7 Ways You Can Start Coping With Depression Naturally

By David Martin

July 31, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

coping with depression naturally

Almost everyone goes through a phase of depression in life. Some people are lucky enough to break free from this illness while others find it challenging. Majority of people, however, spend their entire lives fighting and coping with depression naturally.

Depression is a common illness. The person you work with every day may be going through stress disorders. Your colleague that smiles every day could be going through a dark time in his life.

Putting on a happy face does not qualify you as a happy person. If you see a person exhibiting any signs of depression, you should immediately try and help him out.

Most people start taking antidepressants to cope with their sadness. While these medicines do help for some time, they are not a permanent solution to the problem. The only way you can beat depression is by naturally treating the root cause, avoiding triggers, and leading a healthy life.

Depression does not come alone. After a while, the patient starts suffering from physical symptoms as well. These symptoms include headaches, chest pains, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, mood swings, and insomnia.

If you are fighting anxieties in your life, here are some tips on coping with depression naturally.

Try Therapy

The first thing any person with depression should do is seek help. There is no harm in asking for help and it is never too late to do that.

Professional help will always be better since an expert therapist is capable of dealing with the condition. He can provide advice and counseling. A lot of people find therapy fruitful and are helpful in pulling them out from their depression.

Your therapist can also give you tips on how to handle your thoughts as everybody has his own demons.

Avoid Triggers

Depression is something that doesn’t really go away; it is always there. However, there are times and phases during which you may find the depression to be at its worst.

These are the times that are more dangerous as they make you vulnerable to all actions and thoughts. Some people get a panic attack which makes it harder for them to breathe.

The solution is to find the triggers or stressors. These are the things that worsen your anxiety. Once you identify them, you need to make sure that you avoid them.

Eat Healthy Food

coping naturally with depression

Eating habits also affect your body and brain. Eating processed food, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes are not just wrong for your body physically but they also release chemicals that add to your depression.

The best way to internally fight your stress hormones is by eating foods that are healthy to help boost your mood. This is a scientifically proven fact. The right types of food can help you feel better and happier.

Omega 3s have shown to be promising antidepressants as well. They are a better replacement for pharmaceutical drugs since they have no side effects.

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Fix Your Sleeping Schedules

Sleeping on time may not cure your depression at once, but it’s one brick in the wall.
Your depression can start innocently with lack of sleep.

If your routine does not allow you to have 8 hours of sleep every night, it means that your brain is not getting enough rest. Lack of sleep leads to anxiety and stress and that can contribute to your depression.

Depression, in turn, causes insomnia. In short, it is a toxic cycle that needs to be broken.

Sleeping on time and waking early in the morning are things every person with depression should try and do. Getting enough sleep is not the only thing important. It is necessary that the sleep you get occurs at night or else you won’t wake up fresh and energetic.

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Go Out For a Walk/Do Exercise

Make a habit of going out every morning for 15 to 20 minutes. There are a few benefits of going outside in the early morning. You are able to get fresh air which can distract you from your daily stress.

Going out on a walk is a good workout for your body. The blood circulation improves and your organs and muscles get adequate oxygen.

If you want to take it up a notch, you should start doing exercises. It could include a workout routine that is not that intense but gets your body moving.


coping with depression

Depression can cause you to feel isolated. You don’t feel like going out or meeting with people. You need to do the exact opposite of that!

While staying in and skipping on a party can seem like the right thing to do, it is not. It can only make you feel worse. The more you surround yourself with friends and family, the more you will be able to distract your mind. Staying in on your own can only cause you to overthink and that leads to further stress.

Dress up and have fun with your friends. Plan a movie night or go out shopping. If you think that staying alone makes your depression worse, then you should definitely spend more time with your friends.


A day of self-care will never hurt you. In fact, you will end up feeling more loved and refreshed.

A lot of times, the stress of daily life can be overwhelming. It can be the stress of office work, an upcoming exam or a personal issue. These things can get to you and make you feel stressed out. The perfect way to step back is by going to a spa.

We recommend spending a whole day in a spa because it is a complete package. There is massage involved along with a hot bath and mani-pedi. These are considered as physical therapies that can calm down your nerve and relax your body muscles.

A day of self-care will restart your body, enabling you to handle the challenges in a better way.

Coping with depression naturally can start with these helpful tips! Stay safe!

David Martin

David Martin is currently a final year student of Neuroscience at California University. He is passionate about writing and takes a keen interest in all things that alter our mental makeup. He regularly writes blogs at Best Kratom Canada.

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