Harmoni Pendants Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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January 10, 2024

harmoni pendants

The Harmoni Pendant is a wearable device designed to protect your overall state from the damaging effects of EMF radiation and help improve your physical and emotional well-being. 

EMF (Electromagnetic fields) radiations are purportedly the root of various health concerns today. These radiations are found all around us in our environment as they come from the electronics you love and use daily, including cell phones, mobile towers, WiFi routers, microwaves, and laptops. It means you are encountering EMF exposure daily. 

Experts warn that EMF emits harmful radiation, and their constant exposure causes dramatic health effects. It might drain overall vitality, cause cognitive fog, speed up aging, hinder the body’s ability to fight infections, and rob people of sleep. Besides, it is challenging to distance yourself from these electronic devices to avoid EMFs. 

However, some gadgets block the harmful EMF. In this regard, “The Harmoni Pendant” is a tool that claims to protect you from electromagnetic radiation and harmful frequencies that negatively affect your overall health. Read the article to learn more about this product, how the Harmoni pendant works, who can use it, and its pros and cons. 

Let’s dive into Harmoni Pendant Reviews in detail!

Harmoni Pendant Reviews: Product Overview

harmoni pendants
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Harmoni Pendants EMF Radiation

Protection necklace

It is a personal EMF protection device that helps block & shield EMF radiation, protect against associated potential health issues, stress and aging—and gives you greater resilience in body and mind.

Depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Harmoni Pendant reviews reveal that the users are satisfied with this EMF protection necklace. The customers report that they notice improved sleep quality, stress relief, and greater resilience in body and mind with Harmoni. 

Here are some of the customer’s opinions about this protection jewelry;

“My Harmoni pendant allows me to lower my stress while protecting me from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. I wear it everyday and feel AMAZING!”—Dr. Fab Mancini

“I had been waking up stressed for over 2 months. The first day I wore the Harmoni Pendant, I slept soundly through the entire night. I’ve also noticed a significant shift in my reactions to stressful situations. This is life changing.”—Andrea Anders (Actress)

“I did my own scan and showed that it does truly affect my heart rate variability. I have a really high level of stress in my job and raising 4 children. I really felt it had a calming effect on me and I’m more level headed to get through my day easier. I’m recommending to my patients.”—Dr. Lisa Fortin

“LOVE this little pendant (and great idea to make it so you can just pull it on over your head). I am sleeping like a baby thanks to this lovely little charm, I wear it daily. What a difference!”—Leanne Ely

“I couldn’t be more grateful to have this easy EMF solution for me and my family! I always notice a HUGE difference on days we wear our pendants.”—Samantha Lee Wright.

“Our whole family wears the Harmoni Pendant. When you wear the Harmoni Pendant, your body shifts OUT of the fight-or-flight state and into the parasympathetic (calm) mode, preventing EMF radiation from getting “stuck” inside your body. We feel more energetic, focused, and healthier since we “Harmoni-zed” our family!—Trina Felber.

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What is Harmoni Pendants EMF Radiation?

harmoni pendant


The Harmoni Pendant is an innovative product designed to protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The pendant is made entirely from natural materials, such as stones and crystals, that are tested to have EMF protection characteristics.

They contain several layers of protective technology that absorb most EMF radiations and reduce their intensity, offering you defense against the radiation. 

Besides, its sleek design makes it aesthetically pleasing while supporting your well-being, reducing stress, increasing energy levels, and improving sleep quality. 

The Harmoni pendant is made in California, USA. The creator aims to develop a method to counteract the effects of EMFs that have been validated by science, so they introduce the Harmoni Pendant.

To demonstrate its general applicability, the team put the Harmoni Pendant to the test conducted by a team of specialists. And they found it effective in fighting the negative effects of EMF and supporting bodily functions. 

Besides, this EMF protection Pendant has been used and approved by Health practitioners, professional athletes, industry experts, and celebrities, among other individuals. You can use the Pendant and perk up your overall physical and emotional well-being.

How does Harmoni Pendant work?

Harmoni Pendants reviews

The Harmoni Pendant contains several layers of protective technology designed to keep EMF at bay and promote relaxation and focus throughout the day.

The proponents of the Harmoni Pendant use the principle of bioenergetics (study of vibrational energy) to block harmful EMF radiations.  

The creators explain that everything in the universe has its vibrations. Every single organ in your body vibrates at its frequency. EMF radiation alters these frequencies, which is critical for your health.

These vibrational frequencies are measured by “biophotons,” the light particles created inside your body from sunlight. High amounts of biophotons are an indicator of good health.

The Harmoni Pendant is designed to enhance the body’s ability to create more biophotons that turn the energy gathered from the sun into usable energy creating a more balanced frequency that can fight and block harmful frequencies of EMF exposure. 

Moreover, the Harmoni Pendant uses a unique metal combination to harmonize the body. They form a natural paramagnetic field around you that alters man-made EMFs and changes them into a more natural, less harmful form. 

How to Use Harmoni Pendants?

How to activate Harmoni Pendant

You need to activate the Harmoni Pendant necklace before use. The manufacturer provides you with a step-by-step video and a PDF with instructions on activating your pendant. However, this is a very simple process. Here is the activation instruction: 

  • To activate, use a 12-inch (30cm) ruler, and place one end of the ruler against your breastbone or sternum, facing straight outward.
  • Put your Harmoni pendant at the opposite edge of the ruler with the circular icon facing outwards, away from your body.
  • Hold the pendant there for two minutes before wearing it.

That’s all! You’ve activated the pendant and are now officially harmonized. The manufacturer advised repeating this process once a week or as needed in case you feel “off or stressed” to clear out all negative energies. 

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What are the Benefits of Harmoni Pendants? 

harmoni pendant benefits

The Harmoni pendant aids in converting the sun’s energy into beneficial energy inside the body, allowing your body to obstruct harmful frequencies like EMF from causing damage to the body and restoring harmony and balance to the body. 

Protects against EMF exposure

EMF radiation is everywhere and growing exponentially, affecting your overall health. There is no point in ignoring EMFs. Harmoni Pendant provides an ultimate way to support your body against EMF stress. With Harmoni, you can defend your body against the potential negative effects of EMF exposure.

Elevate mood: 

EMFs interfere with normal cellular development in the brain leading to brain fog and low mood. The Harmoni pendants help release the blockages in your energetic field caused by physical and emotional trauma to improve your body’s natural ability to heal and elevate your mood. 

Support optimal stress response:

The Harmoni pendant boosts your “psycho-emotional” state to help your body deal with the constant onslaught of stress and EMFs from all sources—the pendant supports a more balanced nervous system, better resiliency, and stress handling, so you are more resilient to EMFs. 

Get deeper sleep: 

The pendant helps improve biorhythms, including the circadian rhythms on which our body relies for health and performance, including sleep patterns. The pendant helps users to have deep, quality sleep and rest.

Boost vitality and performance:

EMF radiation harms mitochondria, which are the “energy factories of your cells.” Harmoni activation helps you grow your energy reserves and combat chronic fatigue and brain fog. It also helps boost better brain function, optimal bodily processes, and a harmonious nervous system which plays a huge role in your day-to-day energy levels.

Promote Longevity:

Harmoni pendant has potential anti-aging benefits. Biological age was also measured in the Harmoni study test, and the result indicates that the participants’ biological age was significantly reduced by about two years. Hence, the pendant allows the users to appear younger.

Why is Harmoni Pendant Effective?

Harmoni Pendants reviews

Harmoni Pendant is an innovative wearable EMF solution and performance optimization device— perfected by over a decade of testing. It acts as a protective shield against hazardous radiation from cell phones, WiFi routers, and other electronics and helps prevent EMF-associated diseases. 

Well tested

The Harmoni Pendant is the latest breakthrough in EMF protection, stress relief, and performance optimization. A multi-centered, single-armed, open-lab investigation was carried out at 9 healthcare facilities across the United States. They confirmed it perfected revolutionary technology to help you reduce EMF-induced stress in the body.


The Harmoni Pendant is composed of natural materials like stones & crystals and nickel-free surgical-grade austenitic stainless steel. These alloys do not contain copper.

It comes in a Variety

The Harmoni Pendant features an intricate design and comes in a range of colors and sizes, making it the perfect accessory to add to any outfit. They offer three metal options: stainless steel, rose gold plated, and gold plated. 

Plus, you can have 20mm and 25mm pendants. The best thing is that these varieties have NO impact on Harmoni Pendant’s ability; these options have only been included for aesthetic reasons.

harmoni pendants 2

Easy to use

Harmoni Pendent is incredibly simple to use. After two minutes of harmonization, you can expect to feel less stiffness and discomfort overall. Once you’re harmonized, you can keep it on or near the body, such as on a keychain, necklace, pocket, or under your pillow.                   

100% Money-back Assurance

The Harmoni Pendant comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you believe the pendant did not fulfill the promised benefits, you can request a refund. They will send you all your money back—no questions asked. 

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What are the components of Harmoni Pendants?


A purchase of an EMF Harmoni Pendant comes in a chain, pendant, presentation box, and a certificate of its authenticity. 

EMF protection necklace contains features to better block and absorb EMF radiation itself and eliminate the appearance of any disease or health condition. The Harmoni disk is made of advanced materials with direct technology that harmonizes negative ions and provides various health benefits, including better sleep, improved performance, stress relief, more energy, and mental clarity. 

Besides, the sleek design of the pendant makes it aesthetically pleasing while providing cutting-edge technology to help improve well-being.

Who is Harmoni Pendants best for?

Harmoni Pendant provides full radiation protection to anyone who uses it, regardless of age and gender.

Anybody can use the pendant since the environment is filled with RF or EMF radiations emitted from daily-use electronic devices, including phones, microwaves, laptops, cell phone towers, and other gadgets.

The pendant is also safe for children, especially for those more sensitive to EMFs, and looks like a fun accessory. Anyone exposed to stressful and traumatized situations can benefit from this EMF solution. The pendant helps restore balance and harmony to the body.

However, Harmoni has not researched pregnant and nursing mothers to date. Yet, they have not reported issues with customers wearing the pendant while pregnant or breastfeeding.

According to the manufacturers, the Harmoni Pendant is used and trusted by professionally ranked boxers, elite athletes, celebrities, and thousands of regular people who want to improve head-to-toe health. It is reported that the users enjoy more energy, vitality, and enhanced clarity of thought with less worry about everyday stressors. 

Harmoni Pendants Pros and Cons

✅ Support healthy emotional responses, elevate mood, and improve the quality of sleep.❌ The Harmony Pendant is only available online; you can purchase it directly from their official website.
✅ Provides energetic support to protect the body against harmful EMF radiation.❌ The result varies between individuals depending upon their health conditions.
✅ Prevents any occurrence of chronic health conditions caused by radiation.
✅ Improves brain function, concentration levels, and clear-headedness.
✅ Comes with a stylish design and a range of available colors.

Harmoni Pendants Cost and Discounts

harmoni pendants pricing

The Harmoni Pendant is only available on the official website. You can buy pendants of any size or color at a discounted rate of $89 instead of $149. The company offers free US shipping on all orders, while shipping is included for international orders. 

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Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee protects each Harmoni Pendant order. This means you can take two full months to try it out and see what a difference it makes in your health. If you feel the pendant did not fulfill the benefits promised, you can request a refund. Simply mail them back your pendant, and they’ll gladly refund every penny you paid. 

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EMF and new wireless technology exposure are a top health concern today. In this regard, The Harmoni Pendant works as a personal EMF protection device for all-day EMF protection that also restores balance and harmony to the body.

Harmoni pendants look like a simple, fun piece of jewelry or accessory, but they protect your body from EMFs all day long. Wearing the pendant adjusts the body into a balanced energy field. After 2 minutes of being harmonized, you may feel more relaxed and at peace and will find a reduction in general aches, pain, stiffness, etc. 

The Pendant is handy when you are out and about; it offers protection even inside your home. You can feel calm, grounded, and energized like you were in nature, even if you are not.

The stainless steel Harmoni Pendant is available in different sizes and colors. You can wear it inside or outside the clothes to protect yourself against harmful EMF radiation.

The Harmoni Pendant is used and trusted by elite athletes, professionally-ranked boxers, health practitioners, cyclists, and thousands of regular people who want more vitality, focus, and improved head-to-toe health. Moreover, an iron-clad money-back guarantee protects it, making it a risk–free purchase. So, give it a try. 

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Harmoni Pendants​​ Reviews FAQs

How should the necklace be cleaned?

The Harmoni necklace can be cleaned with warm water and a bar of mild liquid soap, like dishwashing detergent.

Can they wear a Harmoni Pendant during a shower?

Yes! The Harmoni Pendant is waterproof. It won’t be harmed by water in any way. The same holds for unintentional washings in a washer. However, owing to the chemicals in swimming pools and body wash products, it is advised to avoid wearing it when bathing or swimming. Since they may lose their luster if you do so regularly, a small amount of stainless-steel polish will restore the luster.

Can the Harmoni Pendant be shared from person to person?

A Harmoni Pendant is only tailored to one person. A single pendant cannot be shared. If the pendant is activated by more than one person, the positive benefits will be reduced or may be lost for both parties.

What if I can’t tolerate the Harmoni Pendant on the skin?

The Harmoni Pendant is unlikely to cause any inconvenience. However, the best approach in this situation would be to keep the pendant with a pair of keys or in a pocket. Since the Harmoni Pendant does not have to be close to the body to draw and repel energy.

How often do I need to reactivate the Harmoni Pendant? 

The manufacturer recommends doing the reactivation process about once a week. It only takes 60 seconds and ensure the pendant is attuned to your body’s unique biofield. 

What if I forget to reactivate the Harmoni Pendant? Does it stop working? 

No. It does not stop working, but its effect may be decreased. To ensure that your Harmoni is always “in sync” with your body, the manufacturer recommends you set a weekly reminder for yourself to get through the 60-second reactivation process. 

Can I wear the Harmoni pendant when I sleep? 

Yes, you can wear the Harmoni Pendant when you sleep. The Harmoni team recommends you place the pendant icon on the front facing away from the body underneath your pillow, sheets, or mattress cover instead of wearing it around your neck while you sleep. This will ensure that it comes in closer contact with the body to ensure you get the benefits.

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