4 Ways How to Cure Vertigo Permanently: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

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how to cure vertigo permanently

Vertigo is a term used to describe a range of symptoms that are caused by a problem with the inner ear. Vertigo symptoms include a sensation of spinning or swaying, often coupled with feelings of nausea and dizziness.

This disease can be caused by several things, including inner ear problems, migraines, and high blood pressure. It can also be a symptom of other diseases, such as Meniere’s disease.

This condition is almost always caused by some underlying cause. That’s why it is very important to know what type of vertigo you have and what’s causing it.

How to cure vertigo permanently is a question on everyone’s minds because vertigo can be very debilitating. You find it difficult to walk or even stand up.

The good news is that you can easily get rid of vertigo through simple exercises and lifestyle changes.

How to Cure Vertigo Permanently: The Different Types of Vertigo

how to cure vertigo permanently
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There are different types of vertigo, and it’s important to know what you’re dealing with, so you can get the right treatment. Here are the most common types:

Positional Vertigo

This is the most common type of vertigo, and it’s caused by a problem with the inner ear. It happens when you move your head in a certain way, and it can be pretty debilitating.

Peripheral Vertigo

This type of vertigo is caused by a problem with the nerve pathways that send information from the eyes to the brain. It can be pretty disabling because it can make everything seem like it’s spinning.

Central Vertigo

This type of vertigo is caused by a central nervous system problem, especially the part of the brain that controls balance. It’s less common than the other types, but it can be really serious if left untreated.

Vertigo Symptoms

how to cure vertigo permanently
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Vertigo can be a pretty scary thing. Here are some of the most common vertigo-associated symptoms:

  • Excessive dizziness
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • Loss of balance
  • Feeling as if you’re spinning out of control
  • Feeling as if the world is spinning around you
  • Motion sickness
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Hearing loss
  • Vomiting
  • Passing out

The Causes of Vertigo

If you’re experiencing vertigo, it’s important to consult with a doctor to figure out what’s causing it. It can be tricky to diagnose because there are so many different things that can lead to it. But here are some of the most common causes:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Vertigo is often caused by a problem with the inner ear, and the most common type is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This is probably the most common manifestation of vertigo, and it’s caused by a problem with the ears. This condition occurs when the tiny crystals that help us balance get dislodged and start moving around in the ear.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is usually caused by a sudden change in position, like turning your head quickly or getting up out of bed. It can be really frustrating because the symptoms of vertigo often come and go without warning.

Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is one of the most common causes of severe vertigo. It is a disorder that affects the ear, and it can cause vertigo, ringing in the ears, and hearing loss. It is caused by a build-up of fluid in the inner ear, and it can lead to episodes of vertigo, ringing in the ears, and muffled hearing.

It’s not entirely clear what causes this disease, but it’s thought to be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Some experts think that stress may be a factor, and there is some evidence that autoimmune disorders may play a role.


Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection that can lead to vertigo. It’s caused by a virus or bacteria, and it happens when the fluid in your inner ear becomes infected. Symptoms of vertigo caused by labyrinthitis include dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Fortunately, labyrinthitis is usually a temporary condition, and it goes away on its own. Treatment includes antibiotics if the infection is bacterial, and there are things you can do to help relieve the vertigo symptoms, like taking anti-nausea medications and lying down until vertigo goes away.

High Blood Pressure

Believe it or not, high blood pressure can be one of the causes of vertigo. When your blood pressure is high, it puts extra stress on your body and your circulatory system. This can cause the blood vessels in your inner ear to become swollen and inflamed, which can lead to vertigo.

4 Treatment Options for Vertigo

There are a few different treatments for vertigo. The most common is medication, which your doctor will prescribe based on the type of vertigo you have. There are also treatments like vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining, which can help improve your balance and decrease the number of dizzy spells you experience.

1. Surgery and Therapy

Vestibular Nerve Section

In some cases, your doctor may recommend surgery. This is usually used as a last resort and only if medications and other treatments haven’t worked. One example of surgery that’s used to treat vertigo caused by vestibular neuritis is called a vestibular nerve section. This surgical procedure cuts the nerve that sends signals to the brain telling it you’re spinning.

Physical Therapies

Physical therapy is more than just for the fitness of treating pain. Research indicates that vestibular rehabilitation is an excellent treatment for vertigo. What physical therapists do is that they teach patients how to position and reposition their bodies in healthy ways.

The vestibular rehabilitation maneuvers they teach patients to help them restore the health of their vestibular systems.

In severe cases, such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, physical therapy is considered compulsory. Physical therapy is a great way of getting rid of the excess calcium carbonate in the ear.

It makes sure that there is effective communication between the brain and the calcium carbonate crystals. It is important to understand that you should try physical therapy techniques only in the presence of an expert and never on your own.

Epley Maneuver

how to cure vertigo permanently
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Epley Maneuver is considered an excellent treatment option in cases where the dizziness and loss of balance caused by vertigo are primarily due to abnormalities in the left ear. Here is how you can perform this exercise:

  • Sit on the corner of your bed.
  • Slightly turn your head to the left, about 45 degrees.
  • Lie on the bed such that your pillow is under your shoulders instead of your head.
  • Lie down for about 30 seconds.
  • Turn your head such that it makes a 90 degrees angle with your torso.
  • Turn towards the right and try to look at the floor.
  • Stay on the bed for a couple of minutes.
  • Slowly try to sit up.
  • Reverse this whole process if your vertigo comes from your right ear.

Brandt-Daroff Exercise

Brandt-Daroff exercise is another easy and very effective exercise for treating vertigo. Here is how you can perform this exercise.

  • Sit comfortably on your bed in an upright position.
  • Turn your head 45 degrees to the left or right (away from the side causing vertigo).
  • Lie down on your side and try to keep your nose pointing upwards.
  • Stay in this position for as long as your vertigo doesn’t go away.
  • Sit back again in the prior upright posture.

Semont Maneuver

The Semont maneuver is another excellent exercise. It is especially good in cases where you know the side of your head that’s been affected by vertigo. Here is how you can do this exercise.

  • Sit straight on any flat surface.
  • Keep your legs hanging over to the side.
  • Lie down and try to turn your head 45 degrees right if you have vertigo on the left side and vice versa.
  • Sit up.
  • Turn your body to the opposite side while keeping your head in the same position.
  • Sit back in your seated position.

2. Home Remedies

While exercises work great for treating vertigo, some easy lifestyle changes can also help. Here are some of the most important lifestyle changes and other remedies that will not only help you get rid of vertigo but also prevent it in the future.

Keep Your Movements Gentle

Research indicates that in some cases, vertigo is triggered by sudden uncomfortable body movements. Try to be careful when you bend over or get out of bed. Similarly, try to reach out for things in a comfortable way.

Review Your Diet

Maybe your vertigo is due to some unhealthy dietary habits, such as too much alcohol, salt, or caffeine. Make sure you have a healthy diet. Experts recommend diets that are high in fiber.

Stay Hydrated

how to cure vertigo permanently
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Dehydration can lead to vertigo and also affect your overall health. Make sure you drink enough water. Research shows that drinking enough water can reduce dizziness.

Workout Carefully

If you have vertigo, try not to engage in high-impact workouts. Strenuous exercises can be dangerous if you have vertigo. Experts recommend tai chi if you want to engage in exercise.

Sleep Properly

Inadequate sleep can not only trigger vertigo but also cause it. Make sure you sleep for a healthy amount of time, preferably in a position where your head is elevated.

Don’t Stress

Stress is among the major triggers of vertigo. Try to join psychotherapy if there is stress in your life that is affecting your health.

3. Digital Treatment Programs

If you want freedom from medicines, you can treat your vertigo through professional digital treatment programs. According to our research, Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Program is the best treatment program for vertigo online.

Here is what this program is about:

Professional Program For Curing Vertigo and Dizziness: Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise Program

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Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Exercise Program

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Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief program is a digital guide to curing vertigo symptoms and frequent dizziness. 

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Do you rest properly but still feel dizzy and off-balance all day? Chances are that you have vertigo. People usually think that vertigo is a normal part of aging. That is not true. 

We believe in non-invasive and natural treatments, which is exactly why we recommend the Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise Program. This program is for people of all ages.

You might be surprised to know that this program consists of snoring exercises. Yes, the writer of this program came to the unbelievable conclusion after considerable research that snoring exercise helps treat vertigo.

This is because these exercises strengthen and loosen your head’s and ears’ muscles, which magically makes the dizziness go away. Christian Goodman, the writer, and creator of this program have extensive expertise in dealing with patients with vertigo.

If you follow the instructions of this program carefully, you will be able to increase the blood supply to your head. Apart from that, the exercise recommended in this program will help you clear your head from unnecessary fluids and toxins.

In short, this program will improve the health of your inner ears, which will help you get rid of vertigo. Apart from that, the Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Program will also help you strengthen your eyes, jaw, and tongue.

This program contains very easy exercises, such as positioning your head correctly. These exercises can be performed by anyone, which is why this program is for everyone.

This amazing natural program will help you become more clear-headed than ever. If you want a dizziness-free life and a life where you stay active and fresh, sign up for this program.

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4. Supplements

Many supplements can help you recover from vertigo, but none is as good as Claritox Pro.

Potent Remedy For Vertigo & Dizziness: Claritox Pro

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Claritox Pro

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Claritox Pro dietary supplement is the latest all-natural supplement professed as a potent remedy for Vertigo and Dizziness.


If you have tried everything to treat your vertigo, but nothing seems to work out, you should give dietary supplements a try. Although supplements are good for your health, we don’t mean you should start taking any supplement.

We recommend supplements that can make you feel better. After considerable research, we came across Claritox Pro, which is truly a pro when it comes to treating vertigo.

Claritox Pro contains all the essential nutrients that enhance activity and readiness. If you want to get rid of dizziness and vertigo, Claritox Pro is the best supplement for you.

This supplement is made with natural phytochemicals extracted from green tea, ginseng, and berberine, just to mention a few. It is a highly rich supplement in chromium, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, zing, cayenne, and other powerful ingredients.

The ingredients in this supplement bring back your inner ear system to its normal state and clear your ear canal of toxins. This supplement will make sure that certain neurotransmitters in your brain work properly.

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Vertigo may seem like a non-serious condition, but it can make your life very uncomfortable when you feel dizzy and off-balance all the time.  There is nothing in life that you can enjoy. Everything seems shaky and blurry. That’s why you should take vertigo very seriously.

Vertigo affects more than just your balance. This condition can give you immense stress, which can disrupt your psychological health. On top of that, the stress caused by vertigo can make your vertigo even more severe. In fact, research clearly shows that stress can trigger vertigo.

Traditional medicines and surgeries usually either don’t work or have side effects. That’s why we recommend natural exercises and supplements. If you are looking for a supplement, there is no better option than Claritox Pro.

It can treat severe forms of vertigo as well, such as benign positional paroxysmal vertigo. Claritox Pro is good for more than just vertigo treatment. It is a supplement that will dramatically improve your brain’s health.

The more clear-headed you are, the better your life will be. This program guarantees not only a dizziness-free life but also a happy and healthier life.

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Vertigo Treatment FAQs

Can vertigo be caused by injuries?

Yes, head injury and neck injury are among the common causes of vertigo.

Can stress cause vertigo?

Stress doesn’t cause vertigo directly; however, it can trigger it and worsen it.

What is the difference between vertigo and dizziness?

Dizziness involves simple imbalance, while vertigo involves feeling as if the world is spinning.

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