Camping Outdoors: A Perfect Health Booster

By Williams Young

January 20, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

health benefits of camping outdoors

Great fun happens when camping outdoors. This is what comes to mind for people especially the kids when camping is being planned. Are there any other things we can think of when it comes to camping?

Yes, there is! You forgot one other benefit that camping outdoors has on people. That is, camping is a health booster for everybody.

Here are some healthy tips we can benefit from camping out in the open.

Nature’s Fresh Air

Spending your time in the midst of trees and shrubbery, you take in fresh air, and that is more oxygen for you. Just breathing in the smell of nature can bring you happiness, releasing serotonin from the excess oxygen that you have.

Other health benefits we can derive from fresh air is that your digestion is improved, blood pressure gets normalized, and it gives you an extra boost for your immune system. Most of all, when you’re outdoors, you breathe in air with very minimal pollutants.

Bonding and Making Memories

get together camping

Camping with families and friends is a great experience that will make bonds stronger. Socializing can give you longer years on this earth and prevent you from having dementia or also referred to as “mental decay.”

In most cases, people who have been working all their life make their lives so monotonous. But taking a break, relaxing, and camping provides vigor to the central nervous system due to a positive reaction of excitement. Similar to the reaction to food, this sends messages to the brain and activates all our nerves and system making us alert and lively again.

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Get Away from Feeling Low

When campers get together, more often than not, a lot of talk and discussions can happen around the campfire. They can talk about anything and everything. This eases out the melatonin levels in your brain.

Melatonin is a chemical that helps us sleep but it can also make us lazy and tired sometimes. It encourages depression in the long run. Having fun camping and chatting with your loved ones and friends help you avoid mood swings and feelings of depression.

Throws Away Stress

Stress-free activities like camping unburden your mind from all the worries that you have. Emotionally, it makes it impossible for you to get angry or annoyed when you’re busy with something you enjoy.


Physical activities are at its highest while camping You burn a lot of calories compared to just sitting in the office. In addition, your cardiovascular system also gets a workout when you go hiking, biking or swimming.


When you go camping, you are exposed to more sunlight than you’ll ever get in the office or in school. The more sunlight the body is exposed to, the more serotonin it gets. Serotonin is also called the happy hormone so soak up that sunshine!

Peaceful Slumber

With lots of activities during the daytime, sleep comes so quickly. You won’t even notice that it’s time for bed. This is expected after spending the whole day doing physical activities. A good night’s sleep benefits your body in many ways. It can minimize inflammation, make you alert, and boost your cardiovascular system just to name a few.

Delectable Food

campfire food

If you are camping beside a river teeming with fish, cooking newly caught fish is giving your body protein and strength. Food cooked outdoors are free of any preservatives or chemical ingredients because it is cooked fresh. Can you imagine the smell of grilled fish and the delectable juicy fish meat right about now?

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Camping is as much a healing activity as it is a fun activity. Consider leaving your laptop and gadgets at home. Instead, detach your mind and body from the humdrum of city life and meditate. Serene peace, tranquility, and meditation are the excellent benefits you can get from camping outdoors, an experience you will always remember.

Williams Young

Williams A. Young is a passionate mechanical engineer who is also a car enthusiast. He loves the outdoors and goes camping whenever he can. During his free time, he loves to write about tips on camping as well as the latest news about cars. He writes on behalf of Darwin4wdHire.

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