Managing Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels in 3 Ways: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

dangerous blood sugar levels

​Dangerous blood sugar levels are often overlooked until real problems arise – such as diabetes or perhaps low blood sugar levels, which can cause all sorts of symptoms. Whether it comes to high blood sugar or low blood sugar, each of them can be harmful in the long run, hence the necessity to control it.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to check their blood sugar. They also fail to understand the necessity of taking action before a simple issue becomes a long-term medical condition.

So, what do you need to know about dangerous blood sugar levels, and how can you prevent such problems?

​Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels: What is Blood Sugar?

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels
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Blood sugar is more scientifically known as glucose and refers to the main type of sugar available in the blood. It usually comes from your diet. Sugar, after all, is a source of energy, and while it is known to be harmful in certain amounts, it also provides numerous nutrients to the whole body.

The regulation and storage of glucose are kept under control by numerous processes in the body – most of them occurring in the pancreas, liver, and small intestine. Blood sugar gets into the blood once you have a meal – carbohydrates, practically.

The pancreas keeps the blood glucose at optimal limits and produces insulin, which is released once you have carbs or protein. When you have high blood sugar levels, insulin sends excessive amounts toward the liver.

Further processes can move glucose from one organ to another. Low blood glucose will force the liver to find resources somewhere else. Sometimes, resources are taken from red blood cells, the kidney, or even the brain. For everything else, the liver produces ketones, which target fat to burn for fuel.

Blood Sugar Levels Explained

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels
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There is a healthy target range for your glucose levels. Exceeding this range may put pressure on your organs. High blood glucose is associated with numerous affections. Lower blood sugar may also lead to digestive and kidney diseases.

For a healthy person, glucose levels should be between 80 and 99 mg dl, but this target must be achieved hours after having a meal. Those who are worried about their sugar levels must check their blood sugar before having a meal.

Values will change after a meal – according to the American Diabetes Association, values can go up to 140mg/dl after an hour of a meal. Those with diabetes can have up to 130mg/dl before meals and under 180mg/dl a couple of hours after meals.

Managing diabetes requires checking these values all the time. Severe high blood sugar is just as harmful as too much insulin. Low blood sugar levels can also indicate some problems, but not as harsh. Checking these values regularly implies checking on how the body works in breaking down food.

Causes of High and Low Blood Sugar Level

Different issues have different causes. High blood sugars are referred to as hyperglycemia. On the other hand, low levels are known as hypoglycemia. Some causes are common, but there are also more specific problems.

Here are some of the causes of low blood sugar.

Blood sugar regulation

Failing to have enough food. Levels drop if you fail to eat for too many hours, especially if you also make some effort. Starvation is also a cause.


Indeed, certain medications can cause such problems, especially in those with kidney-related problems. Some malaria drugs can also have similar effects.

Alcohol consumption

Those who drink alcohol in heavy amounts are more likely to experience low blood sugar, especially if they also fail to have enough food.

Critical affections

Certain medical conditions targeting the liver are likely to cause hypoglycemia. Some of the most popular causes include cirrhosis, hepatitis, or infections.

Too much insulin

The pancreas is less likely to cause too much insulin, but certain affections can push it in that direction. Such problems are usually caused by tumors.

Hormonal deficiencies

Some disorders affecting the pituitary gland or the adrenal gland can lead to hypoglycemia. A continuous glucose monitor is mandatory in such situations.

Diabetes medications

Those with diabetes must exercise regularly and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Taking too much insulin or too much physical activity can also lead to hypoglycemia.

When it comes to high blood sugar, the causes are just as varied.

  • Being unwell for too long can affect your health problems
  • Too much stress will also lead to hyperglycemia and even diabetes over time
  • Too much starchy or sugary food will have similar effects in the long run
  • Being completely inactive may affect blood vessels, and ask for glucose tablets
  • Missing diabetes medicines are just as bad – use the right insulin pump, find some rapid-acting insulin or seek emergency medical attention

Symptoms of Low and High Blood Sugar

Low Blood SugarHigh Blood Sugar
SweatingFeeling thirsty most of the time – very dry mouth
DizzinessPeeing a lot
Tingling sensations in your lipsFeeling weak most of the time
PalpitationsChronic tiredness
Pale appearanceBlurred vision
TirednessUnexpected weight loss
Feeling hungry
Changing moods
Trembling sensations

Low blood sugar will give you a few initial warning signs at first. Ignore these signs for too long, and severe low blood sugar will also give you blurred vision, confusion, sleepiness, clumsiness, seizures, and even passing out. Healthy living can prevent all these – unfortunately, there is a high level of hypoglycemia unawareness out there.

Make sure you are up to date with the latest discoveries in this field. High blood sugar can lead to more problems over time – diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome, diabetic coma, and even a medical emergency.

Symptoms of high blood sugar underline the necessity of further tests. You need a doctor’s advice, whether it is emotional stress or other issues. You cannot start taking insulin – or even fast-acting insulin – without talking to a doctor first. Sometimes, the problem is caused by having too many foods high in sugar.

Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels
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There are countless health benefits when you learn how to manage blood sugar levels, and they target everything – your well-being, muscle cells, mood, and so on.

More life-threatening issues will arise if left untreated and will send you straight to the emergency room.

A. Natural Remedies

Regular exercise

This is one of the most common recommendations from health experts. It will use blood sugar more effectively and can also increase insulin sensitivity.

Manage your diet 

You need enough food to stay healthy but do not exaggerate with carbohydrates. Forget about regular soda and burgers – opt for healthy meals instead.

Eat fiber

Get plenty of fiber in your diet, keep hydrated at all times, implement portion control, eat foods with a low glycemic index only and figure out some stress management techniques.

According to peer-reviewed studies, effectively managing blood sugar levels include knowing how to monitor your blood sugar – part of self-medical care.

Quality sleep

Get enough sleep and make sure it is quality sleep – it will prevent many health conditions.

This is not all about sleep though. You also need quality sleep. Try to follow a schedule – if your work allows it, go to sleep at the same time. Avoid alcohol and caffeine late in the day too, but also exercise – not before sleep, or the energy boost will ruin it.

Reduce screen time 

Chuck that smartphone away. Forget about naps, and you can add some calming scents before sleep – lavender is a good option. Take a warm shower before bed and do something that puts you in the mood – meditation or perhaps reading.

B. Medications

There are lots of medications out there. Certain medications affect low blood sugar hypoglycemia. Some others are recommended for diabetes. Then, there are more types of diabetes. Plus, different drugs give you different side effects.

You get the point – medications should be taken when prescribed by a doctor only. Forget about taking them by ear – just in case you find something sold over the counter. You might end up causing more harm than good.

C. Supplements

Supplements? A different story. They are often part of a suitable treatment plan.

Programs? Just as good, but you need to research your options and find something suitable with a good reputation, rather than random pills and guides.

Here are a few top-rated options:

10 Best Blood Sugar Supplements 

ProductKey Feature


Top Consumer's Choice

Gluco Shield Pro

Best Combo for Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Support


Best Natural Supplement

Glucoflow Supplement

Best Overall Blood Sugar Stabilizer

Altai Balance

Advertised as High-End Blood Sugar Supplement


Best Premium Quality Ingredients

Smart Blood Sugar

Best Program to Regulate Blood Sugar Level


Best Supplement to Lower Blood Sugar and Increase Body’s Energy

Blood Sugar Premier

Most Accessible Blood Sugar Support

EzyAbsorb Berberine with Mik Thistle

Most Practical Choice

1. Top Consumer’s choice – GlucoTrust

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Glucotrust promotes healthy blood flow and good circulation. It also reduces potential cravings for junk food or sugary food, not to mention supporting healthy sleep. The supplement is natural and includes biotin, manganese, and zinc, among others.

To support your body’s capacity to regulate blood sugar and ward off high blood sugar, GlucoTrust is an excellent blood sugar control supplement choice. It also makes sure your body starts using insulin optimally by lowering blood sugar levels.

GlucoTrust is aware that for your body to repair and function properly, deep sleep is required. Deep sleep also keeps nighttime food cravings at bay. 

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2. Best Combo for Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Support: Gluco Shield Pro

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

An FDA-approved research supplement for diabetics, Gluco Shield Pro, aids those who have the disease. The ingredients are organic and safe for the body.

They keep blood flowing and blood sugar levels under 100. Without using any medication or insulin, you can maintain blood sugar levels by consuming just one Gluco Shield pro capsule.

You ought to see a doctor to avoid the sequences. The producers assert that taking these capsules will eliminate all signs of type 2 diabetes.

No matter what you consume, it maintains blood sugar levels under 100. Additionally, the pill can help you control your blood sugar levels and may even cure it.

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3. Best Natural Supplement: Ceracare

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Ceracare is a supplement for diabetes that helps people with diabetes or pre-diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. It contains several completely natural substances that also enhance blood sugar levels, glucose metabolism, and cardiovascular health.

Numerous circumstances that promote diabetes have been identified by experts. Over time, some conditions even make the condition worse. Some of the reasons for diabetes that are supported by scientific research and data include poor dietary choices, the pancreas’ failure to produce vital insulin, and resistance to the insulin hormone.

Ceracare is favored by most people because of its natural and anti-oxidative ingredients.

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4. Best Overall Blood Sugar Stabilizer: Glucoflow Supplement

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The GlucoFlow dietary supplement uses only natural components in its formulation. These components include vitamins and minerals that work to treat and reduce blood sugar rises, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes symptoms.

The majority of GlucoFlow customer testimonials from actual users of the supplement include accounts of decreased appetite and increased energy. The capacity of GlucoFlow to support your body in maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels is its most significant advantage.

Natural vitamins and substances found in GlucoFlow help lower insulin resistance, increase healthy levels of insulin production, and lessen your cravings for sweet foods.

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5. Advertised as High-End Blood Sugar Supplement: Altai Balance

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The Altai Balance Supplement is a dietary supplement made to help diabetic and pre-diabetic people manage their body’s fluctuating sugar levels.

The creators of Altai Balance took an innovative approach to create high-quality supplements that can return blood sugar levels to normal without requiring you to adhere to any rules.

Without adding any extra routines, it significantly aids in managing diabetic Miletus.

In essence, it is caused by cells not using enough insulin, which in turn causes a variety of physiological problems, including excessive blood sugar.

The Altai balance is extremely effective. Your body becomes less resistant to insulin, allowing it to absorb enough glucose to meet your body’s demands. Blood sugar levels shouldn’t be too high, and Altai believes that to be the case.

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6. Best Premium Quality Ingredients: Vivotonic

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The Vivotonic supplement is non-GMO and gluten-free. It increases the body’s cells’ sensitivity to insulin. Isn’t that what someone with diabetes craves the most? Well, the supplement encourages amazing outcomes for individuals of all ages.

This formula’s outstanding performance and long-lasting benefits make it one of our top choices. Seriously, you won’t encounter any unforeseen blood sugar issues. 

Many users swear by it because of the 11 ingredients that are of premium quality. It’s guaranteed to improve your body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels.

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7. Best Program to Regulate Blood Sugar Level: Smart Blood Sugar

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The Smart Blood Sugar program is a complete approach to lowering blood glucose levels naturally. It is accessible worldwide. 

This dietary supplement is always one of our top recommendations when discussing healthy lifestyles and diabetes medications. It includes an 80-page book with helpful information for diabetics. Five health books are also available for those with diabetes to help them stay healthy.

It is safe to say that this digital program offers a comprehensive guide to managing your blood sugars and keeping them at a normal level for good.

Shop at Smart Blood Sugar Official Website.

8. Best Supplement to Lower Blood Sugar and Increase Body’s Energy: Mellitox

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The Mellitox dietary supplement aids insulin in receiving signals for proper functioning.

This blood sugar supplement aids in removing the obstruction, allowing insulin to function as intended. Additionally, this herbal combination aids in improving the brain’s connection with diabetics. 120,000 people who regularly use vitamins find it easier to control their blood sugar.

The supplement’s goal is to lower blood sugar levels quickly, which is a very advantageous feature.

Do you know whether this remedy also works to get rid of other conditions that have to do with blood sugar? For those who have diabetes, symptoms including weariness, joint discomfort, and impaired vision are frequent. Additionally, the mixture encourages weight loss and helps the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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9. Most Accessible Blood Sugar Support: Blood Sugar Premier

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Another top-notch product on our list that drastically lowers blood sugar levels is Blood Sugar Premier

Without having any negative impacts on your general health, Blood Sugar Premier works to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and diabetes. All of the contained compounds, such as curcumin, berberine, and piperine, are entirely derived from herbs and offer full health advantages.

It inhibits weight growth as well as boosts blood pressure, damaging body cells, blood sugar, and weight gain. Blood sugar prime helps you maintain healthy inflammatory responses while managing diabetes and blood sugar levels.

The formula’s contents are effective natural diabetic treatments and offer a strong way to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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10. Most Practical Choice: EzyAbsorb Berberine with Mik Thistle

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

The Berberine Supplement contains a premium formulation that combines milk thistle and berberine extract to effectively manage blood sugar.

It is simple to take one to three pills with water each day. For many years, people have utilized berberine to cure a variety of conditions, including weight reduction, excessive cholesterol, and high blood sugar.

Berberine can reach the bloodstream when you take it regularly, which can have an impact on your body cells. So, how does it work? The functionality of certain cells is improved by this chemical. It reduces insulin resistance and increases the body’s capacity to produce insulin.

Additionally, it participates in glycolysis, which aids in the breakdown of fat stores within cells. Your overall performance and productivity will improve as a result.

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Bottom line

People often live with dangerous blood sugar levels, without realizing that they are close to a medical disaster – when they see it, it may already be too late.

Checking blood sugar levels regularly is not just for diabetics. You do not need to wait for symptoms. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep an eye on this potential problem, even if you feel perfectly fine.

There are a lot of supplements that help manage blood sugar levels. These supplements also help in long-term maintenance but avoid taking too many of them at the same time.

We picked out only the best ones. But among all those on the list, GlucoTrust has the most premium formula. Not only is it reviewed by doctors and other specialists, but it also promotes more than just blood sugar.  It also covers aspects, signs, and potential causes of problematic levels.

Recommended by doctors and specialists for its effects on anything related to blood sugar issues, GlucoTrust has the best natural approach – meant to complement a healthy lifestyle, of course.​

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Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels FAQs

When should you worry about sugar levels?

You have prediabetes if the value is up to 199mg/dl a couple of hours after a meal. Higher values indicate diabetes. You need to start worrying and do something about it before you reach these levels – the earlier you start looking after yourself, the easier it is to tackle potential problems.

What time of day is the sugar level highest?

The so-called dawn phenomenon will normally occur between 2 AM and 8 AM. There are some small variations – even for the same person. However, the sugar level tends to be quite high during these sleeping hours.

Does water lower blood sugar?

Drinking water can reduce blood sugar levels, and for some obvious reasons – it dilutes the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. This is why doctors recommend drinking plenty of water – an indirect way to reduce blood sugar, hunger, and insulin resistance.

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