5 Essential Items to Enhance Your Gym Experience

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August 3, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Joining a gym is always a great idea. You can walk in at a time of your choice, have access to dozens of equipment to tone your muscles, get personal advice from professional trainers, sweat it out, and be inspired to go the distance from watching like-minded people workout alongside you.

A regular workout routine is a key part of staying fit and healthy. And when it comes to getting the best experience, carrying the right items makes a big difference. Whether you’re heading to a professional gym or your beloved personal garage gym, here is a list of gym accessories you could carry to enhance the whole experience.

1. Protein Shaker Bottle

You can’t gain an inch of muscle without taking sufficient proteins. Purchase a shaker bottle and load it with a muscle-enhancing protein drink before you head to the gym.

Just in case you got pepped up to last a quarter of an hour longer at the gym, your protein shake would be the one thing that you need to get the desired results from your workouts. When combined with the right supplements, protein shakes give your muscles what they exactly need to recover after a tiresome workout session.

Some popular shaker bottle brands used by gym bunnies include BlenderBottle, Cyclone Cup, and SmartShake.

2. Fitness tracking gadgets

wearable technology

Take your workout results to the next level by using fitness tracking gadgets to track your performance. From total number of calories burnt during workout to distance walked to your heart rate and even hours slept in the night, there are fitness gadgets that can keep track of what goes into every single physical activity of yours. Monitor your exercise performance in numbers and accordingly tailor your workouts for better results every time.

Check out the most popular fitness gadgets from leading brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, and Withings and choose the ones that perfectly fit your needs and budget.

3. Moisture Wicking Towel

Ah! Here’s one for your convenience (and for the convenience of people around you as well!).

Excess sweat when left to dry can stink like sh*t. And when it comes to the gym, no one likes to grip equipment wet with the sweat of other users.

Make sure you use towels to wipe off sweat on you and the machine. Use the breaks between workouts to wipe excess sweat and cool yourself down a bit.

Brands like Manduka, Bondi Band, and Discovery Trekking Outfitters offer quality moisture wicking towels for gym use.

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4. Workout Log

workout log

When it comes to getting the best out of your reps, it’s important that you dive deeper into your exercise schedule. Without keeping count of how much you’re lifting or how far you’re running, it’s very difficult to see the desired results.

Make sure you take printouts of workout logs available online and plan your workout schedule better. Or consult your personal gym trainer and prepare a list of workouts that are to exactly designed to suit your body so that you get the best experience and results.

Additionally, you can also download a list of fitness tracking apps that help you to record your workouts and see how you can progress in the right direction. The best tracking apps used by fitness freaks include the likes of FitNotes, Gym hero, and Strong.

5. Kinesiology Tape

Have you seen professional athletes use colorful tapes on their arms, shoulders, back, and knees and wondered what they are? Well, they are called Kinesiology tapes.

They are designed to give additional strength and support to athletes. This type of taping is used as a sort of rehabilitative technique to ensure natural healing of aching muscles and joints without putting any additional strain on the tissues.

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Best of all, the tapes are waterproof so they won’t allow sweat to stick around while you’re working out. If you have injuries, don’t forget to use Kinesiology tapes.

The best Kinesiology tapes are manufactured by leading brands like Rock Tape, StrengthTape, and KT Tape.


There you go! These are the five essential gym accessories and items you need if you are looking to take your workout experience to the next level. Using these will help make your workouts more effective and productive.

Be smart, stay fit, and enjoy your workouts like never before!

I’d love to know if you have any other advice for enhancing the gym experience. Please comment them below. Thanks for reading!


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