Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Green Roads Pet CBD Oil reviews

The Green Roads CBD Oil is a CBD oil specifically designed to improve stress, anxiety, and even nausea in animals.

Pets can be difficult to take care of. Like people, many pets struggle with stress and anxiety, which can be exhausting for them and their owners. Yet, there aren’t many products that seem to help them during these stressful periods.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The Green roads CBD company created these oil drops to help calm your pets and make it easier for them to manage their anxiety.

In this article, we will take a look at how the Green Roads CBD oils work and how they can support a sense of calmness in your pet.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Reviews: Product Overview

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil

CBD Pet Drops

The Green Road Pet CBD drops are just some fantastic Green Roads products containing THC and other CBD oils that can help pets relieve their anxiety.

Depending on the package

Excellent reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

In light of the magnitude of this CBD firm, Green Roads’ website doesn’t have a ton of client reviews. The feedback that has been left, nevertheless, is often quite encouraging. Green Roads CBD oil has been used successfully by owners for a range of ailments, from mild aches and travel sickness to severe issues like seizures.

Some comments mentioned that finding a suitable dosage might take some time, while others reported that CBD helped their dogs to wean themselves off more conventional drugs that might have unwanted side effects. Many owners even shared their experiences with how CBD oil facilitated the process of saving a dog from a sanctuary and aided in helping them adjust to their new home.

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What is Green Roads Pet CBD Oil?

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil
Photo: Green Roads Official Website

The Green Roads CBD Oil is a pet oil with hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts that helps your pets get into a calmer state of mind. You can use CBD oil for stress and enhance your pet’s management.

Green Roads was founded by two longstanding friends, an entrepreneur and a skilled, certified compounding pharmacist. One of them needed CBD, and they were both happy about it.

The firm faced several challenges when it was initially founded. But despite these obstacles, they conquered them with tremendous perseverance and determination, mainly because the goods were excellent. The Green Roads pets line wasn’t introduced until 2019. Since then, they’ve had many successes and happy pet owners.

More than 10,000 stores now carry Green Roads CBD oil for humans and animals. Additionally, this is America’s most well-known privately-owned CBD business.

To assure safety, Green Roads not only uses the best hemp but also tests each of its raw materials for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, and microorganisms. From there, a pharmaceutical team works with the essential components to create Green Roads products.

The final step is sending the finished products to an outside lab for testing. They take this extra step to uphold their commitment to giving clients high-quality items.

What are the Green Roads CBD Products for Pets?

CBD Drops for Large Dogs

CBD Drops for Large Dogs
Photo: Green Roads Official Website

Large dogs (over 50 pounds), like the Tibetan Mastiff, are the target market for this bottle of Green Roads CBD drops. For simple digestion, it includes MCT oil and cannabinoid extracts from hemp. The mixture is effective for big dogs. It has 20mg/ml of CBD as well.

Green Roads CBD promotes serenity and active aging for big dogs and lessens anxiety. Since the all-natural composition contains no flavoring or coloring, some dogs might not enjoy the taste. Drops can, however, be added to meals and sweets.

CBD Drops for Medium Dogs

CBD Drops for Medium Dogs
Photo: Green Roads Official Website

Pets weighing 15 to 50 pounds can use the 7mg/ml all-natural American-produced CBD drops for medium dogs. It is excellent for promoting general well-being, relaxation, and joint support. There is no soy or gluten in the formula, which is also organic.

Pharmacists developed and independently evaluated Green Roads CBD for medium-sized dogs in a lab. The drops are extracted with CO2 and MCT oils and don’t include artificial colors. Because of its simple digestion and high concentration per milliliter, it is the ideal potency for medium-sized dogs.

CBD Drops for Small Dogs & Cats

CBD Drops for Small Dogs & Cats
Photo: Green Roads Official Website

The Green Roads CBD drops for small dogs are the best option if your dog weighs less than 15 pounds since they have the right amount of premium-grade CBD. You will receive high-quality active compounds, MCT oils, and hemp seed oil because the recipe is the same for medium and big dogs.

The concentration of CBD is the sole distinction. Small dog drops, which can also be administered to cats, contain 2 mg per milliliter. You can rely on the recipe to be secure and effective because it doesn’t include any THC, taste, or coloring.

How does Green Roads Pet CBD Oil work?

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil reviews

Everyday stress management

Green Roads Products containing CBD can help these animals have stronger bones and joints, experience less stress, and feel better overall. Larger dogs frequently become immobilized due to joint problems, particularly rear legs. Furthermore, certain breeds are more susceptible to particular diseases that CBD can treat.

You don’t have to make the calculations using Green Roads CBD. Thanks to the bottle’s clear labeling, you can immediately determine how much CBD is in each drop. Small dog drops, for example, have a 2 mg/ml strength and contain 1 milliliter.

Use the normal advice from a veterinarian of 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of weight to determine how much your dog requires. Be aware that various products/brands frequently include CBD in variable quantities. A 20mg daily intake is the maximum advised amount.

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What are the Benefits of Green Roads Pet CBD Oil?

You can use CBD for stress

When used on your dogs, Green Roads CBD oil can improve day-to-day stress management and help generate a sense of calmness. Additionally, these products could promote attention and aid in maintaining a healthy emotional balance. Any anxiety disease, mental health issue, or other medical ailment is not intended to be treated, cured, or diagnosed by Green Roads CBD products.

Why is Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Effective?

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil reviews

Green Roads follows a five-step method to guarantee the quality of its CBD products. They take great pride in their goods and the ingredients that go into them, but they are even more pleased with their products improved lives for regular people.

Industrial hemp produced on American farms is the source of all Green Roads CBD. These farms grow their hemp by the strictest guidelines, and the CBD is harvested utilizing cutting-edge techniques, such as CO2 extraction. This technique produces clean, comprehensive CD oils and pure extracts.

To assure safety, Green Roads not only uses the best hemp but also tests each of its raw resources for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and microorganisms. From there, a pharmaceutical team works with the essential components to create Green Roads products.

The brand’s website is often the best location to purchase CBD products. Here, you may browse the whole product catalog and contrast and contrast various goods to help you choose. You might be able to discover some of Green Roads’ goods in your neighborhood dispensary or vape store, though, as the company does offer wholesale options.

Get free delivery on purchases over $50 when you buy Green Roads items. Their customer service is accessible via phone and email if you have any questions.

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What are the ingredients in Green Roads Pet CBD Oil?

The raw materials and manufacturing of every Green Roads product are American. They only purchase hemp from US farms to meet their stringent requirements. Additionally, each product is organic and free of any taste or coloring additives, making it safe for people and their dogs to consume.

The pet-grade Green Roads CBD products are readily digested and free of corn, dairy, and soy, as was already highlighted in our review of Green Roads CBD. The firm guarantees that only the best quality is used for pet items and views them as just as vital as their range of food products for humans.

Hemp seed oil

Cannabis sativa plant seeds are used to make hemp seed oil. A recent study has revealed that depending on the processing, hemp seed oil can contain up to 30 distinct cannabinoids, despite the seeds’ former lack of reputation as a CBD source. Compared to hemp oil, hemp seed oil has lesser quantities of CBD.

MCT oil

MCT oil is created from palm or coconut kernel oil. Fractionation is the technique used to break down fat. The MCT is fractionated away from the original material, leaving only the concentrated MCT behind.

MCTs may be pretty beneficial regarding the health of dogs’ neurological, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. In experiments where MCT oil made up 5.5% to 13% of the dry matter, MCT oil significantly increased the memory and learning capacity of elderly dogs.

In particular, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA level, MCT oil appears to help raise the overall number of phospholipids in the brain (Docosahexaenoic acid). We search for DHA in food formulated for pups since it enhances their learning capacity. DHA is essential for brain development. DHA becomes crucial once again as dogs become older since keeping their brain active is vital.

Photo: Pixabay

Who is Green Roads Pet CBD Oil best for?

These CBD products are recommended for adult use in pets. They are ideal for dogs that deserve to feel calmer. These oils are made with naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp-grown plants.

However, it is essential to know that this product contains a chemical known to damage the developing fetus or other reproductive organs,  delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. That’s why it is essential not to exceed the recommended dosage for your pet.

These products are not FDA ( Food and drug administration) approved. That’s why they’re not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent medical conditions.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Pros and Cons

✅ Cannabinoids derived from hemp that are broad-spectrum and have positive health effects.❌ It contains the chemical delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol.
✅ Green Roads CBD is produced utilizing organic hemp and fractionated coconut oil.❌ You can only purchase it on the official website.
✅ 100% pure and effective CBD.
✅ Organic way to improve your pet's mood.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Cost and Discounts

Though our estimates demonstrate a fairly significant difference between the cost per mg of CBD of the large and small concentrations, Green Roads CBD delivers reasonable value for money across all three levels.

The tiny size has a higher price than the norm, coming in at about 33 cents. On the other hand, the enormous size delivers one of the most acceptable price/quality ratios available at an incredibly astounding 1 cent per milligram of CBD!

This means that the price of the Green Roads CBD oils is;

  • Large Dog CBD drops – $59.99
  • Medium Dog CBD drops – $39.99
  • Small Dog and Cat CBD drops – $19.99

Anyone registering for Green Roads’ newsletter with their email address will receive a voucher for 10% off their purchases. You will discover the newest items and discounts before anybody else and obtain a deal. 

Go to the official Green Roads website, go to the bottom of the page, fill in your email address, and you’ll be given a voucher for Green Roads CBD.

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Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Refund Policy

Green Roads has a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s only valid for unused items in their original packaging. Making sure to preserve the packing intact will ensure that you may quickly get your money back if you feel that you may have bought something by mistake.


One of the largest CBD manufacturers, Green Roads, provides various products. Although they provide four varmultiplerengths of CBD oil for pets, and some of their items may be adaptable for pet usage, most of those goods are designed for human use.

The usage of broad-spectrum CBD by Green Roads in their tinctures of CBD oil for animals is something we appreciate because it reduces the possibility of THC intoxication. These oils are exceedingly essential, consisting only of two carrier oils—hemp oil and MCT oil—and CBD extract.

When it comes to their goods, Green Roads is quite open about where their CBD comes from, how it’s made, and how it’s tested. It’s excellent that laboratory test results are available online or scanning a QR code on the goods.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil​​ Reviews FAQs

Is There THC In Green Roads‘ CBD Products?

Only a broad-spectrum CBD product will present non-detectable quantities of THC (i.e., levels so minuscule they cannot be detected on a test report). There won’t be any THC in an isolated product. A full-spectrum product will have less than 0.3% THC.

Are the Green roads CBD drops safe?

All canines should be okay using full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil as long as the hemp plants are carefully picked and the extraction procedure is carried out in a high-quality, hygienic atmosphere.

Does CBD promote relaxation?

Their CBD products might have a relaxing impact on your dogs and encourage relaxation. The ordinary events that could make you feel uneasy can also be treated with Green Roads CBD oils. Every dog may experience distinct advantages from CBD.

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