In This Exaggeration, We Lost Ourselves

By Tehniat Zehra

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

In This Exaggeration, We Lost Ourselves

Life is so unpredictable, where the one achieves everything without doing anything, while the rest are captivated to achieve it. It is unpredictable because you can’t accomplish your goals easily while the others do. It is unpredictable as most of us have a good job, a beautiful partner, cute kids, and good health, while most of us are struggling to have this in our life.

Why do we lose ourselves?

In this exaggeration, we lost ourselves because we start comparing ourselves with others. Every day from our birth there is a chance to learn and explore. All of us are thrown up in this world without a guidebook where any kind of steps is not mentioned so by doing this or that you will get success. At every stage of our life sad, harsh, and happy. No matter what moment it is, it always helps us to understand more easily.

Do we have to break down to understand ourselves?

You have to break yourself because this is the only way you could feel and love yourself.

1. Let down your guard

By letting your guard down means you are allowing someone to know you or get close to you, we often don’t let our guard down because we don’t want to open ourselves, this stays us hurt in an emotional, physical or mental way.

Let down your guard
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It allows us to take risks in life if we are guarded that means we protect ourselves from emotional pain, but letting your guard down opens a way to love yourself by stopping your fear, or either thinking about the pros and cons before getting into a relationship.

2. Break your boundaries

Don’t set rules, don’t limit yourself. At every stage of life, you have to take the risk, you just have to accept the things and be hopeful that things will eventually fall into the right place.

Only because of this hindrance you can’t achieve the things as we always think about the negativity instead of positivity’s. This could slow down our morale in every step, so start giving chance to live as it is more beautiful than we think.

3. Stop being extraordinary

In this world, everyone is extraordinary, as we are all destined to work extraordinary. Being average – mediocre is a new kind of failure, where a person can’t achieve their goals or get success in life, they are always criticized as they are average. This new trend let us down, as we always give our best in every step but these things become a hurdle in achieving goals, or proofing yourself.

The reason behind how the people become extraordinary?

  • Is that they always found a way to learn new things, they are fond of betterment.
  • They understand they are mediocre/average, not great this makes them extraordinary.
  • Stroking your ego makes you extraordinary.

4. Self-sabotage breaks you out

Self-sabotage means that you mentally or physically don’t let yourself get success. It holds you back from what you want to do. It creates a problem in daily life and due to this; it affects the problem in relationships also.

Self-sabotage breaks you out
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This self-sabotage is raised because there is no answer to the question which is daily rising in our minds.

  • Why only me?
  • Why this could only happen to me?
  • Why only I compromise upon things?
  •  I am only the one who suffers?

We sabotage ourselves because we don’t accept things as it is, we always want everything to happen in our way. We don’t accept our mistake starts blaming others, or we expect too much from other.

5. Whatever comes be happy

Happiness comes from solving the problem. Our life is full of problems but the only thing we could do rather than trigger you about them is to solve them. Problem is everywhere, they just upgrade or exchange.

Once you solved the problem of studying, you start worrying about the job when you are done with the job, things bothered you about having a partner, so the problems never end they just change.

You have to solve it unless you start losing things because of your fears.

6. Walk away from the attitude

Stop being around toxicity, be with those who are always there for you, be around those who accept you as you are, be around those who support you whatever situation it is, be around those who motivate you, who remove your fear into strength whenever you feel low.

You are important don’t allow yourself to abuse yourself.

7. Never stop believing

Things will happen in the same manner as we think or plan, so start believing yourself that you can do this, you can get success at every step is the only way to motivate yourself. Sometimes we lose confidence in things, as our fears let us down because we expect more from things.

8. Stop complaining always

Complaining becomes a hurdle in accepting things this won’t allow you to analyze yourself; it leads you toward negativities, So instead of complaining start accepting the faults in you or your work.

9. Stop worrying about what others think of me

Do we worry a lot about what people think of us?

What will they think, if say no?

What if I fail?

Stop thinking, you just need to be focused and motivated. Stay relaxed about what others think, It is a form of self-care.

 Say no makes your life easy.

10. Live in the present

Live in the present
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By living in the moment you can enjoy your life, and we could change our life by our thinking. Most of us live in the past or future instead of living in the present, this could give rise to anxiety and depression.

Tehniat Zehra

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