6 Treatments for Hemorrhoid Relief: Complete Guide 2024

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hemorrhoid relief

The rectal and anal areas beneath the mucous membrane lining of the human excretory system contain clusters of veins knowns as hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are a crucial anatomical component of the digestive system. In some cases, these veins become swollen due to increased pressure in the anorectal area.

When the hemorrhoids are swollen, they affect normal bowel movements, resulting in a disease known by the same name, i.e., hemorrhoids. It involves extreme pressure, itching, pain, and bleeding in the rectal areas.

Mild cases of internal and external hemorrhoids go away on their own within a few weeks. However, severe and chronic forms of hemorrhoids require extensive care. Conventional treatments for hemorrhoid relief often further complicate the problem. This is why most people resort to natural and herbal treatments.

Hemorrhoid Relief: What are Hemorrhoids?

hemorrhoid relief
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Hemorrhoids are a disease of the anorectal area in which the hemorrhoids (a cushion-like cluster of veins)  become swollen due to excessive pressure, resulting in severe difficulty in bowel movements accompanied by itching, pain, and rectal bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are typically more common among aged people. Although it can be very discomforting, it’s rarely severely dangerous or lethal. Perhaps the most concerning aspect of hemorrhoids is that they can be recurring.

The hemorrhoid veins help in controlling the bowels against the downward pull of gravity. That’s why people with hemorrhoids face difficulty in controlling their bowel movements.

Treatments range from rubber band ligation to the use of anesthetics and surgery.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can occur in either of the following two forms.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids occur due to the swelling of the hemorrhoid veins located deep in the rectum. Since these veins are located deep inside the rectum, internal hemorrhoids usually cannot be felt or seen. Another reason why internal hemorrhoid is less painful is that there are few pain receptors deep inside the rectum.

Internal hemorrhoids often involve hematochezia, a condition where rectal bleeding over the stool. Apart from persistent bleeding, internal hemorrhoids are also associated with itching, mucous discharge, and fecal incontinence. The hemorrhoid pain usually occurs if the hemorrhoids are thrombosed. They can be treated with simple treatments such as rubber band ligation.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids occur on the outside of the rectal area near and under the skin around the anus. They can be extremely painful due to the abundance of pain receptors down there. However, the pain usually resolves in about 2-3 days. As far as the swelling is concerned, it can take weeks to completely disappear.

External hemorrhoids can either be thrombosed or not. External hemorrhoids may or may not be accompanied by itching. Usually, itching is present either with the hemorrhoids being too big or the person isn’t taking proper care of his or her hygiene. It becomes especially severe if it is accompanied by other digestive and kidney diseases.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

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The following are the main internal and external hemorrhoid symptoms:

  • Severe pain in the anal area
  • Bleeding from the anal area
  • Bleeding during bowel movement
  • Itching in the rectal area
  • Swelling of the rectal area
  • Bulging out of tissues from the anus
  • Lumps around the anus
  • Discomfort while sitting and walking
  • Chronic constipation

Causes of Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are commonly associated with chronic constipation. During constipation, there is excessive pressure on the rectal area for prolonged durations, which damages the hemorrhoid veins and leads to symptomatic hemorrhoids. During constipation, there is not enough blood flow to and from the rectal area, which swells and enlarges the hemorrhoid veins. This further complicates the problem.

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Tight Anal Muscles

Recent studies indicate that people with hemorrhoids have tighter smooth anal muscles. The over-tightness of the anal canal increases straining during bowel movements. This puts excessive pressure on the hemorrhoid veins and pushes them against the sphincter muscles.

Weak Connective Tissues

The connective tissues in the anal area can become weaker with age. This results in the bulging out of the hemorrhoid veins.


During pregnancy, when the baby grows inside the womb and the uterus enlarges, it puts excessive pressure on the hemorrhoid veins. The excessive pressure on the hemorrhoid veins then leads to hemorrhoids.

How are Hemorrhoids Diagnosed?

The first thing your doctor will ask when you visit is your medical history and symptoms. The doctor can know just from the symptoms whether or not you have hemorrhoids; however, you will still need to undergo some examinations, such as:

Physical Examination

Physical examination of hemorrhoids involves an examination of the anal and rectal areas. The doctor will examine these areas to see if there is any swelling, irritation, inflammation, lumps, or other issues.

Digital Rectal Examination

The digital rectal examination involves an examination of the rectal muscles. The colon and rectal surgeon will insert a finger, with his/her gloves on, inside your rectum to see if there is any internal tenderness, lumps, or other problems.


The colonoscope is a longer tube compared to the ones mentioned above. It is a flexible tube used for taking tissue samples from the colon.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids?

There are many treatment options available on the market. However, as we have emphasized over and over again, most of those treatments come with painful side effects.

However, you can try over-the-counter products that are completely free from side effects.

Safe Conventional Treatment Options

  • OTC ointments can reduce inflammation and swelling associated with hemorrhoids. Make sure you choose ointments that are good at adding moisture to your skin.
  • Use high-quality stool softeners.
  • Rubber band ligation is also very helpful. It involves cutting off the supply to the hemorrhoids. Rubber band ligation uses a rubber band that tightens hemorrhoids. This treatment results in the shrinkage of hemorrhoids within just a couple of days.
  • Try Lidocaine as well. Lidocaine blocks nerve transmissions before they can reach the central nervous system. This blockage enables the patient to not feel the pain. Apart from its anesthetic properties, Lidocaine is anti-inflammatory. That’s why it is not only good for pain relief but treats hemorrhoids.

Natural Remedies

Hemorrhoid is usually not very severe and can be treated successfully with the help of little care and some natural remedies. Conventional treatments of hemorrhoids are associated with lots of side effects. That’s why we recommend that you try these home treatments.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

A lack of fiber content in your diet can leave you vulnerable to hemorrhoids. That’s because, without fiber, your stool can’t soften, which puts a lot of pressure on your anal canal during defecation. Food such as beans, broccoli, grain, and fresh fruits are good for treating hemorrhoids.

Fiber supplements can also help decrease the bleeding, inflammation, and irritation associated with hemorrhoids. Remember that when you increase your fiber intake, you must also increase your fluid intake to get optimum positive results.

Sitz Bath

One of the best ways to relieve pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids is to take a sitz bath for about 20 minutes. A sitz bath involves washing the hips and buttocks with warm water. You can buy yourself a small plastic tub and put some warm water in it. While you take a bath, gently pat your anus and then dry it after the bath.

Aloe Vera

You might be aware of the fantastic benefits of aloe vera gel for treating skin conditions. Well, aloe vera is an equally effective treatment option for hemorrhoids. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can give your instant relief from further irritation. If you are a regular user of aloe vera, it can prevent hemorrhoids as well.

Remember to only try pure aloe vera gel and not lotions or creams that contain aloe vera. If you are allergic to onions or garlic, you should avoid using aloe vera. It can also relieve an anal fissure.

Tea Tree Oil

Antiseptics work exceptionally well in treating hemorrhoids. Tea tree oil has fantastic antiseptic properties. That’s why tea tree oil can give you instant pain relief. It can also give you relief from discomfort and itching associated with hemorrhoids. It can also kill the harmful bacteria in the anal area that can worsen the problem. It’s great for your digestive health as well.

Witch Hazel

This medicinal plant is considered among the most effective treatments for hemorrhoids. You can apply it to your anal areas to ease the irritation and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. Along with soothing your skin, Witch Hazel is also very good for treating acne, scalp sensitivity, sore throat, and other skin conditions.

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What Does Hemorrhoid No More Contain?

You’d have to read the complete e-book to benefit from it. However, we will give you some idea about what this e-book contains. This e-book will teach you about anti-hemorrhoid foods that you should be eating as well as the top 10 foods to avoid. Apart from that, it also contains comprehensive information on why you should avoid the commonly used medications for treating hemorrhoids.

It explains in full detail why ointments, lotions, and suppositories never completely heal hemorrhoids. This will teach you about cheap root extracts and herbs that are scientifically proven effective for treating chronic hemorrhoids. The program also sheds light on the importance of exercise and breathing techniques that help in treating and preventing hemorrhoids.

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While there are lots of treatments available for hemorrhoid relief, people are increasingly getting away from conventional medicated creams and other medications. That’s because they turn otherwise mild hemorrhoids into severe due to their side effects. That’s why we recommend Hemorrhoid No More as the best hemorrhoid treatment.

Why Do We Recommend Hemorrhoid No More?

  • It offers holistic treatment.
  • Saves you from invasive surgeries.
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  • It is continually updated with the latest findings.

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Hemorrhoid Relief FAQs

Are hemorrhoids lethal?

Hemorrhoids can be painful, but they don’t put your life in danger.

Can anal intercourse cause hemorrhoids?

No, it doesn’t directly cause it, but if you have hemorrhoids, you should not have anal intercourse.

What food is good for healthy bowel movements?

All foods that are rich in fiber and fluids are good for healthy bowel movements.

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