cod liver oil.

Also, sunlight helps your body produce vitamin d. So, have some exposure to sunlight but in a safe way.

For boosting vitamin intake, one can focus on supplements having certain vitamins. But, it’s wise to get these through natural sources.

Healthy Habits

To boost immunity, you need to have a healthy lifestyle. And including healthy living strategies safeguards you from stress impacts and diseases.

Healthy practices include having a well-balanced diet regularly. Moreover, a healthy diet helps control body weight and prevents chances of obesity, which impairs the immune response. Avoid processed foods high with added sugars that accelerate aging-like effects and harm immunity.

To stay healthy, avoid having too much alcohol. Alcohol impairs immune cells and elevates your risk of falling ill. Damaged cells fail to prevent the cellular entry of pathogens and the generation of a proper immune response.

Also, avoid smoking to prevent having an ill-functioning immune system, as recommended by Harvard medical school. Consistent exposure to cigarette smoke damages immune cells. Moreover, your lung cells can get permanently damaged and lose the ability to fight air-borne diseases.

To prevent the urge to smoke, chew sugar-free candies, nuts, and seeds. Preventing such urges can seem tough, but it is possible.

Interestingly, good practices can be something simple and easy to execute. These habits include washing hands frequently. Wash your hands after getting out of the washrooms and returning home.

Also, it’s essential to wash your hands just before eating. Frequent washing at strategic moments reduces the entry of pathogens into your body. And through these easy steps, you can prevent your body’s immune response from getting unnecessarily overworked.

Knowing How to Minimize Stress

Chronic stress is highly linked with weak immunity. Mental strain evokes a surge of stress hormones and stress effects. And this compromises the normal functioning of the immune system.

Moreover, a lack of stress management lowers the effectiveness of vaccines and medicines. As shown by a study, a flu vaccine generates more immune responses in persons who can manage stress.

Thus, you need to know how to deal with stressful situations. With that being said, it’s not easy to handle stress. And also, everyone perceives stress differently and has different triggers.

But, with some smart strategies, you can become a pro at dealing with stress. Take out time for meditation. And take advantage of taking long leisurely walks.

Most easily and importantly, share your thoughts and experiences with people you trust and love. Expressing emotions healthily helps in inducing satisfaction and calmness. That prevents and controls the hike in stress levels.

2. Strengthening Your Immune System Through Supplements

A. Best For Detox: Organifi Green Juice 

how to boost your immune system

The supplement contains many green ingredients like moringa, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, and matcha tea. Green foods contain phytochemicals that normalize blood pressure and reduce the chances of heart disease. And these also help in managing stress and weight.

You must be thinking about how improving heart health connects with immunity. But, there lies a strong connection. Deterioration of heart health impairs the immune system and vice versa.

So, you can use the green juice product for improving immunity, even when it’s mainly promoted for something else. Notably, the supplement also contains turmeric, lemon, prebiotic powder, ashwagandha, coconut water, and red beet.

Here, the interesting mix of ingredients builds strength and balances electrolytes. And also it supplements the proper functioning of the immune system.

The product comes in powder form. And it is available in flavors like apple and mint. You can get a pack of 9.8 oz at $69.95 or lower prices on Amazon.

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B. Maintain Cellular Functions: Clean Nutra Immune Defend

how to boost your immune system

The supplement carries an effective blend of vitamin d3, vitamin c, and zinc. The proprietary blend, moreover, contains 5 essential ingredients. And these include elderberry, echinacea, turmeric, ginger, and quercetin.

The vitamins help in preventing the common cold and heart disease. Moreover, the strategic inclusion of quercetin aids in the effective absorption of zinc in cells. And that ensures you get the full effectiveness of zinc.

Zinc has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps maintain cellular functions. And emerging research shows quercetin can control allergic reactions generated by the immune system. Also, quercetin possesses the potential to prevent heart disease and cancer.

With 8 essential ingredients, Clean Nutra Defend serves as an 8-in-1 complex. The product comes in capsule form and is available as supply packs for 1 bottle and 3 and 6 bottles. The price ranges from $29.95 to $149 based on supply packs.

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C. Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Infections: Immune Complex Supplement

how to boost your immune system

Vitapost’s Immune Complex contains a blend of vitamins, trace minerals, and probiotics. Importantly, the formulation also includes echinacea and elderberry.

These ingredients have been linked with a strong immune system. Moreover, these support the normal functioning of immune responses.

By taking the supplement, you can reduce inflammation, prevent infections and support cellular processes. As a result, you get all-around improvement in health.

The supplement comes in capsule form and 1 bottle pack, and 3 and 2 bottles. The pack of 3 bottles gives a free pack.

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D. Detoxifies & Cleanses: Clean Nutra Greens Powder

how to boost your immune system

The supplement claims to give 55 effective ingredients in a single scoop. The product contains nutrient-rich fruit extracts and a mushroom blend.

The supplement has three important functions. These include detoxification and cleansing, improvement of gut health, and support of the cardiovascular system.

The detoxification function it provides supports the smooth functioning of immune health. The digestive enzyme blend promotes better gut health. And doing so helps to maintain the proper functioning of the immune machinery.

The supplement comes in powder form. And this is available in packs of 1 bottle and 3 and 6 bottles. A single bottle of greens powder costs $25.97.

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E. Tastiest ACV Gummy Brand: Essential Elements ACV Gummies

how to boost your immune system

The supplement contains essential proteins, bacteria, and enzymes. The combo of such ingredients helps in improving cardiac and digestive health.

Moreover, the product contains iodine which boosts brain health. Supporting or improving brain health contributes to having good immune functions, as shown by enough evidence.

Notably, the presence of apple cider vinegar blesses you with many health benefits, including a healthy heart. And you also get benefited from the blend of vitamins present in the product.

The supplements are available in gummies. And these come in packs of 1 bottle and 3 and 6 bottles. A pack of 60 gummies costs $20.99.

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Editor’s Pick: Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green juice reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Organifi Green Juice

Powdered Supplement

Organifi Green Juice is true healthy green juice gives you quicker and easier access to all superfoods in one scoop to help reset your body, helps weight loss and boost immunity and energy level without any need for juicing. 

Depends on the package

We think the USP of the Organifi product lies in giving you a green powder that tastes good. Not all green-colored substances are bland or flavorless.

The supplement includes natural ingredients in the formulation. But what makes it special among many natural supplements? Organifi has a blend of vitamins, green foods, and prebiotics that makes it effectively functioning.

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A well-functioning immune system is key to living a healthy life. With a balanced diet, exercise, and good stress management, you can certainly improve your immune response.

Also, simple ways like hand washing are more effective than we can even fathom for helping the body’s defenses. The overall goal lies in building a healthy life.

Apart from mentioned strategies, you can use supplements to complement your diet and exercise schedule. We recommend taking the Organifi Green juice to boost your immune system.

The mentioned supplement contains ingredients like moringa, turmeric, and ashwagandha, which are considered wonder elements for the immune system. Get this supplement to eliminate your chances of becoming diseased.

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How to Boost your Immune System FAQs

How to get a healthy immune system faster?

Sustainably getting a healthy immune system is a continuous journey, not a one-day process. Haphazardly opting for an overwhelming number of strategies fail to boost your immune system.

So, research well and consult with your primary care provider if you want to use any internal medicine. And incorporate healthy habits and exercise schedule that fits best with your routine. Also, don’t skip taking vaccines.

What foods can you have to improve immune function?

There are many foods available that work wonder for your health and immune system. The availability makes it easier to obtain vegetables, fruits, and meat varieties based on your budget and preference. All you need to make sure of is you are eating fresh food.

Include more plant foods in your regular diet. And notably, opt for cheap nutrient-dense foods.

Do you need supplements to improve your immune health?

Enough sleep, consistent exercise, and a healthy diet are keys to improving immune function. And these can be sufficient.

But, taking supplements or any internal medicine made of herbs, vitamins and minerals supplements your intake of essential nutrients. Moreover, supplement formulations contain nutrients that are difficult to obtain through regular foods. Like, you may not get elderberries, which are good for the immune system in local markets.

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