Female Vitality Blueprint Review 2024: Does it Really Work?

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female vitality blueprint reviews pricing

Female Vitality Blueprint program addresses the root cause of female orgasm dysfunction and thus turns a healthy libido just an arm away.

Unlike male erectile dysfunction, female orgasm dysfunction or anorgasmia is often mistaken as a psychological disorder and thus disregarded because of misinformation and lack of knowledge on properly handling such conditions.

Female orgasm dysfunction is when a woman either cannot reach orgasm or has trouble reaching orgasm when she is sexually excited. This in turn makes sexual intercourse unpleasurable for women.

The Female Vitality Blueprint program by Alex Miller is created primarily to help many women suffering from female orgasm dysfunction.

The Vitality Blueprint shows comprehensive ways how to heal overworked pelvic floor muscles, restore blood flow, achieve a flat belly, and enhance sensitivity to the vaginal area.

Continue reading to learn more about the program and how effective it is in restoring vaginal orgasms as well as reawakening women’s health.

Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews: Product Overview

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website

Female Vitality Blueprint

Digital Program

The Female Vitality Blueprint program contains a series of easy-to-follow techniques that promote upper body alignment to enhance orgasm and boost vaginal muscles.

$47 (Limited Offer Only)

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

As we scrutinize this Female Vitality Blueprint program, knowing what others say about it is imperative to further understand how the program works. Here are some notable experiences and opinions shared by some of its users:

“Your program, your techniques helped me embrace my ongoing sexuality and I’m able to feel things again. My libido is high right now and I’m enjoying my newfound… pleasures.”–-Carrie

“I started to have orgasms and I feel happier about my body. I feel happy about my sex drive – actually, now I have a sex drive!”–-Patricia

“I’m not broken! Sex feels like it’s supposed to and I’ve discovered a whole new side to myself! My husband certainly doesn’t mind! If you’re having issues and want to give it a try I strongly suggest you do.”–-Brittany

“I highly recommend it to anybody who has similar issues. Just know you are not alone and these are problems that can be solved.”—Julie

“Intimacy with my husband is a lot more enjoyable. It’s been pretty great!”—Katie

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What is the Female Vitality Blueprint Program?

female vitality blueprint
Photo: Female Vitality Blueprint Official Website

Female Vitality Blueprint is specifically designed to educate women about various causes of sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, weakened vaginal muscle and reduced sensitivity in the vaginal area.

The program was created by Alex Miller, a professional fitness trainer who herself suffered from such a condition. In this program, Alex shows women a variety of effective exercises and gentle stretches that help reduce vaginal dryness, restore blood flow, and boost vaginal sensitivity.

According to Alex Miller, one tight muscle in the upper body located near the shoulders and neck is causing a type of blockage to the female pleasure center that results in low sensitivity in the vaginal area.

The misalignment of these muscles causes neck and shoulder pain as it stops the blood supply to essential hormones and the women’s pleasure center responsible for sexual desire, thus resulting in low sexual desire and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

The vitality blueprint also comes with a diastasis recti checklist to help you track down your progress. The entire system is digital which makes it more convenient for you to practice all the exercises anywhere you want.

How does the Female Vitality Blueprint work?

female vitality blueprint reviews

To further understand the benefits that come with this program and how it can benefit us in improving our pelvic health as well as our sexual health, it is imperative to gain a full understanding of how this Female Vitality Blueprint works.

Female orgasm dysfunction is caused by a scientific condition rooted deep in tight muscles. The misalignment of these muscles stops the blood supply to essential hormones and is in the women’s pleasure center responsible for sexual desire.

This program will teach you to bring back sexual health and vitality to your life. This is done by optimizing body composition and blood flow by restoring energy levels and hormonal balance and reducing metabolic risk factors.

In the Female Vitality Blueprint, Alex teaches a variety of exercises and light stretches that will help you recover stressed pelvic floor muscles, get a fit body, and restore blood flow and sensation to the vaginal region.

Female Vitality Blueprint Program
Photo: Female Vitality Blueprint Official Website

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What are the Benefits of the Female Vitality Blueprint?

This digital program has already helped thousands of women suffering from sexual dysfunction associated with weak pelvic muscles and reduced blood flow. Here are some more of the Female Vitality Blueprint benefits that you may obtain by religiously following the program:

  • Strong Pelvic Floor Muscle: The exercises and stretches in the Female Vitality Blueprint give pelvic muscle strength. While doing regular exercise, you will feel relaxed in your tight pelvic muscles and make your body.
  • Increases Blood Flow: Another benefit of using the techniques and exercises guided in this digital program is that those natural techniques help repair the core and boost blood flow to the vaginal area and thus helping increase sensitivity and improving sexual performance.
  • Overall Wellness: Female Vitality Blueprint is a rejuvenation program that boosts your mental, physical, and emotional performance. This digital program will not only help you restore your sexual health but also help you become more balanced and connected with what makes you feel happy, energized, and confident.

Why is the Female Vitality Blueprint Effective?

female vitality blueprint reviews

Medical studies have shown that many women experience various changes in their bodies throughout their lives such as childbirth and layer syndrome which causes women to gain weight despite their utmost desperation to exercise, eat healthily, and practice a healthy lifestyle.

All of the female problems mentioned are just interconnected. And this is one of the main things that many are unaware of. Unlike the others, this program sheds light on all the information you need to know as well as the myths associated with having a low sex drive.

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What are the components of the Female Vitality Blueprint?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is a comprehensive program designed to help women regain their sexual satisfaction and health by teaching them how to safely repair and strengthen their vaginal muscles or weak pelvic muscles.

The routines and movements also come with detailed step-by-step instructions, photos, and follow-along videos that show you exactly how to perform each step for maximum results. Here is a detailed look at what you can expect from each part:

All About The Author

The first part of this Female Vitality Blueprint tackles Alex Miller who is the author of this manual. Alex Miller is a professional fitness trainer who specializes in women’s health.

Alex Miller created this program after realizing that many women suffer from pelvic floor problems due to different reasons; birth complications, lack of efficient physical ability, and lifestyle behaviors.

Chapter 1: The Pelvic Floor Muscles

The first chapter of the vitality blueprint tackles what pelvic floor muscles have to do with vaginal orgasm and how to achieve it. It also comes with quizzes that check whether your pelvic floor is dysfunctional or functional and overactive or underactive.

Chapter 2: 360 Breathing Exercises

The second chapter contains easy stretching and breathing exercises that you can conveniently do in the comforts of your home. It includes comprehensive information on how to perform female vitality blueprint exercises without hurting your upper body.

One of the highlights in this chapter is the libido hormone enhancer, a breathing exercise that is done in such a way that your body can release increase libido hormones and reduce vaginal dryness.

Chapter 3: Diastasis Recti

This chapter will tackle everything about diastasis recti, its common symptoms, why it is problematic, and how to check it.

The most common symptom of diastasis recti is a pooch or bulge in your stomach, especially when you strain or contract your abdominal muscles. Additional symptoms include lower back pain, poor posture, constipation, and bloating.

Chapter 4: Posture

Posture is also important to achieve a pain-free life. By simply doing a variation of this simple stretch every evening before bed, not only can you heal your shoulder pain, but it will leave you with a beautiful posture that helps you achieve orgasm.

Chapter 5: Three-Step Movement Sequence

The three-step movement sequence can be done in your bathroom when getting ready in the morning which will help you achieve tight muscles and strong vaginal muscles including pelvic muscles, vaginal walls, and core muscles.

Other than the Vitality Blueprint, the program also offers BONUSES to further help women suffering from this condition.

  • Female Vitality Blueprint Diastasis Recti Checklist: This bonus is dedicated explicitly to a diastasis recti checklist to help you track down your progress throughout the program. It step-by-step tips on naturally healing layer syndrome as well as helping exercises that improve vaginal sensitivity and increase blood flow.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation Method: This 10-minute video lets you achieve earth-shattering orgasms through the vaginal rejuvenation method shown in this bonus program. The entire routine covers exercises that help tone vaginal muscles flatten the waist, and tips on healing layer syndrome.
  • Vaginal Orgasm Handbook: In this bonus, Alex Miller emphasizes the steps to getting penetration-only orgasms without any external stimulus. Studies verify that 81.6% never experience vaginal orgasms or clitoral orgasms. This book is also for those women who never reach orgasm and achieve a healthier intimate life.
  • Libido Hormone Enhancer: This bonus aims to help women increase libido through breathing techniques that can be done either day or night to help stimulate the libido hormones in your body.

Who is Female Vitality Blueprint best for?

The Female Vitality Blueprint program works best for premenopausal women who suffer from low sexual desire and menopausal women who suffer from low sex drive. Common symptoms include irregular monthly periods, weak vaginal muscles, urinary frequency, and hot flashes.

The program specifically targets women in their early 30s however, it has also been found that the best results are obtained from women aged 60 years old and above. According to Alex Miller, the Female Vitality Blueprint also caters to varying sexual needs.

Female Vitality Blueprint Pros and Cons

✅ All the methods and techniques used to enhance vaginal muscles, boost blood flow, and reverse gain weight issues especially for premenopausal women are 100% natural.❌ The Female Vitality Blueprint program is only made available for purchase at their official website.
✅ A digital program that is accessible anywhere you are. It is also backed up with a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures the risk-free transaction.❌ Some people may not like that this program is only available in digital form.
✅ It also aims to eradicate symptoms associated with a weakened pelvic floor such as vagina dryness, low sexual desire, bladder leakage, pain, and more.
✅ Female Vitality Blueprint is specifically designed for women to strengthen and repair weak pelvic muscles.
✅ It enhances sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse and improves spouse relationship and intimate life.

Female Vitality Blueprint Cost and Discounts

female vitality blueprint reviews pricing
Photo: Female Vitality Blueprint Official Website

After learning all the functions, benefits, and exceptional advantages of using this vitality blueprint, learning where and how to buy the Female Vitality Blueprint comes next.

It is highly recommended to only purchase the program directly from their official website to get away from many counterfeit products circulating on the market.

For as low as $47/copy, anyone can immediately get access to this Female Vitality Blueprint by Alex Miller together with its accompanying BONUSES such as:

  • Informational Handbook which costs $27 if purchased individually comes with this package for FREE.
  • Vaginal Orgasm Handbook sells at $48 but comes as a gift with this Female Vitality Blueprint by Alex Miller
  • The Vaginal Rejuvenation Method costs $17 if bought separately. This program comes with Female Vitality Blueprint by Alex Miller for FREE.
  • Libido Hormone Enhancer originally sells at $37 separately but comes as a gift with this Female Vitality Blueprint by Alex Miller

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Female Vitality Blueprint Refund Policy

According to its official website, the Female Vitality Blueprint program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to all its users. If you don’t see results within the first 60 days you can return the product at any time, for any reason.

Even for the most trivial reasons like not liking the pictures or design of the vaginal orgasm handbook, no questions will be asked. You can return and get a refund as fast as 60 seconds as soon as you reach out via email or privately call their customer service hotline.

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Overall, Female Vitality Blueprint is an empowering program that helped many women suffer from orgasm dysfunction after having children or as a result of weakened blood flow and hormonal imbalance.

With all-natural techniques and exercises used, the Female Vitality Blueprint is safe and fair to practice regardless of age. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures buyers and users 100% risk-free transactions.

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Female Vitality Blueprint​​ Reviews FAQs

Is the Female Vitality Blueprint legit?

With its 60-day money-back guarantee policy, there is no reason for you to doubt its legitimacy. The Female Vitality Blueprint program only offers zero risk and 100% reward.

What if I just don’t have enough time to practice this program?

Whether you are a busy mom running a household or a working woman, this program is hassle-free and convenient for everyone to practice and effortlessly incorporate into their normal life.

Will this work for someone who is over 60 years old?

Yes. The Female Vitality Blueprint program is best for females aged 30 to 60 years old and above. Results vary and are most notably effective in older women. The program also has designed modifications and variations in the movements customized to various needs.

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