How To Develop Awesome Eating Habits Without Failing And Binging

By Jerome Huff

December 29, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

develop healthy eating habits

This is my story of how I was finally able to develop healthy eating habits.

Emptiness enveloped me once again. Visions of chocolate cake and double cheeseburgers ran through my head. As the stress and sadness of the day took over, it compelled me to binge once again destroying any hopes I had that the day would be a healthy eating day.

I remember feeling like this for years. I would wake up from overeating (pizza, cheeseburgers, and cake) the night before feeling horrible. I constantly had diarrhea and low energy. I also could not lose weight no matter how many times I went to the gym. Emotional pain and despair ruled my life. I knew there was a way to improve my life I just did not know what or how.

How you can stop this vicious cycle

We, as humans, need to be connected with one another. Living in an emotionally isolated desert for so many years, I am proof that this is true. Having a support system and network to help you meet your goals and intentions is the only way that you can succeed with living a healthier life.

You have already decided to make your health your number one priority. Now all you have to do is to surround yourself with people that take their health seriously as well. While no one but you can control what you put in your mouth, you are more likely to eat healthy if you feel loved and supported.

For many this may be the missing link

I remember when I first started out in trying to take control of my life and my health. I was so confused. Everything was so new and I did not know where to start. I would be frustrated and hungry. I was afraid to “lose” my lifestyle change.

Some of my coworkers would say, “Are you one of those gluten free freaks now?” This would make me feel and respond defensively at first. Then I began to say, “Not having gluten has really made me feel so much better. I’m not so sick all the time.”

Habits to form once you are on your healing path

healthy eating

Now that we have talked about all of this change and getting support in our lives, how can you start?

I recommend just taking one small step.

This may mean having more veg than starch on your plate for dinner or skipping dessert all week and just eating it on the weekend. Whatever change you want to implement, make it small enough to manage but big enough to create a result.

Another suggestion would be cleaning out your fridge. Freeing it of junk food will make your food decisions easier. We humans tend to take the easier path. So if it is easier to eat a steak and an arugula salad ( which you now have on hand), than walking to the burger place or waiting for delivery, 8 times out of ten we will take the easier option. If you design your life so that healthier food is easier to get when you are hungry, more than likely, that is what you will go for.

Putting a system into place where healthy food is more accessible is a great place to start. You will be amazed at the results. You will lose weight and have more energy in a short period of time. Eating whole and unprocessed foods that appeals to you is the best way to accelerate your success.

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Feedback you may receive as you transform

Before I fully committed to constantly improving my health, I would receive a lot of negative comments.

I remember working out really hard for 3 months. Then my mother would put me down saying, “wow Jerome your cheeks are so plump”! and my aunt telling me, “Your shirt is waaaaay too small. You need a large, not a medium. Look how your stomach sticks out.”

You can only imagine how those words made me feel. I felt so small and insignificant. I felt terrible about myself.

After I fully committed to better health, the feedback I would get went more like “omg Jerome, every time I see you, you look better and better” and “Jerome, you are like disappearing!”

I was not really disappearing or starving myself. I just had more energy and was less inflamed. I was evolving into my true body weight and overall look. My happiness skyrocketed and my stress plummeted. This continues to this day. You can never stop improving.

Being kind to yourself is the fastest way to rapid progression

Since you are reading this article, I know that you are on the warpath to make immediate changes. Just remember that you have spent years and years eating and behaving one way and now you are completely doing the opposite.

You will experience setbacks. Try to not let this upset you. Having setbacks is a normal part of the growing process.

Remember that you are fully committed. Insignificant setbacks will not ruin the whole process. Time is your friend. Over time you will see massive positive results from all of your hard work.

People may judge you and put you down

men ruining healthy habit

You have complete control of your destiny. If anyone tells you differently, have awareness around how they made you feel then make a rational decision about how you will proceed with the relationship.

You absolutely deserve to be around people that fully support you and your lifestyle changes. You will more than likely face opposition from other people, but just remember that they’re really just projecting their own insecurities onto you.

It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. People can be quite hurtful and you may feel as though you want to give up. Every time you rise and go forward, you just get that much stronger.

Only you have the power to take action

As I mentioned earlier, support is key in starting your journey towards your healthiest self. Let your support network know that you are excited about the changes you are making. The challenges ahead may require more support than you are used to or may expect to need.

If you are having difficulty with some aspect of your transformation, try to not keep it bottled up. This may jeopardize your success making you feel isolated again. Remember, there are always people out there willing to support you.

I never knew how fast and far I could go in just a few years with improving my health. I now know it is possible to live my best life on this plane. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. With support, lasting change will come easily and naturally for you.

Remember, I am always here to provide you with support in your goals.

I would love to hear your stories. We can all grow by sharing each other’s stories towards absolute greatness!

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Jerome Huff

Jerome Huff is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that specializes in supporting men in their late 20’s and early 30’s with over eating issues.  His mission is empowering everyone with support in their eating habits.  You may need some extra support in getting those awesome eating habits to stick. Click HERE to receive your Free Warpath to Ultimate Health Guide!

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