Halloween Accidents: Don’t Let Your Night Of Fun Turn Into A Night Of Terror And Pain

By David

October 22, 2013   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Regardless of what night Halloween falls on, this holiday calls for people of all ages to cut loose, have fun, and join in the costumed revelry.

When you are invited to a Halloween party, your primary focus may be on the fun that lies in wait for you that evening.

You may not give much thought the risk of falling down and getting hurt.

However, this night of fun can quickly become a night of terror and pain if you fall down while you are out enjoying this holiday. If you plan to don a costume and attend a festive party, you should be aware of the risks of slip and fall accidents at the event.

Costumes Could Get in Your Way

You may have the best costume of the night. Even so, your clever disguise may also be your undoing. Many costumes today are made out of slippery satin or polyester. When you walk across a smooth floor or try to step down stairs, you may fall down and get hurt. If this accident occurs, you may be left to wonder who is at fault for your slip and fall. If your fall is due to your own costume, you may be responsible for your own fall. However, if the accident was due to the floor being wet or overly glossed, or the steps being poorly lit, you may have a case against the venue’s host.

Masks and the Risk of Injury

If your host is throwing a masquerade ball, you may arrive in a mask or some other form of facial covering. While you are in perfect style for the festivities, you also could be at risk of falling and getting hurt. If you do happen to slip and fall due to your mask, the question could be brought up about the host’s responsibility to you for your suffering. Had the host not insisted on your wearing a mask, you may have avoided falling and getting hurt.

Alcohol Consumption and Inebriated Party Goers

Most Halloween parties for adults feature alcoholic beverages. While you may be mindful of your own drinking, you may not have any control over how much the other revelers are consuming. If one of them causes you to fall down, such as if a party goer trips you or pushes you, the drunken individual, as well as the party’s host, may have the legal and financial obligation to take care of your medical expenses. Anytime alcohol is offered a party, the risk of slip and fall accidents increases.

Cracked or Unpaved Sidewalks and Walkways

You may fall down before you ever enter the party. If you slip and fall on a sidewalk that is cracked or unpaved, you may have the right to sue the property’s owner. These fixtures by law must be in good repair, at least in most communities throughout the country. If you fall, you should be taken care of legally and financially by the property’s owner.

Halloween is a night of fun for everyone. However, your fun may be cut short if you slip and fall at the festivities. If such an accident occurs, you are encouraged to find out who is responsible for your suffering and take the appropriate legal actions against that individual.

Written on 10/22/2013 by Sara Crawford. Sara Crawford is a freelance writer from Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys having a good time in a responsible way. Auger & Auger, have seen many slip and fall cases that have resulted in severe personal injuries, and they advise everyone to be cautious on this holiday.

Photo Credit: William Warby


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