Bored with your Same Old Workout? Let’s Mix it up!


April 25, 2009   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A few times each week I still manage to make my way to the gym (Lifetime Fitness) and while the facility is immaculate and I am into my health, I get bored. Sure, I have an iPod and I can watch their TVs but come on, for 3-4 hours each week, I am doing the same damn thing…..riding the bike, lifting weights, etc.

No matter how I mix up the workout routine (Dinosaur, Schwarzenegger, etc.) I am doing the same thing and simply “setting goals” isn’t cutting it. Bored out of my skull, I did some homework by talking to other people at the fitness center. As an introvert, I assure you that this was not easy. Nevertheless, over the last 3 months I came up with a handful of things you can do to spice up your boring workout. Your alternative is getting bored, quitting, and discouraged so make it easy on the mind and lose the monotony with some of these ideas.

  • Get a bag
    This one is my favorite. I bought an 80 lb. punching bag and installed it to an I-beam in my basement. Once a week, I beat this thing until I can’t raise my arms. Based on how winded I am, this has to be great for a cardio workout, your arms, and even your legs (you know, if you stick and move..).

With this, I am able to replace the bike at the gym (although the scenery, if you know what I mean) is not as nice.


  • Row away the calories
    5 miles from my house there is a lake and on that lake there is an old guy renting canoes. While I have already tipped that thing twice, rowing back and forth even in the smallest of lakes of a crazy workout. I cannot begin to explain the burn you feel in your arms. If you’re lucky, you’ll give up on the shore as opposed to sitting in the middle of the lake where there is no wake to push you in. You are on your own out there and rowing in the water sure beats the elliptical (and I still get to wear the iPod).



  • Where’s Crissy?
    Remember Three’s Company and how hot Crissy was? Well, her and a thousand other people made some DVDs that you can rent at the library. Get a workout on DVD and skip your normal routine in favor of a Jack Tripper workout one day. It’s a blast.



  • Hey Neighbor
    I have never done this because I don’t talk to strangers. However, working out in twosomes or groups is instant motivation. If you “don’t wanna”, your peer or group will force you to go. The key is agreeing in the beginning that if force is needed, force will occur. I’d bet that you are not the only one in the group to come up with a lame excuse one morning!



  • Are you a seal?
    Um…I mean Navy Seal. If you think you have what it takes, you can put yourself through a crazy workout. This is the workout that a US Navy Seal goes through and I am telling you now, this is VERY tough to do. I don’t want any readers dying so I suggest you try certain elements individually before you really try to complete the entire thing.



    Check out the workout database offered by I am not saying that you need to turn into the Incredible Hulk, but I have pulled several new ideas from this site.



  • Take it outta here!: If you are running 2 miles in the gym, visit Google Pedometer to trace a route near you house that equals 2 miles. If you try hard enough, I’d guarantee that you’d be able to build a different route for every day of the week.



  • Play a drinking game: Come on, really? Actually yes. Grab a medicine ball and lie on your back in a comfy spot near the TV. When you un-Tivo (playback) your favorite show, toss the medicine ball in the air and catch it each time something common happens. For instance, here are the NYPD Blue rules (clearly a drink = a medicine ball toss). If you are watching 24, maybe you toss the ball every time Jack sighs or kills someone. If you Google “Word Drinking Games” you will get the idea.


I could have added things like bicycling outside as opposed to in the gym but things like that are obvious. If you have any odd workout routines, let us know. Fitness is important but let’s make is a little interesting, huh?

Make it fun and most importantly, make it different.


Originally written in 2007 by me, Jay White, the founder of Dumb Little Man and an all around average guy. I updated it and republished this article on Dumb Little Man on 4/25/09. Photo Credit: scootie

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