Cinderella Solution Reviews: Does it Really Work?

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Have you ever tried diet programs or to lose weight and your fat in your early years, and you have found yourself to be the same exact person as you were in the past? With no developments whatsoever? With even more weight gain?

If you say yes, then you might think of another way to solve that problem. It makes you wonder how these diet plans are being created or developed in the first place to lose weight without stress.

With so many body weight loss programs out there, it is hard to discern facts from false statements, and the major problem of these dietary methods is that they are too hypothetical to the point that there are no exact and actual results.

They are too scientific that can burden yourself that can hinder your development instead of getting good results.

From my point of view, most diet plans are too strict that one may encounter stress if you haven’t done it accurately. And who wants to have a problem like that, such as having weight gain instead of losing it?

It might sound crazy, but most of these diet plans are generated through hypothetical thoughts and based on theories that need to be proven and tested to know the results. It looks like you are inside a dream waiting for it to end the way you want it to be. It makes these diet programs more difficult to achieve.

Because of these reasons, more and more diet programs are not sustainable enough for a person’s body to retain it throughout their lifetime.

Some of which had stopped, and it had made them more fat and unhealthy.

Some of which had stopped because their body cannot make it with the strict military-like implementation.

They are not even practical, to begin with.

Setting that aside, if one will go to a diet program, you should be ready for everything – from mind and body. Diet programs differ on how they are being implemented. Each of which has its own different duration and meal plan.

With this, results may vary, and the most tricky part for a person to have these diet programs is maintaining them. Losing weight is very easy; the hardest part there is actually maintaining it.

Now, let me give you this review of a complete and different diet program that is 100% proven and tested. This is ideally made for women and has been developed by a woman. No diet programs can compete with this fairy tale method.

Not only is it simple to follow, but it is also very practical and sustainable throughout. This can really help you in your body shaping and weight loss plus maintenance.

I will walk you through this magical Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan that everyone in town talks about. This program is primarily designed for women that consists of a diet plan.

Cinderella Solution Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons Overview


  • Legit testimonials worldwide
  • Simple-structured meal plan for weight and fat loss for women
  • Developed by a woman that is exclusively for woman
  • Good for all women for all ages and preferred for middle adulthood women
  • Very affordable and has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Calorie counting is not necessary
  • Designed for an optimum fat burning regimen from a basic food pairing system
  • Has workout protocol with tutorial videos for convenience
  • 100% Safe and Biologically-guaranteed


  • Even if there is no calorie counting, you still need to be in a calorie deficit no matter what flavor pairs you combine.
  • False advertisements to make a negative image of the legitness of the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program
  • It is an online product, a PDF eBook to be specific
  • Requires commitment
  • It takes time for results to occur
  • The 98-page manual can be overwhelming for some.

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Amazing cinderella solution review from Customers 2023- Find out what they said!

Cinderella Solution reviews

The Cinderella Solution is an authentic dietary and effective program with many legit testimonials from women worldwide, especially to the one who created it, Carly.

These testimonials are proven effective through many users, and we can see from the official website the changes in the lifestyle of anyone who has tried the weight loss program.

Recent posts of authentic testimonials after the weight loss program has started. Below are some of their testaments:

It was a dream come true for Jenna Taylor to experience being young again in just two months. Her prayers have been answered because of Cinderella Solution.

product reviews

Here is an experience from Carol-Anne that she confidently told herself that she lost 52 pounds and she is back to her size 6 body size. That’s awesome!

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What is Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program?

Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that is exclusively designed and created for females. It is blended around several aspects of food-flavoring methods that ignore the essentials of calorie counting. It has a 3 step instruction guide that will help you in 2 weeks for every phase.

Every part of the program comes with an all-for-one benefit to women of all ages who want to burn their fats for a slimmer and healthier version of themselves.

The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program covers a 28-day period, and it is primarily offered as a digital program. It has several PDF eBooks, manuals, strategies, and even video tutorials that cater to the success of weight loss by having designated meal plans for every woman out there.

The Cinderella Solution is developed to enhance your body by detoxifying it and helps in the natural hormonal balance of a person. It also has self-directive plans and methods about the nutritional aspects and as well as an exercise recipe for improving the three important hormones, which are the following: insulin, estrogen, cortisol.

These hormones are an important figure to boost one’s metabolism, thus reducing weight, improving health, and effective female fat loss.

The program comes by syncing a woman’s body with hormonal changes for a better enhancement solution without any stressful regimens seen in other weight loss methods.

With the flavor-pairing strategy, the whole program can improve one’s health by fortifying hormones to enhance metabolism and starting up the weight loss process. It also includes a DIY meal creator and flavor pairings for delicious meals in the 2 weeks calendar pattern of two phases.

Overall, the program offers directives and detailed information on the whole weight loss journey, basic information about the know-how of the female hormone, meal plans and workouts, and a designed recipe pattern for a new healthy lifestyle.

What is Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing Strategy? How does it work?

The Cinderella Solution started its foundations on a flavor pairing method first tested by the Japanese Shokuiku Nutritional Program, which aims to create a dietary plan that enables people to lose and maintain their ideal body weight.

The Cinderella solution comes with a no-rebound and side-effects strategy; thus, it was implemented to test its efficacy for fat loss.

The foods in the program are divided into four basic groups, which are the following:

  • Prime Proteins
  • Royal Fats
  • Power Carbs
  • Angel Carbs

Cinderella Solution is one way to regulate a person’s diet by choosing the right foods to provide weight loss, thus maintaining ideal body weight at nutritional levels.

The different methods are combined with fat-burning strategies that are more natural and effective without accounting for calories. It makes the whole dietary plan to be more fun to lose weight rather than strictly implementing it.

On the other hand, Cinderella Solution engages women to conduct themselves to be practical on a diet, which makes sense when it is being done more conveniently.

The 28 days program can also be repeated in cycles as required. This makes the whole Cinderella Solution the most practical and effective dietary program in today’s setting.

These are some of the pairing legends from the Cinderella Solution:

  • Barnes and ricotta 
  • Apple fruit and chocolate
  • Green tea and mint
  • Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes 
  • Fish and fresh garlic

Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Overview

Weight Loss Information

The main eBook main manual will give you insights into what you need to know about being healthy and weight loss.

You will learn more about the facts and how the body works to gain and lose weight.

Nutritional Information

The book’s second chapter entails learning about living a healthy lifestyle, different flavor pairing that you can choose from, and kinds of food pairing that suit your taste.

These details can make it clearer for you to get things down to a notch to make your own desired meal so that you can enjoy it.

With these surprising pairings, you can enjoy eating healthy and nutritious foods while doing your desired weight loss regimen.


This part of the book will enhance your learnings on what tools you will use during your entire weight loss program.

This includes a daily meal plan from the first day of the program and the last day.

A 14-day calendar for each phase is intended made so that you can track and organize everything.

Amazingly, it has many delicious food recipes that can make you crave while losing weight at the same time.

Exercise Routines

This is an important section that talks about the essentials of exercise that can be used particularly and in line with the program to help women in their journey to lose weight.

This will motivate you to do exercise upon reaching your dream goal of losing weight and being fit.

Daily Dietary Plan

This is the blueprint that you are going to have once you purchase Cinderella Solution. This is the 98-page main manual nutrition guide you can get to create a DIY and flavor pairing meal plan and food combinations that suit your taste. This DIY creator and flavor pairing can make the user enjoy delicious foods and meals.

There are many options to choose from, and preparing the meals doesn’t take long enough for you to be more hungry.

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How long does the Cinderella Solution Program last?

The program covers 28 days weight loss regiment with two 14-day phases that are designed for different purposes. The Cinderella solution comes with a launch phase cycling that contributes to the whole weight loss program.

The phases are designed as the following: First 14-days of Ignite Phase and Last 14-days of Launch Phase.

These two plans and methods can be repeated as desired until the planned weight has been reached.

The only difference between the ignite and launch phase is the number of daily meals; in the Ignite phase, you will eat three meals a day, and in the Launch phase, you will eat four meals daily.

Ignite Phase (Phase 1)

The first phase in the Cinderella Solution starts with an “ignite” upstart for women that help you lose weight that takes up to 14 days to deliver. It teaches users what to eat by planning their meals accordingly with nutritious foods to achieve weight loss. It teaches you how your hormones work from the very beginning.

It has several options to choose from for users to partake conveniently. This method will trigger the three main hormones for women to start losing weight.

Launch Phase (Phase 2)

Phase 2 in the Cinderella Solution ends with the Launch Phase, which integrates new food into the designated meal dietary plan.

Unlike the first ignite stage, this phase requires users to eat meals four times daily. These particular meals are meant to accelerate further fat burning and improve the user’s immune system, thus increasing the metabolic rate and ensuring only the regular fat will be stored under the skin. Also, it enhances and makes your hormones active to sustain and maintain weight.

Both ignite and launch phases have a strict implementation of 14 different diet meal plans every day per the intended phase. It also has an additional bonus recipe and food combinations to make things work and enhance flavor pairing from the standard setup.

The maker of Cinderella Solution, Carly Donovan, has also distinguished certain options for different eating criteria: vegan, vegetarian, Lacto, Ovo, and pescatarians.

As it may sound like a fairy tale, the Cinderella Solution is a simple method, but it is a very concise one for its implementation requires discipline in getting what to eat each day.

With its clear step-by-step and rigorous meal planning structure, the quick start guide helps you throughout your own journey to have the perfect weight you desired.

Daily workouts and exercise have been added though optional. It comprises a duration of 20 minutes with a not-so-strict movement and a series of steps developed for female metabolism.

The good thing here is that it can always be done in the comfort of your home.

What is the cost of Cinderella Solution? Any Cinderella Solution Discounts?

You can purchase Cinderella Solution for a price of $37.00, and that is a whopping 90% off from the original price for a total savings of $300. PLUS, you can get the Brand New Cinderella Accelerator Package and Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book for FREE!

Product reviews

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Cinderella Solution Pricing and Refund policy?

The Cinderella Solution is a dietary platform that is a digital system comprising PDF eBook manuals and workout videos that you can download. For each copy of Cinderella Solution online from their official website, you can get a bonus Cinderella Accelerator System worth 150$.

The package comes with a full refund, 60-day money-back guarantee and optional customer support, and author’s access for an additional cost.

Conclusion: Is Cinderella Solution Right for you?

Yes, you’ve heard that right. The Cinderella Solution of Carly Donovan is not just a fairy tale but a dream come true to most women out there.

It is the most convenient solution for weight loss, diet plan, and step-by-step and precise strategy on select foods. This is truly a wonder.

Its proven effectiveness based on strategic food pairing will make you a whole new person with your desired and ideal weight.

Also, it prevents you from overeating and teaches you discipline while enjoying the benefits by giving you the hormonal balance that can get you up into shape in no time.

You cannot find any other dietary weight loss method like Cinderella Solution. Cinderella Solution is the real thing. 

Cinderella Solution Reviews

Cinderella Solution Reviews FAQs:

Q: Is Cinderella Solution safe to use?

Of course, Cinderella Solution is completely natural, 100% organic food, and even includes prime proteins and other food supplements. Its weight-loss treatment is based on simple food pairing rituals for more maintained bodyweight management.

Q: Can I buy the Cinderella Solution Program on Amazon or Walmart?

You can only purchase it on their official website. There you can see the wonders of Cinderella Solution that the creator Carly Donovan presented.

Q: Is Cinderella Solution a scam?

The Cinderella Solution is definitely not a scam, and it’s proven and effective. It was developed and has been used by many women around the world. Their testimonies can grant you that it is legit.

Q: How much does it cost?

You can purchase and use the Cinderella Solution for a price of $37.00 with an added bonus.

Here’s what you receive when you buy Cinderella Solution in this month of August.

  1. Main Cinderella Solution Ebook and Manual
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Cinderella Accelerator: Movement Sequencing Activity & 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  4. 5 Minutes To Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD
  5. 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  6. One Day Detox

Q: How long does it take to ship?

It is a digital product; thus, you can access and download it anytime. It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee if it does not work for you.

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