Getting Over Depression: 8 Everyday Things That Help

By chris odogwu

August 13, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Depression is that feeling that makes you unable to recognize the reflection staring at you in the mirror. You feel so heavy like a big rock is placed on your head. Your whole body is stiff like you are bound in some invisible chains. Your eyes are wide open, but your view is blurry. Not even the brightest of lights could brighten up your mood. Like a slow killer, it’s gradually eating you up… you need to do something. It’s time to get over depression and grab your life back!
Here are 8 simple ways to get over depression
1. Write a letter
There’s something eating you up inside. You may not be able to find the right words to express it, but you know it’s in there. You need to open the doors to your heart, and let it all out. And the best way to do that, is to write a letter to yourself. You don’t have to search for the right words, just say it the way you feel it. It’s a letter to yourself; you’d understand exactly what each word means. Keep writing until there’s nothing left to write. When it’s all out, you’d feel like a portion of the heavy load has been taken away.

2. Step out
You may not be in the mood to see the light of day, but locking yourself up in your room, brings you down to the level of a prisoner. That’s exactly what depression wants you to feel like; you shouldn’t give it the pleasure. It feels like your legs are bound by heavy chains, but you have the strength to break loose from them. Oh yes you do; you just don’t know it because you haven’t tried it. Why don’t you give it a shot? Begin by standing on your feet. You didn’t fall down, did you? Now walk through the door. Feel the beauty of the sunlight and inhale some fresh air.

3. Exercise
Now is the time to literally shake your body; you need to stretch it to get over depression. Working out will make your body feel lighter. You could do some aerobics, go for a run or register in a gym if you can afford it. You’d like to feel flexible, wouldn’t you? Exercises increase the level of your endorphin, and your body really needs that right now. So, get your shoes on and work it!

4. Confront the problem(s)
You didn’t just wake up one morning and started feeling this way; something must have triggered it. The reason might not be so obvious, but I’m certain that if you looked deeper, you’d find it somewhere. Ignoring or running away from a problem won’t make it disappear, it’d always be there. You need to stand up to it, and get it over with! If you were hurt by someone, let them know how you feel.

5. Do the things you love
It might look like nothing interests you right now, but we both know that there are certain things that make your eyes grow wider in excitement. What are those things? You surely know them better than I do. Now is the time to get involved in them. When you do the things you love, you’d find yourself smiling even before you realize it.

6. Get busy
You’d only have time to feel depressed when you seat around doing little or nothing. You don’t have to work yourself to till you drop dead. There should be some little things you can do through the day. How about cleaning up the house, running errands or even taking a walk? When the feeling shows up its ugly head, push it aside and try to focus on what you are doing. When it sees that there’s no space for it to occupy, it’d let you be.

7. Socialize
Can you remember the last time you had some real fun? I bet it’s been a while. You haven’t been in the mood for that, right? Well, now is the time to get yourself in the mood. There’s no better way to forget about the troubles in the world than hanging out with wonderful people. No amount of depression can make the world stand still; many people are out there having fun. You could lock yourself up in your room all day or simply join them. The latter sounds more interesting, don’t you agree?

8. Give yourself a nice treat
When was the last time you gave yourself a nice treat? It’s a good thing to care for other people, but you shouldn’t neglect yourself. You need to be in good shape for you to cater to others. If taking care of yourself is selfish, then being selfish in this context is a good thing. Let it be about you for once. Go out there and give yourself a treat of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. If it makes you happy and you can afford it, just do it!

Everyone suffers depression at some point due to life crises. The minding-your-business nature of modern day society isn’t helping; it creates room for isolation. However, you shouldn’t let that bring your life to a halt. Yes, we could fall but our strength lies in our ability to get ourselves up and keep going. Life’s way too short to spend another day in grief. Getting over depression is a choice you must make to lead a happy life.

chris odogwu

Chris Odogwu is a freelance writer ( with over 4 years of experience in creating top-notch content for organizations around the world. He uses his expertise in branding to capture the core values and unique features of businesses in his writings. He is open to working with organizations and individuals who need premium content.

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